microATX vs ATX vs XL-ATX Motherboard (NCIX Tech Tips #68)

In this episode Linus is going to talk about different form factor of motherboards including microATX, Standard ATX and XL-ATX. He’ll also walk you through some of the important tips you should look for when building your own PC.


MBR says:

0:00 to 0:08…

Andrew Harvey says:

i got a uatx motherboard

Robert Alari says:

they arnt all the same if it says micro it is probably right. Get the model number then google it and click on the newegg link. One of the pictures should say its size

Aljay Raymundo says:

Sir I hope you can notice me, I just have 1 question, can my Flex-ATX motherboard fit in the Corsair Air240 case? Thanks I hope you can notice me.

MusicalNinja77 says:

Man those graphics cards look like they are getting NO air. I’m amazed they didn’t catch fire in the video

jean carlos says:

por favor coloquem legenda nos vídeos não consegui entender quase nada do que você falou mais consegui tirar minhas dúvidas pelo que vi

ThatMiataGuy says:

will a mitx motherboard fit a mid case like zalman z9 plus

Paul Pitas says:

Which would be better for overclocking and gaming [if you don’t plan on using more than 2 graphics cards]?  The microATX since it has shorter connections or the ATX for larger surface area?

Geørge says:

+Ashton Bezer look! It’s Linus 5 years ago XD

Sahil Dias says:

Will gtx 970 able to fit in gigabyte’s MicroATX?

Jason McCombs says:

Does this play minesweeper? I’m afraid I will fry my new i7 🙁 hopefully I don’t max it out.

Wesson552 says:

yeah i guess =(

Sam Bloomingdale says:

That full case is like 20″

Mr. ManDudeGuy says:

Windows Vista?!?!?!?

ArcadeJack says:

Maybe ultra. MAYBE.

MusicalNinja77 says:

Yeah i’m happy with my single 7970ghz

Merwin Maala says:

What is the best motherboard for gaming?

Duncan MacKenzie says:

What a beast! I imagine that would get pretty hot.

Josh Jones says:

wait what happened to E-ATX?

Τριαντάφυλλος Τσιακίρης says:

And today we have GTX 1080, 6 generations later. How time passes…

mcdjacesean says:

My CoolerMaster cmstacker 810 has MSI k8n Neo ms-7030 ver:1, power supply 650 w Ipine and I am pushing 450 terabits

pulpanochamaster says:

anybody knows what case is that one?

CopperHeroin says:

Linus – You look so much better older lol!

PrimeProductionsULTD says:

I have an old mATX board that I want to swap out for an upgrade into a 64 bit system. My case (that it came in and want to keep) says that the case form factor is uATX and then listed under the specification it says that the cases “Supported Motherboard Form Factor” is ATX. The cases dimensions are 15.5 × 7.25 × 16.5 inches. The old Motherboard I currently have is 244x244mm.

Will I be able to fit a new standard ATX motherboard in to this case for my upgrade?

DJ Rome says:

Only you, buddy.

Дамир Ганиев says:


Wesson552 says:

who has this case and sadly broke one of there usb 2.0’s on the front pannel =(

Aron Beast says:

Damn! Do you ever age XD

_ _ says:

where is mini itx

manjashan ghotra says:

i am so confused rite now, there was a Biostar micro atx motherboard on ebay and it only has 1 pci express and 1 pci slot, that’s it. And also it says form factor is 22.5cm x 18.2cm can anyone plz help me, i need to know it’s real dimensions, is it small or big?

Freakschwimmer says:

uhm how do these quad GPUs get sufficently well cooled? I can barely see any space between them, is there enough room for air to pass through?

Goutam Singh says:

Linus looks like Slim Shady’s tech savvy cousin.

UKCubing says:

omg, that pc is a beast

CrazyBrain_GaminG says:

omg those agp slots =X

Random Gaming and Tech says:

Question; Could a MicroATX board fit in a ATX case? I’m attempting my first build and I might get a ATX case, but I’ll be using a MicroATX motherboard.

Swapnil Iqbal says:

Guys I need help URGENTLY please answer. I have a micro atx motherboard as of now, and I’m planning to get a atx motherboard. But the person I’m buying it from will not include motherboard standoffs (he wants $50 so yea). I currently have only 6 motherboard standoffs on my matx motherboard, and I was wondering, how many standoffs does this one need? will having only 6 on work or will it ruin the motherboard completely? PLEASE HELP. 

Current mobo:

Timothy Danielson says:

wow, i KNOW my comp is OOOOLD now lol. Running (I can hear the chuckling) a “tremendous” 6 core phenom II with 2X4 GB 10600 RAM.Soo, yeah… needing to get a new build. It WAS ahead of what they sold, for like a year or two in capabilities… and now, it’s not bad, just not up to new standards. Edit: forgot to mention when I built this thing :P. I wanna say 2009 sometime. at least that’s the age pf the OS.

mcdjacesean says:

And you should know better

Sir. FPS says:

Like if you are watching this in 2013 😛

Hey There Billy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

lol i’ve never seen a full tower case next to a person before, that’s huge

MusicalNinja77 says:

Yeah but the fans on the card aren’t getting any air to push, considering that the next card in line is right up against it.

anferneedx says:

Will a r9 270 fit on a micro atx

Vitaliy Semenov says:

linus so young

Anonymous Commenter says:

oh god what is this

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