Coffee Lake Overview – i3 / i5 / i7 – H310 / B360 / H370 / Z370

Tech Deals Recommended CPU/MB choices are here: (Expand the description for all the details)
i7-8700K — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming — @Amazon —@NewEgg
i5-8400 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
Gigabyte B360M DS3H — @Amazon — @NewEgg

All Z370 Motherboards @NewEgg –
All B360 Motherboards @NewEgg –

For the i7-8700K, any of the $150-$200 boards will make a great choice for overclocking:
ASUS PRIME Z370-A – @Amazon – @NewEgg
MSI Z370 Krait Gaming – @Amazon – @NewEgg
ASRock Z370 Extreme4 – @Amazon – @NewEgg

Tech Deals Amazon Deals Page

The 4 Boards Shown in this video:
ASUS PRIME H310M-E – @NewEgg – @Amazon
Gigabyte B360M DS3H – @NewEgg – @Amazon
Gigabyte H370M D3H – @NewEgg – @Amazon
Gigabyte Z370 HD3 – @NewEgg – @Amazon

All Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs:

i7-8700K — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i7-8700 — @Amazon — @NewEgg

i5-8600K — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i5-8600 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i5-8500 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i5-8400 — @Amazon — @NewEgg

i3-8350K — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i3-8300 — @Amazon — @NewEgg
i3-8100 — @Amazon — @NewEgg


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hasan b says:


Christopherac77 says:

Does anyone notice the designs on the boxed line up

Zane West says:

just let you know, people with Private Internet Access VPN that view your videos and click on your links, you don’t get pay.

Johny John says:

Good job Tech Deals! i’ve learned so much from you, keep it up! and for First Time PC Builders i recommend this Channel. it’s very informative. Trust Tech Deals!


Just ordered an Asus ROG Strix B360 today..

007 007 says:

Man I learned so much that i can honestly make a decision. Thank you for the video
Top notch compared to many many MANY others that after the video I’m still saying wtf

Christian Joshua Ramirez says:

You mention the disadvantage of choosing i3 8th gen for upgrade, what about if it is my first time pc build? Is it worth or not?

Sidhant Mourya says:

i am building a pc for programming and Machine Learning and (may be games in between). can you please suggest me a good one. my budget is around $450 to $500.

databang says:

You do a good job as a salesman, feels 1 on 1. Your videos and guidance are always informative with straight forward and thorough considerations. Thank You!

Firdaus zul says:

Watching this video make me change my mind from i3 8100 to i5 8400 and from H310 to B360. Just buy it yesterday and really feel good about it.

Muy Muy says:

Can i use an i3 8100 on a b360 motherboard?

Orlando Anderson says:

Great video I learned a lot

ShinraTensei says:

Well explained

Timmy_ Turner says:

These comments are feeling a bit filtered

MEVOK says:

Need help here! İf i buy the i3 850k amd a z370 board can i overclock it to 5 ghz with a decent cooler ? ( i3 850k is 4.0ghz stock btw)

Christian Lopez says:

I love the way you explain in your videos, I’ve watch like 10 videos and I like your work

Tima241 says:

Я ничего не понял))

FollowNRBH says:

Note to Self:

10:10 Any CPU over i5-8400, get Z370
13:05 8700K’s recommended minimum motherboard

Vaidas Spu says:

I have Z370M HD3 board ant 8600k It goues 5.0Ghz no problem and I could get more from cpu if I had better cooler

Chickun says:

So, wich board for a i5 8400?

Blue Phoenix says:

Your channel is so informative, I love it ❤❤

Sm00th GAMES says:

lol im getting a 8100 and a b360m because in my country the 8400 is almost twice the price of the i3 :/

Dr. med. Seksus says:

This is so much useful information, awesome! Thank you

Brendan Edwards says:

Is rysen 5 2600x compatable with b360 motherboard?

Sam Jani says:


Is good with i5 8400 or not plzzzz new subscribe answer me

Seika Punx says:

clear and simple explanation, good video

ville lahtinen says:

U can overclock non k chips with some asrock motherboards, taichi example

Earvin Claros says:

How about an i5 8500 with a b360 ?? Because I just bought both )’:

Abhishek Rohera says:

Please help
I am building a custom PC in less than a week, I am planning on getting the i7 8700 with the gigabyte B360M D3H,Why I am not buying the i7 8700k because here in India good z370 motherboards start from 220 dollars and good cooler 100 dollars and I am not comfortable with over-clocking
So which board should I buy and in 2-3 months I will upgrade the stock cooler to a 50 dollar air/liquid cooler
Which case would you recommend under 70 dollars??
Thanks in advance your response will mean a lot.

shankar R.E says:

300 series boards support only windows 10?

TechnoFreak says:

damn , your videos are so informative, love it

MrRambee says:

oh my god all your videos are super informative, it’s exactly what I look for especially for a newbie PC builder !!!! AWESOME !!! SUBSCRIBED

Milo Francavilla says:

You don’t have a g5400


Ok im scared now if i get the gigabyte b360m ds3h motherboard will the Intel 7 8700k will it run great or what? im not gonna over clock it and my Fan is the cooler master hyper t4

Artismania says:

Sir I am building a PC for my graphic design work, Photoshop/Illustrator and light YouTube video editing. I am looking forward to buy MSI b360m pro-vdh, i3 8gen, 8 gigs of RAM and HDD. (AND I am not planning on to get a graphics card any time sooner) My concerns are for the motherboard — is it enough future proof ? I am currently on a budget, so I’ll start off at minimum.

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