First 5 Things I Do When Choosing A Motherboard

First 5 Things I Do When Choosing A Motherboard
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The legendary series continues, with 5 more things.

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Waldo Torres says:

A MSI Z170A Tomahawk AC ATX LGA1151 Motherboard is a good choise???

Fooblefud says:

You need to be clearer

Randy klijn says:

nothing about vrms?

Charsept says:

H110 4 lyfe

Erki Nool says:

stumbled upon this problem: amount of fan sockets. how many fans can you plug in without needing splitters etc

hutprancer says:

Aesthetics? smdhv (shaking my damned head vigorously)

Bleach CS:GO And Memes says:

Would a Z170A and an i5 6600k be a nice pair for a build?

plezx29 says:

Mine is
1: cpu
2: pcie 16 expansion slots got to have a minimum of three
3: sata ports got to six or more
4: memory slots got to be able have the ability max of 64gb or more
5: form factor only atx will do

Lifeless says:

so which mobo under 100$ would be best for a g4560 550$ budget build ?

Anthony Clauser says:

I love orange, but this motherboard is ugly! I’m not even sure why. Clearly the color scheme is right. The implementation (or the shade picked) just isn’t.

Arthur Kesler says:

For me two things are the connects and disconnects for pci express and memory as I shit down and do a thorough air can clean twice a year and b how high or low the data connectors are from the pci slots

G eazy says:

what could i do-upgrade on gigabyte b85m hd3 motherboard?

Master Xehanort says:

What’s the difference between Toms Hardware and Paul’s Hardware?

Is the other one nerdy and the other a bald guy

David Martins says:

IO back panel
How many usb 3.1 ports

Cloistered Heels says:

I got a PC which I picked the components and then the shop built for me. So, this time I want to buy those hardware myself and built it at home instead.

So, pick a CPU before a motherboard? Currently, I am planning on :

Intel Core i7-7700 4.2GHz
nVidia GeForce GTX 1070

Florinel787 says:

for me:
2.No. of cpu power pins (4 or 8)
3.RAM type
4.No. of ram slots
5.Form factor

Nick Loquellano says:

Could you tell me good motherbosrd for overclocking

jefferson santiago says:

you only mentioned the types of motherboards that can be OCd. but i also want to know what kind of letters are used for average users.

The Social Anarkist says:

this video saved me a lot of time

RoaringRohan says:

To be honest, I would take out the aesthetics, and switch it with the motherboard supporting overclocking. Who needs good looks, when the computer runs faster, than a stock gigahertz

elvewizzy says:

2017 here:

1. Whats the best looking?
2. Does it have enough RGB?
3. What’s the price of the Motherboard?
4. Does it actually fit my CPU?
5. Does it have enough RGB? Really enough?

- Freezanator - says:

Price is the biggest factor IMO…

Enju says:

I like how you cut yourself off for a battery that was on the table, and then forgot to finish talking for your outro

Adam Rose says:

How about quality of components like vrm power phase chokes and so on? Some manufacturers try to make their motherboards look great by adding cool color schemes rgb lights and so on and then they claim to have all the bells and whistles while under the hood its as cheap as they can possibly afford. Im not saying they don’t have to make up cost on some things but power delivery to cpu and memory are crucial especially on boards that are gaming and more so overclocking in mind. It would really be nice if someone actually broke all the enthusiast and mid tier boards down and showed the actual specs on the components such as vrm chokes mosfets power phase delivery and such. So we know more about what company is actually providing the best boards overall then of course uefi bells and whistles would be next on my list. Its kinda like buying a Ferrari or Lambo only to find out its a kit car with the body of a ferrari bolted on it looks really good and fast but when you take it to the track the engine blows up at a 120 mph lol.

tasev1 says:

Pretty simple, really!

1967 kID says:

gigabite screew me in 2000 $500.00 down the drain

Purps Plays says:

Is using a Gigabyte Z97-HD3 good for a intel i5 6400

TehPieLuver says:

about your point on checking if the lower pci-e slots are directly routed to the cpu or through the chipset, how can you check for that?

Hui Zhang says:

Dear mr Paul, we are computer motherboard X79 ecc lga2011 motherboard, and i see your video, so i contact with you , my skype is sophiagiga, whats app:8615008476368. hope have cooperation with you! best wishes sophia

William Wang says:

way too much product placements

Unknown Ithems says: is Price ?!
2,Chipset 🙂
Color, maximum speed m more then 6 slots – is not crucial !!

ComedySparkHD says:

the motherboard I need has 3.1 USB while the case is 3.0 USB. Would it still be compatible?

1967 kID says:

I got a asus sabertooth r 2.0 990fx did I made a good discussion, I use asus since the 90s

DHammer says:

is it bad to buy a motherboard with a very cheap chipset?

Sr le says:

Someone noticed how fans on that evga gpu trying to spin? 😀

Jacob Onosson says:

is it me or does he look like a chipmunk?

Ezzku says:

what is the differnce between a 70$ motherboard and a 200$ mothermoard

Metin Can Demirbas says:

what is a good budget motherboard for a i3 6100?

Entropyms 001 says:

I’m thinking of buying a Asus B150M-A/M.2 motherboard for a i7 7700. I’m looking to game but not really interested in overclocking. It has a B150 Chipset. Is it a good buy? I seems to have enough ports for what I need.

flashtu says:

Does the Brand matter? runs a Asus graphiccard better in an asus mainboard?

Neel oDesk says:

should u tell me sir plz which budget gaming motherboard is better Gigabyte or MSI ?

Matthew Hoyt says:

hey Paul,
I here do my first  pc build and I am use the case of be quit pro 900. I am looking at the Gigabyte LGA2011-3 Intel X99 ATX Broadwell-E Motherboard GA-X99-Phoenix SLI DIMM. Is this a good gaming motherboard. I looking for board that has Bluetooth,wifi,oc and I like color of board that go with case. If there is a better board out there please tell me.

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