Intel B360 vs. Z370, FINALLY Budget 300-series Chipsets!

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Intel B360 vs. Z370, FINALLY Budget 300-series Chipsets!

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Jason Valerio says:

Hardware Unboxed Steve for the trolls, you should test I7-8700K 310 Mobo& 360Mobo & Ryzen 2700X & A320 mobo and compare the results and which one sticks to it’s claimed ghz better. I already seen video of A320+2700X and it was turboing to 4.3Ghz when proper settings were enabled on bios. But curious to know if its more stable than the I7-8700K & if I7-8700K can even run anywhere near normalon 310 board.

Guh Oliver says:

868 cb? My i5 8400 gets 964 cb on 2×8 GB ddr4 2666 + msi b360m pro-vdh

Mapleine says:

Thank you for doing a video like this. Helps people like me who want good future performance but just dont have a big budget

Rizqi Hiktaka Ewi says:

What english does he use? I get ear-sore listening him (non native english)

Julez Krazeonez says:

love your content. is there much difference between the 8400 and the I7 8700 ?? cause they both have 6cores but does the extra 6threads make a difference? Please help. thanks

Daevster 666 says:

why cant you pair an i7 with a budget board?

Abhi Jit says:

For video editing and photo editing which processor between Intel i7 8700k and Ryzen 7 2700 cpu I should choose? Why?

R. Boivie says:

I would buy a cheaper z370 than an expensive b360 😛

Clickbait Central says:

The msi gaming plus b360 in Australia is more expensive than the cheapest z370 lol

GametillGrave says:

plz tell me..i want to build i5 8400 budget only allows gtx 1050ti 4gb max nothing more than tht..will it bottleneck? also since 8400 is non clockable why should i buy z370..b360 came will it affect my performance if i use b360? i knw z370 hav more ports but dnt really need me

007 007 says:

B360 also has internal wifi

Taraquin83 says:

Would the b360m pro-vd + 8400 work okay with for instance a 1070? Or is the powerdraw from pci-e going to be trouble?

ठाकुर 86 says:

MSI motherboard fucking shit.

yurimodin says:

FYI Steve I just put an 8700 non-k on a GIGABYTE B360M D3H…I chose it because it has what looks like descent VRM heatsinks. Out of the box it was limited to 65w and any stress test would downgrade me to the base clock. I upped the TDP limit in the bios to 95w at each stage of Turbo. XTU showed my max package TDP at 75w and my VRM’s never got over 60c in HWInfo64 and I maintained 4.3 Ghz while running 100 iterations of Intel Burn Test. Just thought you should know since it seems like a good priced option for B360 and 8700 non-k.


So, the intel box cooler limiting performance of the i7 8700 in some cases?

Rizky Ramadhan says:

is it enough for good b360 board to handle i7 8700 in long term use?

ConeRulezZ says:

Biggest AMD circlejerk channel around…

Haosh says:

Can You test asrock b360 gaming k4 and h370 performance? Temps, performance and RGB if its support gskill RGB ram?

Jan Thanei says:

should i get the i5 8400 or the ryzen 5 1600?

Thy Liberator says:

can you do a comparison video between Asus maximus x apex vs asrock fatal1ty professional gaming i7 ???? please!!

Explorer says:

Please can you help me. I want to buy a i7 8700 but i dont want any throttle. Is it important to have a Mainboard with many and big Heatsinks or is it more important to have a good cpu fan? Is the Asus Prime B360-Plus Mobo good for the full power of the 8700? THANK YOU

Hippokrátēs Ἡρακλείδης says:

stupid Q … can i use a 2400mhz ram with i5 5800 instead of 2666mhz ram ?

Amino lino says:

Whats the diffrence between the b360m vh pro and the b360m vd pro?

K Lolz says:

B360 pro 4 can handle triple channel ddr4 RAM ?

Daevster 666 says:

yo theres some new pentiums available g5000 series

Cody Zeik says:

they had to do something to compete with ryzen….

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