How Much Should You Spend on HEDT Motherboard? — 4 Motherboard Comparison

4 Motherboards ranging from $200 to $400 on both X299 and X399. Which should you buy? How much should you spend?
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TR 1950X – @Amazon – @NewEgg
TR 2950X – @Amazon – @NewEgg
TR 2990WX – @Amazon – @NewEgg

i9-9900X – @Amazon – @NewEgg
i9-9940X – @Amazon – @NewEgg
i9-9980XE – @Amazon – @NewEgg

i9-9900K — @Amazon – @NewEgg
Ryzen 7 2700X — @Amazon — @NewEgg


ASRock X399 Phantom Gaming 6 – @NewEgg
ASRock X399 Pro Gaming – @Amazon – @NewEgg

ASRock X299 Extreme 4 – @Amazon – @NewEgg
ASRock X299 Pro Gaming i9 XE – @Amazon – @NewEgg

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All X299 MB – @Amazon – @NewEgg


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brent245 says:

Very happy with my X399 phantom gaming 6 and my 2920X. I wanted an enthusiast platform, but not intel. I use it mostly for gaming, with SLI 1070’s. Hoping to try nvme raid with it just for fun.

Hock Chong says:

Woah this video is literally a movie length

tlove21 says:

Really informative video on choosing a board. Building my PC this year, so very valuable information.

XmartiHUNx says:

1:11:20 Yes, try 4-way SLI, I have never seen that before, but I already know that it would be power hungry as hell.

Bobby Bobman says:

I know you have some die hard fans … I thought I was im not sure I’m gonna finish this even with 2x speed.

Berend Koops says:

so check what you need in io and connections then look at your processor and get a high-end MB for a high-end CPU and get a medium level MB for a medium level CPU (if the io and other options fit the CPU and your workcase.) and the same with the lower-end. combine the lvl’s and use cases. I love the common sense of this channel!!

Ray A says:

Another reason to go with the Fatal1ty X399 Professional Gaming is it officially supports 2990WX where as the other does not. Also 10Gb/s LAN hook it up to 10Gb/s NAS RAID array for fast and redundant storage of your excellent video content. I’m not sure why I care to comment yet again but it would be interesting to see you bench test with quad SLI. (yea I just saw your other SLI video)

Wilson Blick says:

When are the top tier 2080 reviews coming???

Kirk Shipp says:

I understand how you feel about the driver CDs. To be fair however, I had an Asrock Fatal1ty Extreme 99 gaming motherboard a few years back. The website for Asrock and their driver download was a total mess. It looked like my 5 year old laid it out. I have not considered an Asrock motherboards since the nightmare of building that system so I don’t know what their website looks like now. I’ve never had any trouble getting a rig up and running like that mobo.

Dillon Frey says:

Just need clarification, Is U.2 (SFF-8639) an Interface or Protocol?

Muhammad Syaifudin Arif says:

Good explanation sir, I have never seen you build a PC with Vega 7, why not try it? maybe many will see,

John Gray II says:

Please, tech Use a refresh for your 2990WX. Better to have better and more board power options than less. Not to mention better mem compatibility

JustBedz says:

Is the b450 tomahawk motherboard worth it for a normal user, just for gaming and doing normal tasks. Or should I go for a cheaper motherboard instead ?

Marc Wolfgang Zastrow says:

Can you make one fore ryzen 3000 when it comes out ?

Ray A says:

I totally agree with you regarding that motherboard packing from ASRock. Every vendor should pack motherboards like that.

Ray A says:

Yea video too long. Would have been better to do a 50/50 split between the Intel and AMD offerings with the same intro. But you’re awesome keep up the excellent work.

GᗩᗰᕮᖇᖴᗩᑎᗩTIᑕ2017 says:

Even learning about Thresdripper and Skylake X I still dont know which to get. I game and do a lot of video editing and all that. I cant get my Ryzen 7 2700x past 4GHz and it’s on a Gigabyte Gaming 7 X470 board. It feels like the performance isnt as good as it should be.

vaderglenn says:

1 hour roadtrip if no traffic, gonna use this as my audio book for the trip lol. Can’t really look since I get motion sickness 🙁

Digital Intellect says:

Seems February is the month of technology video classics
5 days ago was Threadripper versus Skylake -X
Today is X399 vs X299…Keep it coming for the Deal Nation

Flint 89 says:

I would love to see 3 way and 4 way SLI, Great video

Quickshot Gaming says:

58:08 would make a great gif

Mobile Legends Bangladesh says:

You dont get it.
This is not graphics card, that you can download with 1 click from website.
Motherboard has many many components and many driver and software including lan, sound card, chipset, hd video, inf driver, app center, bios updater, rgb fusion software, wifi driver and many many more. Even those driver cd has old driver, but people can install all of those with 1 click. And the app updater(installed automatically) can easily update the driver and software later.
But if you manually download from website, you might forget all the software or apps to install at all.

FreshTop End says:

this guy is sucha good youtuber it probably took him years to realize youtube is missing him

Jeice Ginyu says:

i have a b350m hdv and looking to get msi x470 gaming plus.

2000cobraguy says:

The best one I have used is the Asrock X299 Taichi XE.
It overclocks well, has 2 network connections, wireless/BT,
everything I need.
Usually about 300.
I just completed an unusual build using this and an i5 7640X Kaby Lake X
stable @ 5.2 GHz @ 1.17 volts. (delidding and a 360 radiator helps)
I used 4 8GB memory modules,
so upgrading to Skylake X is only a matter of a new CPU
and moving the memory to different slots.

Yami No Lotus says:

Can you do a video benchmarking all of the 2080 cards?

Robert Mirabito says:

Family movie night

Peizxcv says:

I found $80-130 is the sweet spot for a $1000-$1500 build. Going above and value really deminish

sabishiihito says:

1:22:48 time for MSI X399 MEG Creation, sounds like.

George Entuazist says:

Great Tech chanel! Hi everyone! Can anyone help me to decide which platform to choose for workstation : I need to run smoothly 2 nvme SSD ( PCI-e x4) and 1 gpu (1080 or 2070) and other stuff like sound card etc. Do I need hedt or consumer platform? Plz write exact cpu model. Thanks !!!!

Stalewind Farto1078 says:

At 650.00usd, it’s doubtful the Asus Zenith Extreme is high on your short list.
It’s also very pretty and laden with RGB, not what you’d want for a 399 build, but man it would be epic!

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