Motherboards: ATX vs Micro ATX vs Mini ITX – Which Should I Choose?

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Motherboards come in different sizes, but which size is the best fit for you?

There are ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX, just to name a few, but which one of these should you pick?

This is exactly what we’ll be discussing in this video!

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AssaultOPS says:


Amal Prasad says:

What are the games you showing

Francisco Santos says:

Thanks man this helps a TON 🙂

I go BOOM says:

How many graphics cards can your mother take?

Aniket Minz says:

Who else came here after searching “does size matter”?

DeadlyVenomKing says:

To this day im still using my E ATX from like 7 years ago and still kicking

winchel philemond says:

What about E-ATX?

ridwan mahammedbrhan says:

Micro ATX is for all .

Ronald Mcdonald says:

If I have a 256Gb NVme drive(E.g ADTAT SX8200 PCle Gen3 x4) and plan to buy one more in the future. Which motherboard should I choose for the AMD Ryzen platform. I am not quite sure both X470 or B350 board would support 2 NVme drives…

reanimated6 says:

She (the narrator) took great care in not saying “size isn’t all that matters”

Marcos Pena says:

What was the mini itx case you placed a picture of

RNG Shots says:

I’ve been searching for a while about tips on PC builds this is among the videos that that actually help thank a lot!

Noobie Gamer says:

good one son

Maor Haimovitz says:

Always EATX

Top Cat says:

its mini. I T X

Em3rxld says:

well-made video very informative should deserve more attention 🙂

Dualk says:

oh shit im using a atx motherboard to view this video…

BigBlue says:

I was worried because I have a medium case and I got a micro tax board.

Kriss Kross says:

Mini atx

Anthony Overton says:

too bad there are barely any micro atx

DannyRodz says:

Once you go Mini-ITX you won’t go back.
I have a manta case with hybrid 1080 (liquid cooler) and liquid cooler in gpu. Is amazing, compact very light and more appealing vs a huge case (ATX).

Roberto sanchez says:

Of size is not a concern go with an atx case since gpu cars now a days take two slots with their monstrous fans and if you do 3 of them you’re only left with two to spare which can easily be taken by a sound card+ssd leaving you only with one port. Even if you don’t populate the slots, it’s always good to have the option, plus full atx boards go inside full atx cases which could mean better airflow and cooling.

Sosa's nVsion says:

Got me an atx. I created a monster.

Chin Foh Hee says:

Keep in mind that when choosing the MB size, also consider the size of the case.

Indecisive Ian says:

Thank you so much. This helped me so much. Now I must venture off to figure out exactly what a PCIe is.

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