CPU Sockets as Fast As Possible

LGA 1151, AM3+, LGA 2011-3, FM2…it can be difficult to keep track of all the different modern CPU sockets! Here’s what you need to know about them.

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Dragon Hunter says:

my lga1150


Wat is linus doing here

Derby Mods says:

Thanks for the heart attack Linus.

Fredy says:

ry zen

MyStupidLaptop says:

3:26 somebody fucking stepped on that

Adlyn Mas1293 says:

if electro boom is changing cpu
ah sh** i accidentally snapped my furry hands in between the pins

David Bartholomew says:

Cpu’s inserted into place without needing pressure is ZIF, Zero Insertion Force.
I waited to hear it. I didnt. 🙁

Harlis Viikmäe says:

Can FCLGA-1151 work in LGA-1151?

MrEagle says:

4:01 I don”t have a headphone jack ;-;

Teresa Martinson says:

0:02 rip 2 prong plug

Something Nothing says:

Amd should call them pins on processor or pop

Taran Wason says:

What’s the best CPU that has a FM2 slot?

Vincenzo Colatorti says:

I’m a big LTT fan boy and after 5 years of self taught computer work I decided to come back to school and my teacher recommended this video!

Daf Darkling says:

R you the kazoo kid?

Smokescreen TM says:

3:23 makes my eyes bleed. So much money

Oli S says:

Me: Won’t build a desktop pc in the coming years because of lack of money and and the fact i need a laptop for transportability.

Also me: ahh Techquickie a video about cpu sockets! I must watch this instead of doing literally anything else!

BatMan says:

How to know my cpu socket??

firefox5926 says:

2:10 then why not just make a socket withe 5000 pins and then be done with this whole mess…

Benjols says:

The image at 3:26 killed me

MacMasterRace says:

I want to rebuild my childhood pc that i called mr potato because it was slow. I want to make it game.

AviatorGuru says:

PGA Pin Grid Array Professional Golfers’ Association looks like AMD had to borrow a idea from PGA

Josh Guyette says:

POS was also taken… Used for Point-Of-Sale, the computers that restaurants and retails use for sales.

Cobalt_32 says:

Before everything else, we used DIP sockets.

Whatsap Status says:

Can we put laptop procesor init

Gabriel Echavarria says:

Great video I think I’ll pass on the $200 headphones though.
The only $200 headphones I use are the ones that I came as a package deal with my Samsung

Liam Greyeyes says:

Looking a little pale today Linus.

Pebbles123 says:

I’m an AMD fan. Roast me.

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