MSI X370 SLI Plus Ryzen Motherboard Review + Linux Test

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Review of the MSI X370 SLI Plus + Linux Test
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pyroromancer says:

where are MSI motherboards manufactured?

Sully Williams says:

I love the highlighting! Keep it up! :3

TheRangeControl says:

Ryzen cpu’s with DVI-D & HDMI???

Which Ryan CPUs have that?!

Decessus says:

Love the Linux support information, just waiting on more games to run on linux natively before I switch full time

Traumglanz says:

Gain a thumb up for that 2s intro


nice motherboard good video man.

Hamty says:

Would be nice to have an MSI B350 Mortar review.

fbalistreri75 says:

Yes, please build something with those sli bridges!

michael webb says:

thx Wendell another great job

MrSidiox says:

I really like how the different elements of the mobo get a light highlight in the overview. I know all the parts, but it adds production quality and makes the video clearer!

Joshua Coons says:

Great video as always L1T! I appreciate the deep dives on all these MBs quite a while after most of the big channels have started skimming over things. There’s a lot of logistical stuff about buying components like “How many fans can I use without relying on molex?” and videos like this are perfect for that.

Catastigma Jenova says:

M.2 under the GPU…. MSI STOP DO THIS.

psychok9 says:

Could you help me to choose best ddr4 for ryzen? I would buy 32gb/3200mhz but dual ranks confused me. Dual ranks are faster but sadly they get lower mhz on Ryzen…

Alex Kelly says:

I bought this motherboard. can’t run anything past 2400 even with relaxed timings and POST takes 25 seconds even on latest BIOS

Adhir Jagtee says:

MSI B350 Tomahawk or MSI X370 SLI Plus?

Karlo Schallibaum says:

I love that you can even find motherboard reviews on this channel.

Nuclear Cactus says:

can someone tell me the improvements of this mobo since bios 7A33v33 03 june update? is booting time improved?

Daniel Turner says:

How do you guys make the ports flash? It’s a good effect!

SenjarG says:

So they are working on fixing the IOMMU situation. Only for the X370 or also for the B350 chipset ?

Tim Bowers says:

Why on earth does it have a LTP port?! I mean, that’s amazing, but what?!

Necrodor21 says:

You missed the vrm
fckin vrm for god’s sake

Schlong K says:

You did me the spook in the intro!

Pc ColdWar says:

about the power delevry can you mention us if it is a 8+2 power phase or 4+2 thx in advance

KEN U NOT? says:

Planning to build a Ryzen R7 workstation, hope the IOMMU problem and ECC support will soon have a solution. Thanks for the review man!

Josh Pugsley says:

you guys should do a video on dual booting/virtual box Linux!

Meth Methanoid says:

IS the ACS patch still needed? Do the new BIOSes also improve the separation for KVM passthrough? Would be nice if the description was updated as things change

sniperwork says:

The manufacturer should provide with a thumbdrive with all the drivers instead of a CD.

Edgars says:

I love what you guys are doing, but you just seem out of breath every single review dude and it can be a bit distracting… still going to keep watching tho

eLJaybud says:

Argh my YouTube app just went screwy.

Joe DeJardin says:

i have this board, but am getting the cpu ez debug light. everything is plugged in too. what way does the ryzen on thr chip face for a 1700? Please dont say look at the arrows because i feel like i did and its in there right but it must not br.

R Blinson says:

Don’t suppose you have the review of the MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon? This is the board I bought for my new R7 1700 rig and I have yet to see any decent reviews of it on YT. Search filtering doesn’t give me any better results.

Tabuk LP says:

thank you for all tips!
finally I desided bertween #Intel and #AMD
I ordered AMD #Ryzen 5 1600x with #Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5

MrBiky says:

4:45 wow, it’s the first time I see Wendell say something that doesn’t make sense. Of course he meant integrated GPU and not integrated DVI and HDMI, but it’s strange hearing that live

Charles Earl says:

Wendell. I have the MSI Gaming Pro Carbon X370 with the 1600X. I use A-XMP Profile 1 (2933 MHz) for my Corsair LPX 3200 16GB kit as profile 2 (3200 MHz) will not work for me. I have noticed that post times increase a bit when I use XMP. the default 2133 MHz setting boots faster. Did you notice the same on that board by chance? This is with both 1.3 and 1.4 BIOS versions.

Chris Moore says:

Which boards support ECC memory and SAS controller cards? I need four 8x slots for my controllers and interfaces.

The only time I have used the CD from the box is when you had to do that to get hardware to work. For example, I had a board that had a NIC that Windows didn’t have the driver for and I had to get it from the CD to be able to get online and download everything else.

MSI Gaming says:

Welcome to the 1st Dragon Squad trip to AMD! We surely you will enjoy the secret mission with all us! see you soon~

Pivocracy says:

I bought this board. I wanted to know if my Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb 3200 MHz (2 x 8gb) ram can make it to 3200 MHz on this board.

zon tarr says:

Kingston is overrated, I had years of Kingston ram’s and then I decided to try something else and I bought Crucial ram, best decision ever ever ever.

Saquez says:

More motherboard manufacturers needs to have right angle USB 3.0…

Erik Blenert says:

I agree, driver CDs are useless. Not to mention I removed my optical drive ~2 years ago.

Pablo Tabarez says:

Nice review!! By chance, do you know if Corsair ddr4 Vengeance LED/LPX 3000mhz it works and compatible with this mother?.

Different says:

guys I am an amateur, so I can’t just install linux like all other pcs?

Freakipe says:

Is it possible to turn off the GPU LED (integrate GPU) on the motherboard?

iddn says:

How is ryzen at running vmware instances?

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