MSI Z270 Motherboard Overview | CES 2017

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MrSoskok says:

it looks like you have taken a loong holiday. You should have prepared an abundance of great content in order to do so!!!!! wtf

A N O N Y M O U S says:

is asus maximus 8 better than z270 pro gaming carbon??

Esau Robles says:

What are the price points going to be?

Braulio soto says:

Great video Ed!! I’ve been building my pc on my amazon wish list. I get so lost when it comes to motherboards and selecting one!! You should make more videos like this! Extremely helpful!

BTW keep up the good work! Love the vids!

zBruda says:


zagvot says:

dual m.2 slot everywhere with rgb smh

MP Dope says:

That one whit white and black stripes looks hot

Chaks243 says:

Would be awesome if there were more PCB color options

Muhammad Numan says:

ED PLEASE HELP. I got a notification saying congratulations bla bla bla and i think i won your giveaway. i accidently dismissed it :(. How can i retrieve that notification? How do i claim whatever? Did i win? (same name as this profile)

Shulk says:

Getting a z270 for my new pc build. very excited

TYP TheYoloPanda says:

when the model Gaming M9 z270 will be released?

DoomOfKnight says:

i have a quiestion ,i7 7700k or the 7th generation support 16 GB ddr4 3000 Mhz? couse i saw it only supports 2400 Mhz i don’t know if i am wrong or no but i want to know exacly,sorry for bad english (LOVE YOU)

EXCEL says:

Soooo… hows the waterbuild going Ed?

Henning says:

I thought to first the little Chinese is Ed 😀 ED WHATS HAPPENED?!

POLGA_Static says:

should i buy a z270 bord for my build? i have already a 6700k but i don’t have the other components.

Alex_Da_Lion says:

whats the difference between the m7 or a gaming carbon pro?

Mike Diaz says:

hey man you forgot to leave a mobo on my desk dude ahhh lol

CrazyKiWi says:

Why the hell the Z270 TOMAHAWK heatsink looks like a SLI bridge??

Alex says:

Can u do a white and black pc build

Poor gamerVN says:

this year is so fun, everythings is New the Future are coming

The British Bean says:

God damn he keeps going on about the costs but God damn I want to know the prices

jerry lindström says:

what budget gaming mother board do you recomend to a blue and white build that fits in the nz 9 neo white

r_drawothermodels 2 says:

So you’re either quite tall or he is quite small

AppleCiderGang says:

Hey guys! It’s mean a lot if you checked out my channel 🙂

AnonyBlack Bro! says:


AMoustachedPikachu says:

when will these motherboards be out?

Astros V says:

Ed I know MSI is sponsoring you but ASUS bodied all other companies with their new Z270 motherboards.

Sebastian Thierjung says:

Hey Ed, I was wondering how to check notifications within the nice app, because I believe I received one but I accidentally cleared it.

Young Jimmy says:

Won’t need this in Zen

MSI Gaming says:

Thanks for visiting our booth at CES. for more info about our Z270 lineup, you can check our landing page:

abo-ali dallashi says:

i got choosen from the app and i dont know how to contact you
like so ed can see it

Hung Nguyen says:

Would you please do a comparison video? MSI vs. Asus vs. Gigabyte? Thanks!

Technology Spotlight says:

And on Sunday I bought a MSI MOBO…

Aleser Macam says:

Hey Ed, can you reply the winners of the giveaway? I accidentall dismissed it ;-;

CloudiaN says:

Linustechtips is better

Alon Raigorodetsky says:

Does the Z270M MORTAR

Support intel core i7 4770

Thebee here says:

love me

Аз съм Котка says:

Kaby lake sucks … Overclocked Skylake

Thebee here says:


messi1087106b says:

notification gang

Nameless says:

I’m a cunt llloolooolooolooolilollolollolollollol

Ryan Zaid says:

I didn’t read the notification for nice about who won the giveaway and just opened the app and now cant find who won. Who did?

FAVE says:

I have problems with my usb 3.0 ports they dont work anymore can you Help me ?

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