How to Choose a Motherboard in 2 Minutes!

Choosing motherboards is as tough as choosing other parts of your system, so in case you’re not informated enough about motherboards – this video is for you.

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Roman Yamal says:

Bad audio

bloodshaker12 says:


ItalianStallion1415 says:

Very helpful video, are there sites similar to pcpartpicker that have selection features that narrow down motherboard choice according to PCIe lanes used. I’m trying to see if there is a motherboard that can handle two gtx-1080’s in sli with an NVMe ssd. I’m looking for all three of these devices to communicate directly with the cpu and not the motherboard chip set.

TheDigitalPhoenix says:

What Should i do Msi or Gigabyte….

Ravish Ramgolam says:

hi bro which motherboard can i
buy for a dell optiplex gx 280 small mini tower

Tijn van Batenburg says:

Super helpful tutorial, but i still dont know
What motherboard should i get with the i5 6400 and evga gtx 1060 sc

JoeJam79 says:

Jigabyte 0:36

Zyurg says:

What the fuck was that intro? What you said made no sense

Cameron Wright says:

So if im to wait for the new Zen CPU, what do I do? Buy an AMD motherboard or Intel? It’s kinda fukt

ColaFlyingAway says:

I’ve figured all that out still can’t pick a mobo

Rick Jorna says:

Good video but you’re talking a bit to fast

Denyer Gaming says:

so the msi 970 motherboard for average use ?

Tregan says:

hey i am in need of help im new to PC building could u tell me if everything is competable
that would be awesome

itachi uchiha says:

wouldnt it be easier to just pick the mother borad out first so u can know what cpu,ram,ect.. that u will need for it then pick out all the other small bits. and u can have a easier time decided the feats… on the mother borad and dont have to keep going back and forth

Saned Aidh says:

what motherboard should I choose for i5 6500 and gtx 960 4gb ?

adam kent says:

no bullshit and straight to the point, thank you.

Hidethechicken_ says:

I wish I can talk to you face to face … I’m like new in these gaming PC but like looking at these graphics makes me wanna get a maxed out setting computer and I need help for a PC

Turtle Nator says:

love the video helped me make a final decision on the motherboard i am going to purchase thank u very much 😀

GENZIZ says:

bad audio good video

ItsExoh says:

Whats a good motherboard for a ryzen 5 1500x witha evga geforce 1050 ti 4gb

Egemen Doğukan Dursun says:

wow best dude

Clxsh says: is this a good PC for division and bf1, If this is good then if will be my first build , but I’m not sure if the motherboard is good

Not Sure says:


karan surve says:

Which motherboard & processor for graphic designing & gaming under budget

Calin B. says:

Hi, i would really, really appreciate it if you would help me choose between one of these motherboards:
– ASRock P43 Twins 1600
– Asus P5G41T-M LX
– Gigabyte GA-G41M

YCSwolf says:

how about the chipset “B***”(Intel B150 )what does that mean ?

Dr Seethe says:

I just bought a GTX 1080 ti as a kickoff to building my own pc. I do plan to sli in the future. Do you think my next step should be the Motherboard or all the other components you mentioned in the video? If you could give any recommendations on what motherboard I should get that would be great. 🙂 Thanks for the awesome vid.

nofd1977 says:

good vid bro! quick question just got a PNY 1050 TI and im tryin to find a good motherboard to be compatible with it. Its not the best gpu out there but it was in the $200 range.

XxJIsh14xX says:

did he just fucking say jiggabyte?

Daniel Frisch says:

what motherboard should I choose for i7-6700 and gtx 1070?

alexandre romero says:

Exactly what I was looking for, these other 10 minute videos have too much fluffy bullshit, great video!

Patrick Stephens says:

When he says average use does that count for average gaming

PlayStationRIHSKY says:

is it really important to have the SLI sign on the board?

Naz Dhillon says:

That russian accent XD

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