Kaby Lake Overview – G4560 / i3-7350K / i5-7600K / i7-7700K – B250 / Z270

Which 7th Gen Intel CPU should you buy? — Which 200-series Motherboard should you use? — Watch for all the answers!
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1st, the new Pentium with Hyperthreading! If you’re on a budget, if you’re upgrading or looking for something cheap that still has good performance, start here!

G4560 if you plan to add a dedicated GPU, G4600/G4620 if you want to use the Intel iGPU built into the CPU

— Intel Pentium G4560 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2khHeT4 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2keOCDu
— Intel Pentium G4600 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2l2JPVj — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2lCkQVq
— Intel Pentium G4620 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2l6Iyfo — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2l6OC7y
— Intel Core i3-7100 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2l2KRQZ — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kyBwgj

For these CPUs, anything in the B250 line will work:

— MSI B250M Pro-VD — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kU44lo — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kEwGAR
— Gigabyte GA-B250M — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2khMXYJ — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2l5nCWc
— ASRock B250M — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2keU21j — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2l5by7l
— ASUS PRIME B250M-A — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kEAUZ5 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2khOSwo


2nd, we have the mainstream option, the Intel Core i5-7500 & i5-7600K. This is the recommended choice and it should meet the needs of most users in my opinion.

— Intel Core i5-7500 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2khMk1H — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kU55Ko
— Intel Core i5-7600K — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kf3Fgj — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kiNhqC

— Note: The i3-7350K needs a Z270 board, so I’m putting it here, but I strongly suggest the i5-7600K instead
— Intel Core i3-7350K — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2lDU5AW — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2jSNB2Y

Motherboard Choices – B250 for i5-7500 & Z270 for i5-7600K (and i3-7350K)

The above listed B250 boards will all work fine for the i5-7500, however consider spending a bit more for one of these. They all support AMD CrossFire and have 4 RAM Slots.

— ASUS PRIME B250-PLUS — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kf29en — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kEyAkL
— MSI B250 PC MATE — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kEALVH — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2lALsGn
— Gigabyte B25-HD3 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2keKraF — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kxbnyw


3rd, the high performance option, Intel Core i7-7700K – If you want the top of the line CPU on Intel’s mainstream platform, this is it!

— Intel Core i7-7700K — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kUaXTO — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2lvFxpS

Z270 Motherboards – All good choices for a i5-7600K or an i7-7700K

— ASUS PRIME Z270-A — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2lCy4T5 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kEnMmW
— MSI Z270 SLI Plus — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kU5RXR — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kEwy4d
— ASRock Z270 Extreme 4 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2lCp14b — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2lCsRdW
— Gigabyte GA-Z270XP-SLI — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kUj8iX — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2khSvT9


— Honorable Mention Z270 Board – Under $110! —
Gigabyte GA-Z270P-D3 — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2khOuhu — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kf3OR9

Note that this Z270 is missing many features of the above boards, but the price is amazing! No SLI support is the big missing feature, everything else is scaled back as well.


— CPU Coolers —

Please note that if you buy any of the “Non-K” CPUs, I recommend using the including Intel cooler, it does the job and is free!

For the K-CPUs, you have options, my 3 primary options at 3 price points are here:

— $30 – CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kEDOx7 — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kEv6Pg
— $60 – Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2khT27P — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2keXUiV
— $100 – Corsair H100i V2 Liquid Cooler — @Amazon http://amzn.to/2kEwDVA — @NewEgg http://bit.ly/2kEv6Pu

Which one to buy depends on how far you want to overclock. My suggested range is 4.6GHz to 5.0GHz, the more you spend, the more you can overclock the CPU, each jump in price gives you another 200MHz in general, but results are not guaranteed.

If you want the “safe” options, I’d use the Hyper 212 EVO on the i5-7600K, set it to 4.6GHz, and be happy, or I’d use the H100i V2 on the i7-7700K and set it to 5.0GHz and be happy.


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Jackson Dasilva says:

Simply phenominal! Chalk full of detail and informative to the bone for anyone wanting to know what to get, what’s out there, how does it work, uses, options, alternatives, why’s and why not…etc. Keep up the great work!!

Alek Bazin says:

I’m looking at an i5-6500, anyone know if I should or shouldn’t get it?

TrAAst says:

It might be easy to get 5.0GHz if you won the silicon lottery…:'(

Raul Navarrete says:

+Tech Deals I just got into building my own PC and your videos cover everything that I need to know for the most part however my wife just gave me an MSI Z270 M5 board and I noticed it had two ports for Turbo M.2 Cards, can you give me some details or functions for these cards? do they improve things?

atube 101 says:

Do i really need a z270 motherboard for k cpus?

shehan maleesha says:

guys does a 7100 working on b150m mother ored

Carl Mosin says:

You have made a mistake, there is a AVX difference between Pentium and i3, may make a distinction in video editing things

bimbim says:

Hi Pal, which one better, Kabbylake G4560 + GTX1050 or Skylake i3 6100+GTX 1050 for budget build nowadays?

David Matt says:

This is an excellent consumer guide for purchasing a processor. Well done.

Gamerz TV says:

Sir G4560 and GTX 1060 is good for gaming?

Tech Deals says:

*UPDATE* – One question many people ask is, “should I upgrade?”

My opinion is that if you’re on 3rd Gen (Ivy Bridge) or older, upgrading is worth considering. There are improvements to the platform beyond just performance and clock speed and this gives you a chance to step up as well if you like (i3 to i5, or i5 to i7).

If you’re on 4th Gen (Haswell) or newer, I’d wait for Cannonlake (10nm) in 2018 or 2019, my i7-4790K is not noticeably slower than my i7-7700K is, the difference would not be worth the price to make that change. I will be doing i7-2600K vs i7-4770K vs i7-7700K performance videos, to show the actual difference.

Dario Llanos says:

hello, im thinking about buying the i76700K, which runs at 4 ghz base clock, im not going to OC, that base speed is fine for me, so i was wondering, wich fan and which board shoul i buy for it?

Animesh Sarkar says:

i’m going to build my new pc i was thinking about i3 6100 or i5 6500.. can you please help me ..
should i go with one of these or go with Intel G4560 ?
and also which gpu and motherboard should i go with with these processes please help me out
note- i wanna use Photoshop and play games and i don’t want to do over cloaking with any of these cpu and gpu

Mine Tube62 says:

which is better the asus strix z270E or the z270F ?

SoCe DesTinY says:

I just discovered this channel and I was surprised by the amount of detail in this video, if before I had doubts, these have now been fully clarified. Excellent video!!! 🙂

Sebas tián says:

so if i buy a b250 motherboard and a “k” processor, i just simply can’t overclock it?… :s, i thought i could overclock it no matter which motherboard i used

Brandon Cosme says:

my dad and I are building a PC for the first time and wish I watched this video before I went to Microcenter to buy all the parts. I bought the i5-7600k for $200 but feel like I should’ve bought the i7-7700k instead… It was on sale for only $300. I plan on using this PC for the next 6 years rip. Should I return my i5-7600k and put in an extra $100 for an i7-7600k?

Zafirul Rahi says:

the best ever video

UrAvgSavage says:

This guy is dedicated to this channel. Seriously, I’ve never seen any YouTuber that makes separate reviews on POWER SUPPLIES. Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing (As that helped a lot in deciding which one to get). You deserve way more subs for the work you do, keep up the good work!!!

MountainHunter says:

Awesome video!

Joshua Dennis Malinao says:

Is G4560 compatible with Asus ROG Strix Z270H Gaming

The Weekend Photographer says:

Hello Sir, I am really confused as to what board now. My supplier is recommending this – Asus ATX DDR Intel LGA 1151 SATA III (6Gbit/s) Gaming/Aura Motherboard (B150 PRO) – I think this is a bit more expensive but also already have the wifi in it and bluetooth. Please, I would really appreciate your advise on this matter.

Thank you and GREAT VIDEO.

Jason Malave says:

Absolutely enjoy your videos! New to the computer build game and am learning as much as possible to build a PC with my boys. Thank you!

Wes Mcknight says:

hello tech deals; i have a question about the situation i find myself in; i started building my own pc about 6 months ago; buying parts and putting it together as i got the new parts; i have purchased an asus z170-a motherboard and planned on getting an i7-7700k cpu but have been reading many reviews that say it is not compatiable with the motherboard; could you please give me your opinion on the best fix for my situation? thanks!

mixerfixer69 says:

Wonder what should I buy, ryzen 5 1600 or i5- 7500. Got a gtx1060 superclocked GPU, and the rest of my computer has only 2nd generation components.

Leyteris Balsamis says:

you cant have i3 4150 with asusprimeb250plus

Thisal Lakpura says:

can i install a i5 7500 for asus b150 board ?

Joey the Link says:

This video made me too horny it should have came with a warning

Khoi Tran says:

I have to revisit this video because the pentium 4620 is $60 right now and does it bottle neck the gtx 1060 3gb?

Simply Dave says:

I have that exact B250 board and a 6600 (NK) with a ASUS Strix 970 and 16GB Corsiar LPX RAM. Great little machine, best PC I have ever had. Maybe not top of the range but still a hell of a machine 🙂

Northern Sailor says:

So the 7700k will be a lot better than my crappy AMD Athlon x4 845 won’t it? looooooool. but damn. It has gone down in price to 330$

WildG_Gamer says:

While I agree with his point between i3 and Pentium let there be a reminder that if you’re budget is low, you don’t want to increase it, or you’re simply not looking for anything flashier, then get whichever is higher or is more capable, even if its marginal at best. Right now with the market prices on these chips, the days of a MSRP $65 G4560 are either long gone or far and few and if it’s going for like $75, then the thought becomes well why not spend for a G4600 since it’s not that much more or a G4620 since that wouldn’t be much more than the prior. At some point the i3- 7100 (and i3 6100) aren’t that much more either. It can become a headache as you climb this price to performance ladder and in my opinion, depending on the price if you can’t spend more than $120 on a CPU, you might as well get an i3-7100 and call it a day ( * an i3-6100 peforms worse than a Kaby Lake Pentium* ). In addition, some stores like Microcenter are selling the i3-7350K for $129 which would make you think to completely circumvent the whole locked/ Non-K Pentium and i3 chips altogether.

Durnib Bhaiya says:

I’m willing to buy Core i5 7600K with Gigabyte GA-Z270X Ultra gaming mobo…And GPU Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 ….How much you’re supporting my cpu combo.?

Petar Matic says:

Hello Tech Deals, I really like your videos! I was wondering if you could advise me regarding my computer upgrade. Currently I have the following configuration:
Ati radeon hd4600 512mb ddr3
Intel core2duo e7200 2.53ghz
Gigabyte ga-ep45 pci-e
4gb ddr3 and I was wondering if buying an intel i7 3770k/asus maximus v gene/8gb ddr3 and gtx 1050ti 4gb ddr5 would be a good upgrade or should I look for a more recent procesor and motherboard? Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post!:)

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