Intel i7-8700K vs i7-2600K – FINALLY Time to Upgrade Sandy Bridge?

Is it FINALLY time to upgrade? User of older Sandy Bridge systems have been asking themselves that for years. But now with Coffee Lake here, could this FINALLY be the time to upgrade. Maybe…..but then again, maybe not!


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Refugio Flores says:

im planing to do a music production build and i know music softwares are different than gaming but they use cpu to run the plug ins . which would be the better cpu to go for i7 7700k or i7 8700k?

xFixe says:

I have the i7 2600 non K its already 7 years old! still very good CPU but im going to change it to the new i7 9700k soon when it releases!

Йохан Львович says:

Like. I have i7 2600k + Gtx 1070 strix, motherboard p8z68, 8gb ram (1666mhz) and 120gb ssd 500/500 speed. Last year I buy 1070 strix and monitor asus pg278q(2k 165hz)
All games are ok in 2k and 100+ FPS, but temperature of ram very hot.
Today I look 4 new setup with z370, 8700k, Samsung 960, Corsair 16gb with 3200hhz, and take it in russia from computer universe is 1k$. That suck, because I have only 750$ in month by working 6 days a week.
Good luck 4 all, have fun!

("RNA0ROGER") says:

6 Year old processor still performing in a similar fashion to a modern 6 core. Moore’s law how brutal it actually is.

ToriKooo says:

my i7 2600k died RIP mofo

Feuer und wasser says:

Interesting video.

Jordan Westberry says:

I think this is so cool thanks for the content! I just can’t decide on whether or not to get a 8700k or 2700x CPU. But Jesus loves you guys God bless have a wonderful day!

average Eastern- European communist says:

im still here with i5 2500 i love it

geppy says:

shout out to my 680 bois

CofeeAuLait says:

HOW many years it took to finally, partially, dethrone the mighty 2600k. I’m still rocking one here and i don’t really feel the urge to change it. Have upgraded SSD, RAM and VIDEO but not the chipset or the processor. And i dont feel the urge to do so.

Njakke says:

Good video. I still rock my i5-3570k @ 4.4 with a GTX 1060.. Waiting for Zen2.

Hubwood says:

High FPS don’t guarantee fluid gameplay. Newer CPUs and Ram provide much better Frametimes which leads to much more fluid gameplay.

Ryan Freer says:

I’m still using an i7-2600K on an Asus P8Z77-V Pro/Thunderbolt motherboard, which I built back in 2012. My question is; will I be able to edit 4K video in real-time with Premiere or Vegas Pro with 24GB of DDR3-1600 and a GeForce GTX 1070 or 1080, and possibly an SSD? (I currently have 8GB of RAM in my system and just ordered a 16GB kit to bring it up to 24GB). I really can’t afford to build an entirely new PC at the moment, but if my current system is just too slow to handle 4K editing, I may need to return the 16GB RAM upgrade and just wait. What do you suggest?

Romick Vieira says:

If you got a 970 or 980 (or equivalent), keep the 2600k tho

gearzdesign says:

I’m still using a 2600k System with a 1070ti and I’m still going strong in most games and personal use. I was just pricing out a new system (8700k, 32gb ram, etc) and it was around 1700$ for the system. I just can’t justify that price for minimal advances for what I do on this PC.

mamamia88 says:

I just got a couple sandy bridge dells for $75 or so. Gotta urge to upgrade them to the max.

Bad Boy Gaming says:

Thanks for the video, now I realize that I do not need to change my i7 pro while.

Jerahya says:

I’m just an i5 user but still nothing can beat legend i5-2500k in terms of PPP. plus DDR4 price is crazy.

Khazar Jew says:

8700k with 3200mhz+ ram destroys 2600k

demonpride1975 says:

i had a 2600k with an r9 390, and it was a great little computer. i started having issues with the mob about a year and a half ago, but i just didn’t have the money to get a new mother board, it still worked. but a bit less on par. so 5 months ago i decided it was time to get a new pc.

i bought a i7 8700k.
msi z370 gaming pro carbon mobo.
msi rx 580 8 gb armor oc gpu.
2×8 gb memory hyperfury x.
evo 850 500 gb ssd.
2 m.2 960 500 gb sticks.
800 watt lepa psu rate 80 bronze plus.

and i must say, it was totally worth it. if the mobo didn’t have an issue i wouldn’t have upgraded. i was playing world of warcraft in eyefinity mode, on 3 60 inch tvs at 5760×1080 stable 70 fps. it was seriously amazing, and the chip in today’s standard is a really good point if you don’t have the money for the coffee lake series.

Mundo boye says:

How about making a 2 min long vid instead. You’re talking so much about «saving time» -Please

Tim S. says:

It’s never to late to make a comment so…
There’s one improtant thing you should’ve think about.
You totally screwed with ram. You underclocked powerfull G.Skill to shamefull 1333 MGhz and comare it to 2666. Cmon, seriously?!
AS a result you compare 2 cpus with totally different RAM. Ram speed has a huge impact on cpu performance when a lot of random data is processed like WinRAR test or gaming. So basically you put 2600k to disadvantage.
You have to take DDR3 2133 and DDR4 2133 to make this comparison 100% correct.

Hui L says:

still rocking my 3770k and gtx 970, was planning to upgrade to a 2700x or 8700k, now that’s on hold.

Lando Parada says:

Z68 chipset? No thank you.

Chillypuwn says:

1600mhz is like the standard speed that DD3 run at.

Rommie Samboski says:

Its better to just upgrade to a SSD and gtx 1080 instead of getting the latest intel cpu. Think about it. Does that mean intel cpu sucks because it has barely progressed after so many generations or should we say that intel makes the best cpus because they are able to last for so long LMAO

Иван Селиванов says:

It’s show that game creators are very bad programmers and cannot use hardware potential properly

BJ White says:

I have an I7-2600 (non-k) and currently using a 1050 ti because my GTX 580 died. I even have the ASUS P8Z68 MoBo. I was very interested to see this as I almost bought a GTX 1080 today but they didn’t have any of the ones I wanted in stock. Im still so unsure that I should do anything except buy a 1080 right now because all I really do on my pc is play WoW and watch youtube/netflix, & web browse. But the idea of an M.2 NVME drive sounds pretty good. I might wait for the coffee lake refresh in Oct and then upgrade my entire system then, GPU, MoBo and CPU and step up to DDR4 and an M.2 then.

Lesnic Romulus-Iulian says:

No Ghost Recon Wildlands or Ashes of the Singularity test?! The two games that love CPU power…

Ivan Kristić says:

Shouldve included 990x as well, since its 6 core cpu, to see that diff as well and how it relates to gaming/editing, wouldve been nice

Rushnerd says:

Had a 2600K 8gb system since 2011, actually just pulled the trigger on the 8700K upgrade since it’s the time I think. Sad it’s not pulling much weight in games, but my GTX 1080 could probably use the boost?

Swift Twitchy's Vids says:

FPS is definetely one major way to measure performance for gaming.
However, FPS doesn’t tell all.

I can tell you with an I7 2600K @4.4Ghz + 1080TI– 1440P screen, I can get high FPS . Yes. BUT I STILL get Micro stutter and game client lag … I do get FPS dips as well which can be also seen in those comparison charts represented as “Minimum FPS”.

It might be finally time to upgrade over the next few months.
New products releasing: I9 9900K 8C16T / 9700K 8C/8T either OC 5.1+ Ghz and RTX 2080TI

There are some nice CPU options over the I7 2600K and with videocards that are so powerful potentially with RTX series, an I7 2600K in your Rig will actually become a bottleneck or give you other performance issues with your game.

Black Jack says:

how the hell in other youtube videos ppl get 10fps increase in games 7700k vs 8700k and a old 2600k vs 8700k perform the same!?))

soelvpilen says:

seriosuly!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! you and apparently everybody else doing processor test against older processors… when do you learn?! you can not test them properly when you let the performance get bottlenecked by any other part than the cpu!!!! Hence when you test gaming performance between two processors you can not let it be bottlenecked by the gpu!!! you have to get the processor to be the bottleneck before we can see any difference!!!!! trying to bottleneck a cpu in a game with a 1070?!?!?!?!? what you should have done is pick cpu heavy game titles, put in a better gpu and then you would have to lower all graphical settings to low and lower resolution to something stupid to reduce the load on the gpu… then we would move towards real results and a bottlenecked cpu in a game

trev trev says:

Please test with some mmo’s or something cpu bound… Quit with the doom, overwatch, tomb raider bs. We’ve seen these benchmarks dozens and dozens of times. Ya’ll say this stuff then someone plays one of these cpu bound games and completely regrets the advice you give.

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