M.2 As Fast As Possible

Drives always seem to be getting smaller and faster. How can the new M.2 interface help your PC work more quickly?

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Don Quixote says:

Hey Linus, did you know that when someone tries to google search this video, they are directed to http://m.2 the “website”. This might be something to consider in future videos.
EDIT: I hope it is obvious that I was referring to the omnibar that some browsers, such as chrome have.

Isaac Clarke says:

Plug & Play, 2015 version.

Tim-J.Swan says:

How about instead of me watching all your videos, I just save up the money I want to use on a laptop and buy the one you recommend for half that money, then pay you the other half for the consultation.

johnny madsen says:

i really need your help, i have 2x Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2 on a Asus x370 Crosshair VI Hero with a adaptor for one of them is it possible to make a raid 0 with this setup??? dont know if u know??

ric fred says:

May i know which is faster 3.0 enclosure hdd or this m. 2 3.0

Nether Warrior says:

Should i buy one for my 11 month old desktop with an m.2 slot, i only have a crappy toshiba disk that is on the way of failing

EnI Shkembi says:

Linus please , can you tell me if the Samsung 950 Pro can be installed on a HP ELITEBOOK 820 G3? thanks in advance

Marat Avetisyan says:

Brilliantly explained…! thnx

Alex Myers says:

Computers as fast as possible

yes says:

Just got a 250gb samsung 960 evo cant wait for 3gbps speeds

PlzKillMe says:

techquickie as fast as possible

Alfredo Texas64 says:

I wish there was an option in these YouTube videos, that allowed you to change the damn tone or voice of these personalities on these videos… lol 😀

he’s trying too hard to do Old Jim Carrey, from In Living Color… He sounds hysterical drunk… lol

Richard Bentley says:

hahahahaha 0.5 speed is so funny

Yaroslav Voryk says:

Is Asus Rog strix z270e competeble with Samsung 960evo?

John Miller says:

4:06 what are those two buzzy noises??

Shalev53 says:

I’m sorry man there were no 4MB drives in the 1950s !!!

ArmyOfAll says:

A voice akin to stickig pins in my ears but thank you for the info none the less. P.s. breath occasionally.

retnikt says:

U.2 as fast as possible

XkillerD1 says:

Now that we have the 960 Pro we can go to 3500 mb/s

samspace81 says:

The M.2 drive really SMOKES through my 4K classic car footage, I’m impressed although only a week into my new 8700K system

Niko 02 02 says:

ist RamDisk the fastest? Because I can use my G.Skill RAM as a Storage (I have 16GB RAM and I can decide how much from it is for Data Storage) But people say it isnt save, so when you get a power cut the Data on RAM is gone

John Smith says:

what’s the font @5:00???

Saul Otoniel Nuñez Zeledon says:

I like your videos cuz you go right to the point.

Pascal spooK says:

Can you test different kind of coolers on M2 SSD’s like a mini fan or heatsink and see if these really impact thermal throttling and read/write speeds?

Thomas Ski says:


Christopher McDonough says:

I can listen to you talk all day

WorthlessDeadEnd says:

I don’t care if this is a stupid question: Is M.2 bootable? I’m thinking of just getting one M.2 drive for my whole system, and that’s it.

Adhyuth Narayan says:

SMPS and ATX as fast as possible

M.S. Arun says:


LilBig Mike says:

Ok, but how would we ONLY put our os onto the ssd?

XSlipThink Leader says:

Maybe you can help?

How do I properly wipe a Samsung PM961which is an OEM version delivered in a laptop from Dell ?. No support available from either company after hours talking to them. (I keep educating them and wasting my time). I have to return the machine to them and only care that my data is NIST 800 – wiped. I don’t want to be liable for damaging the drive before returning it to Dell and I’ve explained to them that they need to allow me to open the laptop and destroy the drive or provide a solution that does not freeze it or damage it AND completley wipes my data.

Jomoko says:

you can get a 256 GB M.2 on Newegg for a little over $100.

William Bergh says:

0:08 That blink tho.
Fast as M.2 SSDs

Stuart Murray says:

@0:05 how tf you even do that

ClearThoughts says:

So where’s the link for downloading free RAM

Barambas says:

Can you boot to windows if I was to put M.2 on a Z370 mb without any tweaking?

MotoMonkey007 says:

I didn’t know that a 2tb SSD is $12k

kyle king says:

If i bought a razer blade pro (1060) and wanted to upgrade does it support nvme, i cant find anywhere spesifing this and razer support requires you to have bought the prodcuted

John Bushybrows says:

Pause at 0:06 it just looks so fucking weird lol

solamisandwich05 says:

Anyone have an idea how this will impact SLI or Crossfire regarding pci lanes?

Dragoninthewest says:

It’s pronounced Sat-ta, not Say-ta

XxItsChinxX says:

Okay guys I’m building my first gaming pc and this might be a stupid question but does your cpu have to support Intel Optane to use m.2 I’ve searched google and YouTube but I can’t get a clear answer thank you in advance for the help. Please don’t bash me to hard for being ignorant lol

rocheuro says:

Linus! Make Xiaomi Phenomenom as fast as possible.. ! 🙂 absolutely love ur vids.


*You should change the video title to ssd m2 because m2 is different data storage m2 is memory card made by sony*

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