History of the Motherboard

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The first true PC motherboard appeared in 1981, but the road that let up to it was quite long – as was the journey it took afterwards!

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Arquímedes Vásquez says:

Am i the only one who noticed the vaguely emotion in Linus eyes when he was finishing to talk about their sponsor?

Kenji Gunawan says:

Linus becomes a History Lesson teacher.

David Shekelstein says:


Quick Games says:

One thing I find funny is we had everything on separate devices then we went to having it all on mobo now were splitting things away again

Kenji Gunawan says:

Oh, and no one complains about that intro anymore. What a change.

Marco Tedaldi says:

You could do a whole video on power delivery on motherboards… From 5V over 3.3V (which had to be the “strong” rails up into the nineties) to today’s highly flexible on board power converters that are fed by 12V from the PSU

Muhammad Afzal says:

History of monitors/lcd/led

DarkWorld25 says:

Wasn’t that the motherboard that got trashed by airport security because they thought it was a gun?

William Cox says:

Nice. I had a 486, which I bought a Pentium 90 clone for, plus I think I bought an extra 20MegaRAM for it, too. Why upgrade, when Pentium was new? One word: Diablo. The 486 machine just couldn’t play the intro cinematic, so I could not get into the game without upgrading.

Xasmanius Völk says:

4:58 lol looks like the Mainboard inside my old compaq Windows 95 PC

Eric D says:

Speaking of motherboards…it would be interesting to see if there are any speed differences between a E-ATX mobo, or micro mobo. (Along with shorter and longer cables combined)
Largely due to parts being closer together/far less travel required for things to communicate.
It would be extremely small in difference most likely…but I’d be interested in seeing the results.
Perhaps it would also bust any myths out there.
(I’ve seen people debating this oddly enough).

D Melstrand says:

Are you sure you used “obviating” correctly?

Ashitaka1110 says:

Who DOESN’T want a .45-shaped heatsink with an orange pirate skull logo to compliment their lime green slots though?

Kneedragon1962 says:

It has mostly been an upward journey. Does anybody else remember building 386s and 486s with f#kking raiser cards? Dear lord god, I’m glad that’s ancient history! Or on-board jumpers, to configure HDDs, so you had to read the number of platters and heads and cylinders and sectors, and then set 4 or 5 jumpers before the MB would even read the f#kken drive! And by the end, systems got smart enough to figure out what a drive was and work with anything, but to start with, you had to tell the system if this drive was a master or a slave. You would think that simply depended on whether it was plugged into the middle of the ribbon or the end, but No, that’d be too simple….

Robert Kilbourne says:

Digital sound in 1984! Amiga!

Blackops 362 says:

my bios looks just like the one in the video

Lucas D says:


Negative Kenny says:

Oh there’s so many SLOTS you won’t know where to begin.

Boomer Corley says:

Awesome video!! Loved it! Definitely one of this channels best videos. Maybe yall could do history of the CPU or GPU? Like similar format to this one

Tanner Johnson says:

6:46 What board is *that*?

steve gale says:

FYI a major break through was multi-layered boards which we developed in the early 80s.

saturn 64 says:

ur muhder bord 2 big

billfusionenterprise says:

you know it got its name? They asked the designer what he called it and he said “mother [mubling] board”

Daemi Ax says:

What about the north-bridge being pushed inside the CPU ?

Αντώνης Δρόσος says:


John Smith says:

Please stop wearing the minecraft shirt.

2spooky says:

My SGI IRIS Crimson has a backplane that’s bigger than my full tower case. The Crimson is also a card-cage-style case with a fully modular, 1050W power supply…from 1992.

Chuck Peck says:

I remember my first proper computer back in 82′ (Radio Shack Tandy). It was a momentous occasion!

Louis Sollert says:

First computer I built was an Altair 8800 from a kit – about $7500 in today’s money.

Today’s computers are less difficult to put together than a mid-level Lego kit.

7chip says:

Which is that Mini-ITX case

Dihelson Mendonca says:

FLIGHT SIMULATOR – Glad you mentioned. I use MS Flight Simulator X even today and it needs tons of computer power to run at full settings and realism. It´s a fantastic software, the best of all time.

Prakash N says:

I don’t like the in video ads… I pay Google to keep the ads away.

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