How to Pick the Correct Motherboard (Beginner’s Guide)

– Apologies for the lack of audio in the previous upload. Should be fine now. Use the guide below to aid in the selection of your next motherboard!

Have an AMD Ryzen CPU?
For up to the R5 1600X (
ASRock AB350 Gaming K4:
MSI B350 Gaming Plus:

For the R7 1700 and above (
Gigabyte X370 Aorus Gaming K7:
ASUS Prime X370 Pro:

Have an Intel Kaby Lake CPU?
For all non-K SKUs up to i7 7700 (
ASRock B250M HDV:
MSI H270 Gaming M3:

For all K SKUs up to i7 7700K (
ASRock Z270 Taichi:
ASUS ROG Strix Z270E Gaming:

Have an Intel Coffee Lake CPU?
Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7:
MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC:

(For Threadripper, I recommend) ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme:
(For Sky/Kaby-X, I recommend) MSI X299 SLI Plus:


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Senne Va says:

Wich should i buy with i5 8600k

Alejandro Rodarte says:

6 Months later and you scared the crap out of me, going from your intro I wasn’t ready. It’s 12:29am lol.

Deeb TIME says:

The voice is annoying

Nick Wilson says:

Im noob i dont get. What is chip set? Lol


What’s a recommended motherboard for a 8700K? GTX 1080, kraken x62, g skill RAM

Dizeliun says:

this guy has fake teeth

Peter Scott says:

What you call that white pipes inside your cpu ? Is that liquid cooling?

Kie says:

We are PCMR, lower your firewalls and surrender your data, your computing and browsing habits shall adapt to service us, privacy is futile.

Adam Smith says:

“Beginners Guide”, spends 2 hours looking up for 3/4s of the terms used in the video

SeaXem says:

Man I’m shaking

Rusty Blader says:

the prices between the x370 and the b450 on ryzen isnt that big id rather just pay the extra 20-50$ more for the x370 for the little extra features

Jeremy Goff says:

I just recently got the Asus Maximus X Code for my first pc build and I cannot stop looking at it. Just looks rad.

WeaponX668 says:

Your sweater looks amazing in 4k not even Lying

freak777power says:

AsRock Extreme 4 series…nothing beats it.

linlgnelaiernlk says:

I’d love to see some discussion on reliability, security, build quality, customer service and support as well if you do more motherboard reviews or revisit this type of general advice in the future. A great deal of emphasis in electronics/computers overall on features (short term benefits), but not as much as I’d like on the longer term benefits. I suppose ‘know your audience’ comes into play, as you are catering mostly to gamers than content creators who make their living on their gear. But as anyone who’s been burned on a bad drive or card which was DOA, or stuck with a bad company who ignores your emails, or has a terrible RMA policy will tell you, it’s not a fun experience. It’s hard to find that less obvious information out there, and to know who to trust. You have to really scour. I’d personally be more likely to believe an engineer. Keep up the great work.

Andrej 500 says:

is my b250m-a going to work with a pentium g4560/i3-6100?

let's make it we can says:

Bro I have Intel i5- 520m processor,DDR3 ram ,320 GB hard disk but inead good mother board suggest me …..plez

Elmo says:

Has anyone noticed the creepy voice in the background 1:18?

omar nurse says:

Sponsored by this republic of cyborgs

Serj Star says:


TheSharperB says:

anonymous on the track

Skitz LaMOE says:

Ok a noob with computers. My CPU I believe are messed up and or my motherboard. I am having a problem putting my CPU back into the housing thing… So with that being said i would like to now if and when I get ready to buy a new CPU or motherboard I just need to know some info like are all graphics cards compatible with all motherboards. I have a MSi graphics card… just need to make videos and play 7DaysToDie…lol… I do have questions so bare with me

Emanuel Goldstein says:

I am not sure if you have seen the older series, “V” but the audio reminds me of the voices. I enjoyed your review and I am glad you made the video. Thank you…

ALL CAPS says:

Anonymous confirmed.

Alan Ruiz says:

I am thinking of buying this motherboard I heard its one of the best at the moment.

TheGamingIndian says:

Wow! even with the warning it kind of scared me.

Jack N says:

Why is the Z270E so much money

Rosetta A says:

this is not for beginners

Science Studio says:

– These comments are hilarious AF. Thanks for “bearing with us.” …Too cheesy?

Ghost man says:


EvilPotato says:

What a Trash guide

James french says:

I purchases a Z370 board and an i3 8100 because I knew I would get an i7 later on and I wanted the feature set of the Z370. I also wanted the ability to upgrade to 6 core CPUs which I reckon will become more relevant to games in 2019. I’ll get my CPU second hand though.

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