Intel i9 & X299 5 Reasons Not To Buy!

5 Reasons Intel’s Latest Platform Should Be Avoided!

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What does a $250 7640X CPU do to a $490 X299 Motherboard?

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You are 100% correct….2000$ is not a good price

Adonis cmj says:

I have never used an AMD CPU and probably never will. I am not saying there is anything wrong with them, I just like Intel. That being said, what I don’t like is their greedy price gouging. C’mon, Intel. Do you really need to charge so much for a 6950X? Now we have even more expensive offerings. It can be years and they will still try to get over 1K for the out dated 6950X.

Logan .Kes says:

The i9s do have a point. Puget systems recommends the 10 or 12 core CPUs for content creation as programs like Adobe after effects or premier do use quite a few cores however do really want high clock speed which xeons typically lack

luke says:

i9 motehrboard is 50% cheaper than 1950x so….

Zesma Gaming says:

and im just sitting here carefree with my i7 7700k and my 1080ti

SidKillz says:

threadripper for the win

bdub z says:

Pretty sad when the mobos have leds to let you know which features are disabled..

pussyfucker says:

youre all fucking dumb the x299 platform is revolutionary and makes everything else obsolete.. i mean it even has the 7740x. btw i didnt even watch your shity video

vijay surendran says:


Cognitive Feedback says:

… like if you skipped the promo intro

Cccc Dddd says:

I am not a fanboy and stuff but I really think these x299 cpus arent rushed. I believe they were developed before ryzen was even released but chose not to release it because they are greedy and really want to extract money. In short I believe it is their backup plan if ever amd catches up to them.

xXXFirestorm27 says:

arent you the dick?

ksalbrecht88 says:

I just finished building my Ryzen 7 1700 PC this past Saturday. I came from using the AMD FX-6300 & I have seen in some games triple the performance…. and it only cost me $530 to upgrade… which is far less than if I was to get even the low end of Intel’s new processor lineup.

david,r. massey says:

IBM has a patent(2012) on a processor chip Graghene based, 22 times faster than anything Intel has. All communications will be completely changed(as well as everything else anyone can think of). All this new this and new that will be just be dust in the wind.

KimDeKing says:

Watch in 0.5 0:11

Ten Minute Tokyo 2 says:

Programmers make $2000 bucks in a week.

Shisue Uchiha PWF-RB says:

Good point my friend here $2k is like R$6,3k and this is a loooot of mony x_x

Joseph Howle says:

this guy…. How can anyone take you seriously being such a biased reviewer . No wonder you have so few viewers compared to any other reviewer.

syed ali says:

i think nobody needs i9 except the elite heavy users!, for what kind of games you need i9 ? i think i7 8th gen is enough for coming years

Austin tattersall says:

i have the i9 7900x
cost $1,500

lordraptor11 says:

well porsche and vw actually shared engines for years LOL.  with that said, cost is a big factor in upgrades or building new systems which rules out either upgrade or new build for me at present.  however IF i had money  and could build a new rig i would BUT i am not sure if i would go intel 7900X or threadripper but my opinion is threadripper would be overkill for my needs but like i said i cant afford to build or upgrade in the first place so doign anythign right now.

Meltdown says:

i have an 7820x for making music but i also play game and i can play at 1.2 ghz low windows power consuption i can play my games at 144fps and 2560×1440 of course not the best games released but try to do that with quad core i7 like 7700k you will have like 30fps even on counter strike….

People tell that x299 is hot but at stock frequency with a stupid coolermaster hyper evo 212 i am as 40-45 degres for cpu at high power consuption usage and in game ! and vrm never get more than 55-60 degres but gamer are stupid they get new cpu first things they want to do is to overcloaking an 8 core cpu to 5.0ghz…

you know when you get a very new ferrari first things you do is of course tweaking the engine and getting 725hp instad of 650hp

but why ? really why ? it make no senses to overclocking a very new cpu and that’s only how vrm problem can coming… is like all gamer compared their dick for see who have the biggest… i can tell it since i have get my x299 is a lot better than my old intel 4770k build

sorry for bad english

IceColdKilax says:

i9 is Skylake look it up. Skyline vs Kabylake HDR processing.

Zfast4y0u says:

i got scelus gaming mouse, in first month its main wheel started acting strange aka scrolling down things go up and wise versa, ended up taking it apart tweaked a bit and it worked for like 10min, now its so bad i dont even use it, literally you cant use it. luck there is one more wheel on it so im stuck with it now -.- and this is ”gaming mouse” fuck it, i pay 100€ to get wheel die on me in first month, what the fuck is this shit!? oh oh and cream on the cake now, where ur thumb is resting, the place is made of cheap plastic, resulting in major sweathing even when its cold now in winter, fuck this shit srsly. trackpads are designed better and have better quality.

also one question for ya, are your hands shaking when not moving? cause i noticed it a bit with ur thumbs when u dont move ur hands for a sec, just wondering, would explain ur hand language.

Fdisk Format says:

the graphics card is doing all the work anyway

C8 Cheese says:

Too expensive

moses92 says:

if your a graphic designer or gamer its best i9…i just bought i9 and it runs so smooth that it seems like im running threadripper and i7 together
but if your just gaming i7 is enough for gaming or threadripper

mt Sanchi says:

Im a 3d modeler, and i can tell you that, maya, blender, zbrush, and similar applications are well optimized nowadays, and they can be run on a production level with consumer grade CPU’s. A brand new good i5, or i7 or going to get the job done. The new Ryzen 5 and 7, are just as good for that particular task. No need for even content creator to buy a CUP over $600.

Mirko Jankovic says:

just a small correction, desktop high end CPUs are much better for 3d and similar work then overpriced low single core clock speed xeons.

Cyber Pleb says:

I wish I could step on my dick.

szok05 says:

“in this sentence there was no word of truth”

NobodyYouKnow98 says:

What a load of horseshit from an AMD fanboy.
Whatever “instabilities” your friend encountered, you can blame Gigabyte for that. Do you honestly believe that Intel would release an unstable CPU, especially on their high end product line?
And who cares what $2000 is worth in other countries? These CPUs are not meant for the mainstream user. They’re HIGH END. And with that, there’s a price premium.
AMD has – once again – delivered a CPU that didn’t live up to the hype. Whether you’re looking at the original Ryzen or the “Threadripper”, the end result is the same: disappointment. And you wanna talk about problems with instability and limitations? My god…just go look at the user reviews of AMD motherboards on Newegg.
It’s now three and a half months after your video was posted, and i9 CPUs are readily available. And guess what – they run circles around AMD’s clown show.

Barry says:

Switching to AMD? Not in a trillion years.

Bone Crushing Metal says:

Intel stepped on their dick. The funniest statement ever made about the X299 release lol lol.

rbwannasee says:

I just got a very well featured X299 motherboard for $218. Not feeling impoverished.

Eric Matthews says:

Yea… Sorry, but I just can’t listen to you talk for more than a few seconds. You don’t know shit.

Minecraft Weekly says:

Really good video next time compare on lot of things.

Wokis says:

Why would I need a Xeon for rendering? I am not pixar. The theory of non ECC making one pixel turning bad in frame #39235 isn’t an issue. Why pay a load of more money for a xeon platform? Your view is narrow.

Jakob Friedrich says:

why does he look like a render

Kavas says:

Because they have too many fucking products. They added hyperthreading to pentiums (2c/4t) which is basically hurt their i3 (2c/4t) sales. They added a unlocked i3 (2c/4t) which is the same price of a locked i5 (4c/4t) which is a better cpu. They retrofitted mainstream CPUs (kaby lake) into the x299 platform(kaby lake x), and charged more for them. The i9 are basically just overclocked xeons. And they released, both kabylake and coffeelake in the same fucking year. Amd really fucked Intel up pretty bad.

spilart says:

+ meltdown and spectre

masskilla469 says:


Morten Orre says:

The 7900X is great value and the best contender when needing high performing single-thread perfomance on a high core-count chip.

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