motherboard cost effectiveness.

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HerrHansen says:

The m.2 ssd actually adds surface area, cus it’s bigger than the chips. However you should only cool the ssd controller and not the NAND memory, cus they like being hot when writing at least.

AT97 says:

Cool vid. Anyone has suggestion and what mobs I should get for a 2600x cpu? I’m think the msi pro carbon.

AjSLim79 says:

i’m wondering, why aren’t you a technical consultant to all the big manufacturers of motherboards by now? 🙂

Vita Eve says:

I enjoy seeing uncovered PCBs. The fancy heat sinks never made sense to me.

Esa Tuunanen says:

You missed that cover next to PCI-e slots.
Also RGB bling bling is another useless price bloat.
It’s rather sure that what costs few pennies for maker costs dollar/euro for consumer.

Khaffit says:

The shroud is very cost effektive
Its cheap astic that makes it Look high end
Its a badge
If a Board doesnt have it
It wont sell

Ben R. says:

The first time AMD gets over done boards he bitches about it. Intel board makers have been doing this forever. AMD just had this with Ryzen.

Shamir Abdul says:

thx for doing these videos. Less useless crap more performance for the consumer

Benjamin Hale says:

Like the whole RGB craze it is all for aesthetics form over function, the apple mantra. Make it look good who cares if it’s actually detrimental to optimal performance.

chewy says:

8-13-2018 @ 238AM CST 26 total down votes. found out 26 asrock engineers/marketers came across this video and hated it! lol the truth shall set you free!!!!

Tek_Lynx says:

They can save some money by removing the useless integrated sound…. Actually hook up those realtek dacs to a Real 5.1 AV receiver that still has ANALOG jacks for 4.1 5.1 and compare it to a 98990 sound blaster live! and you immediately see why an old 48khz16-bit limited card still sounds better then any of these realtek dacs, so why waist 5-10$ on the components, just don’t put them on.

Mask Black says:

Repeat one point several time in continuosly is not time-effective at all, paraphase the same sentence is not gonna make your point any better. Probaly should apply all that criticism you have with the board into your video next time?

Infernosaint says:

What do you thing is the best M-atx AM4 board? I am looking at the Asrock B450m Pro4, for a 2600x. Heatsinks look decent, features are fine, fake 6 phase I guess, but are there any much better options I am missing?

Eric Martin says:

i’d like to know who makes the the best stuff. me personally, i buy Asus motherboards and EVGA graphics cards but never the flagship version. for me its always price to performance with a little extra toward quality.
but back to my question… what company manufacture the best PC parts?

Travis Lee says:

I bought this board before seeing your videos on it and missed my $40 rebate period.

Can i get an F in the chat?

Mpit 1089 says:

I REALLY, REALLY love this guy.

LanStrikeGaming says:

Buildzoid, would it make sense to have 360amps of inductors if any of these x470 board were built to be future compatible for 12 or 16 core CPU’s on the 7nm node?

BOOMHeadshot1006 says:

Priorities have always been fucked up in business. Look at cellular tech. from 3g – 4g – 5g. It gets cheaper to make and use every year. Yet, the way they market it, they get a bigger profit margin every year because it’s more expensive.

tanmay panadi says:

Can u sell that board is my question becos dumass people don’t feel secure to upgrade the CPU to the next gen becos it must be capable of handling any CPU and makes for the next 10 years atleast


You were close with regards to the I/O cover. The first one was on the Rampage IV Black Edition but not a lot of people had that board like the Rampage V Extreme and besides all that it was functional. The heat pipe from the VRM went into the I/O cover and was another heatsinks to absorb heat. Everything today is just athstetic crap.
Either way great video as always 🙂

cybotx1024 says:

If only DFI still built consumer motherboards.

Ben R. says:

Boy oh boy. You is a wiener aren’t you?

tusse2004 says:

That board is soo overkill

Jonathan Ellis says:

the focus on looks is endemic now, (with youtubers fueling it). Vote with your wallets and dont buy boards with silly bits of plastic and pointless heatsinks and power conectors. (Though i admit thats a bit difficult at the moment)

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