MSI Z270 Titanium Gaming Xpower Review – This Motherboard Will Even Cook you Breakfast

Here is the MSI GAMING X Titanium review and damn this motherboard is packed to the hilt with features, accessories, software and more important quality. The VRM is probably the best I have ever seen for a 4 core solution, and not only that the onboard NICs and Audio are really damn good too, all across the board this mobo is a hit. Though it does come at a cost, quite literally, with that being that it is really expensive, though you certainly get what you pay for in this world, and this motherboard is a premium product that will be sure to last.

Pick the motherboard up here when it’s available:

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lonewolf5460 says:

You deserve more subs and sponsors you should have been at ces your awesome and you production quality it’s amazing. Some other youtubers are getting lazy. Your the best man keep on being awesome. Funny without being annoying Paul’s hardware and bitwit and detailed without being a nasally nerd gamers nexus. Your the best mix.

White Noise revived says:

I have the z170 mpower titanium i literally wont need a new cpu just cause of this motheroards overclock capability

LolSorryForBadEnglish says:


DontEat MyOreo says:

you had me at cooking

Mr Shiver says:

is this the best motherboard for gaming?

Jeremy Volsche says:

Probably the board I’m going with. Like the fact is does’t light up like a Christmas tree like so many premium boards out there.

MANNY~EmberDim says:

Nice chunk of videos today, Bryan! Thank you! 😉

Sam Smith says:

I wonder how this compare to the Z270 Taichi from Asrock..

ed0985587 says:

MSI has some slick looking, feature packed motherboards. However for me, they need to clean up their act when it comes to dying USB ports. I have read multiple complaints about ports dying, as well as experienced it myself lately when all of my USB ports died except for two on my socket 1155 MSI gaming series board.

Random Ryan says:

That was a good 7700k. Would love to see one delidded and under water at least, because temperature was your limit there, not vcore.

gohypo says:

I see you’re using the Huawei P9, great phone.

MarKlar Gaming says:

Hey Brian! I can get an Asrcok Z75 Pro 3 Mobo + I7 2600K for $200. Should i get it?? Keep in mind that in my country a 6700K alone retails for around $500.

lostn65 says:

Looks sexy.

Sic Semper Beats says:

That mobo is extreme

GK_2012 says:

My next build:Silver PC Build

Rick Kraft1 says:

Excellent. Just came into stock here in Taipei, today. Gonna buy one tomorrow hehe

Norman Rand Wolfe says:

… Maybe a Hi-Bandwidth SLI Bridge?
The “normal” bridge they ship with is just MSI being cheap and skimping…

Kravenstorm says:

When I bought my MSI Z270 Titanium Gaming Xpower, it cost my $350 USD

TroyHR says:

So….This will not do SLI 16x 16x…? Just 16x 8x?

JP Morais says:

Did you dye your hair?

Luca Passalacqua says:

What’s up with that *UGLY* yellow led for the audio?

Iamiblaze says:

extra 6 pin for pci-e? extra 4 pin for cpu? this is justifying my 1200w psu. might be picking this up.

FILBERT99 says:

imo msi motherboards are the best next to asrock idk why their graphic cards look so bad like the armor graphics cards

brad morris says:

thanks for the VRM component details

Cereberus-IIX DAnTE says:

I’m planning to buy this Mobo for my 6700k CPU with corsair h100i and my ram gskill ripjaw 32 GB (3000) oc.can I overlook my CPU 4.8gz alreast or do I need to change any of my parts of it will my my h100i is good enough for it or do I need to buy like NHD 15 like high end cooler?

Ken Duxbury says:

I am building my first gaming PC around this board. Here it is:

If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

Pennywise says:

Now that’s a beautiful board!!

ihonestytruthful says:

too expensive! tho

Brian Rostro says:

When a noob like me listens to this video:

(O_O) …. (O_o) …. ( ‘_’) “Im gonna go play my ps4”

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