Intel Z170 vs. H170 vs. H110 Skylake Chipset Comparison

Looking at the Intel chipset differences for the new 100-series, including Z170, H170, & H110. Full article here:

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John Kaufmann says:

very helpful- thanks

Samuel Hauptmann van Dam says:

Can you prove that the H110 isn’t up to the others, seems like a false promise?

Mircea Dimian says:

It enlightened most of my uncertainties.
Perfect quality video, superb narrative talent !

Keep up the good work !

NaKroTeK says:

Thx ! Very insightful

Amazon USA says:

Hi Thanks for such a informative video, i am not a gamer . I am looking for a MB which i can use in my LAB for VMWARE virtualization with i7 processor. VMWARE is virtualization, what it means is running 4 to 8 servers on top of physical machine.

please suggest which MB i should buy. I am so confused.

Shiladitya Biswas says:

I can bet this is the most comprehensive and explanatory video on chipsets on the internet.

Arctic Fox says:

ok quick question does this affect proformance if yes how much does it affect it?

Kyle Koopman says:

I believe you forgot one of the main differences. Intel H110 is still using the older DMI 2.0. So the CHIPSET PCIe lanes are still 2.0. B150 and Z170 are both using the DMI 3.0 which has native PCIe 3.0 lanes. DMI 3.0 has substantial less “overhead” than DMI 2.0. This is why M.2 slots on H110 boards only support PCIe 2.0 x4 where B150/Z170 supports PCIe 3.0 x4.

Quiiwoui Draski says:

Comparison in game??? Fking noob

Ignacio Caro says:

should I get a h110m or b150m for a i3-6100, gtx 1050ti?

P.Chethan K says:

Thank you so much for this video!

Star Wolf says:

so can I use 2 way SLI on my H170? please someone reply!

J chee says:

Hi, rookie here, is the ASUS H270M-Plus Motherboard better than H170 and H110 ? If so, in what way ?

Hasaki says:

can you really overclock on ah h170 motherboard?

Matt's Music says:

Overclocking with MSI H170M PRO?

Muhammad Efte says:

B150 And H170 what batter For Amd Rx 480 8gb I don’t need Over Clocking?

Renaldy Liesman says:

I have H170 + gtx 1080
And my girlfriend have z170 + gtx 980ti
We play gta5 together
We run benchmark with the same setting
My girlfriend have more fps then me wtff

Noob Fury says:

Im quite new to PC gaming and want to know if a budget motherboard like an H110 will bottleneck any higher-end components like an i5 6600 or RX480 (The components going into my build). Basically, will their performance be worse with a budget motherboard?

Oscar S says:

This guy gives the Most thorough explanations

juan paolo magbiray says:

this kind of explanation is what i looking for thanks 😀

Somshuvra Saha says:

Does H110 affect performance of i7 7000 ????????????????

Nutunalle says:

what would be the best budget H110 for my pc with gtx1060 6gb oc, i5 skylake 6500. And i have a corsair carbide spec-01 ATX case. and lastly, is mATX mobos compatable for this case? i use my pc only for gaming.

RedDevil says:

Great vid man. Top quality info there.

BL4ME Cubis says:

So a h110 chipset cannot overclock?

Brave Sword says:

im sorry this is so boring!

First name Last name says:

Can i7 6th generation fit into H110m pro D.Is that good and will performance be nice?

Annoing says:

bro you look creepy add some lights and cut your hair

leftenant_turk says:

Cool video, helped a lot.

mujjuman says:

i love this. thanks for explaining it to me i apprecite it

Rio Colorado says:

AMAZING video, very useful. Thank you a lot man.

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