How Much Should You Spend on a Z370 Motherboard?

Gigabyte Z370 Gaming Ultra — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 5 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 — @Amazon — @NewEgg

Budget $115 Z370 — @Amazon — @NewEgg

— ASUS Z370 —
$170 — Prime-A — @Amazon — @NewEgg
$200 — ROG Strix-E — @Amazon — @NewEgg
$250 — ROG Maximus X Hero — @Amazon — @NewEgg

— MSI Z370 —
$170 — KRAIT GAMING — @Amazon — @NewEgg
$200 — GAMING M5 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
$250 — GAMING PRO CARBON AC — @Amazon — @NewEgg

— ASRock Z370 —
$170 — Extreme4 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
$200 — Taichi — @Amazon — @NewEgg
$250 — Professional Gaming i7 — @Amazon — @NewEgg

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i7-8700K — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i7-8700 — @Amazon — @NewEgg

i5-8600K — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i5-8400 — @Amazon — @NewEgg

i3-8350K — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i3-8100 — @Amazon — @NewEgg


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Frank Cofield says:

you crack me up with the Christmas on the desk comments thanks for the info and price guides your channel is always helpful.

Dragonling says:

4k on integrated xD xD xD I know you had to mention it but lol

roller_47 says:

I just impulse bought a Gaming 7 + 8700K combo from Newegg today that comes out to $426 after promo codes, a MIR, and a Newegg gift card. I hope this wasn’t a bad impulse buy and that I’m getting a decent deal.

CountCarbsNotCals says:

I spent $189 for a Z370 msi carbon pro ac , then you get a $20 rebate, so that gives you $169.

Alexandros Kits says:

Nice job!

I am between 3 motherboards but i cant decide which to order. Any help?

1. Aorus gaming 7
2. msa gaming pro carbon ac
3 Asus strix e

What should i do?!

Markinpuff says:

Great video, I was waiting for you to review these. I purchased the gaming 7, and let me tell you it’s a terrific motherboard.
Just make sure you update the bios, they have updated it many times and only made it better. I achieved a 5.2 ghz overclock without a sweat. Didn’t leave it there, didn’t need too, but it was nice to know I could. I find it interesting that the middle m.2 slot doesn’t affect any resources, I’m not sure why, unless the other 2 are using lanes to the cpu, and not the chipset.
Maybe you can shed some light on that?

Gaming and Entertainment says:

How many years does 8700k lasts ? . I think may be 2 from its launch

J.P. Moore says:

The Gaming Fiiiiiiivvee…. I love this guy. Knows his shit.

Stephen Galang says:

You made me pick Gaming 7 over Gaming 5 because of the important points you’ve mentioned. thank you very much!

razrv3lc says:

I got a 5 and a pin was missing lmao. Thankfully Newegg is refunding it fully for me but I’m getting another because the board itself is nice and it has all the features I wanted. I don’t think I’ll wind up getting two duds in a row hopefully lol

Science Rocks says:

How about $320+ in Australia, the world leader in rip offs!

GC says:

This review is very very informative a different approach to LTT, but i like this too. very underrated

John Rambo says:

Just used your link for my Aorus Gaming 7 purchase through Newegg. $219 sale price with $20rebate visa card + free shipping. Thanks for your vids!

Valentin Ágh says:

What about i5 8600k (4.8ghz) + Msi Krait gaming z370 + Gigabyte 1070ti?

Mischa Vladimir says:

Wow, I’ve never seen a channel that’s so detail oriented in terms of info provided about the products. Well done!

ChiroVette says:

Love this video! I am actually taking notes while I watch. Great education for motherboards!

Apsody says:

Can you believe a 1080ti is 1700 dollars in here

Kwan the Explorer says:

You helped me heaps! Thank you for the detailed information!

p0tent says:

Gigabyte’s software is SOOO Bad…. it’s absolutely the buggiest crap i’ve ever used.

AlexGolo says:

8600k with the new z370 ultra gaming wifi 4.8Ghz??

cri s says:

sorry , I just cant stay to watch this…..26 min of non-sense….and I just wayt for multi monitoring?!

Aleander He says:

Great vedio

that-boy zee says:

I was just looking on them wondering which one to get

desamania says:

“Christmas on your desk!!!!” lol

ramesh rk says:

Sir please make a video on i9 processor and which is the best motherboard for them….

Console MoDs says:

great video well explain

Tyler Totten says:

I can not make up my mind should I upgraded to a 8700 k or 7820 I play star citizen I currently have a i7 6700 on a z170

John D says:

First, I discovered your channel just a few days ago and I like a lot of your programming. I’m also a fan of Linus but your channel fills a gap where I like to see more detail about products rather than overviews.

I was planning on going SLI with two EVGA 1080 Ti cards for my new gaming rig. However, you are right as SLI seems less supported and is not supported for my current MMORPG which is GW2.

I think I’ll take the 1k and put it towards other components or new cooling.

philip hawker says:

I’ve been watching your content non stop for the last month since I’ve started my upgrade process to an 8700k. You sir have provided the most detailed information out of any other tech channel. I’m extremely selective with my subscriptions, but you’ve got my support! Subbed!

Dave Jones says:

Well you are a great honest reviewer, everything is neat and well explained

love this channel

Dawie Van Emmenes says:

5 Gigahertz ! , can strap that power on the space shuttle and warp time.

philip hawker says:

This question is for anyone. @ 15:15 he claims the gaming 5 doesn’t have dual band wifi on board. However, I checked the specs on newegg. It says the on board wifi supports 802.11 a.c. along with dual band 2.4/5 ghz. Was he mistaken or did gigabyte later change this support after the time of this video? Or did I misunderstand him? I’m somewhat of a noob when it comes to networking specs. Cheers

Mark Anthony says:

the only one channel reviews very deeply info
this master deserve 10mil subs

Zix 992 says:

i have a i3 8350K,witch z370 should i buy,and memory speed? =)

SageR says:

I have a 240€ Motherboard

Meatball sub says:

i want to overclock my 8600k to 5ghz should i get ultra gaming or the gaming 5

Jazz Sinclair says:

You’re information is really helping alot, and I surely do appreciate it! Thanks! …Peace – Jazz

ECHO says:

Then what is a good mobo with dual band wifi built in?

Paolo Campanella says:

what about the i7 8700?

Тимурик says:

amazing job again !!!!!!! now i am glad glad glad that I chose gaming 7

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