Choosing the Right Haswell Motherboard

Confused by all of the different options of motherboards out there? This video aims to help!

Chipset Comparison:


BuildAPC Subreddit:

Linus’s Motherboard comparison video:

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Giovanni Septio says:

very informative, thank you!

typealltype says:

Hey very nice video. I was planning to build a new system and these are the components that I’ve selected after watching your video. tell me if the mobo will work well with that cpu. thanks 🙂

Hermes Maldonado says:

Dude thanks a million for this vid. Told me exactly what I needed to choose a board for my first build. 

rohat d says:

this is one of the best tutorials about pc,s. good work man keep it up! make more of these videos .greetings holland

mr. GoodCat says:


Gustav Levander says:

U deserve more views!

Royston Knapper says:


Griffin says:

awesome video, deserves way more than 1300 views. could you take a look at the system i plan to build? this is my first desktop and im going on an $800-900 budget. also, whats the h97 and z97? i assume theyre 10 better than the others but i dont know much more and im having trouble finding info on it

Kapello Mg says:

forgot about celerons, pentiums or xeons running on LGA 1150 mobo’s? :p

Zakaria Dehache says:

The music in the video

TM Hedgehog says:

One more brand to add to the reputable list!

Miguel James Martinez says:

i know this is kind of a stupid question but will a factory overclocked graphics card work on a H motherboard?

Voodoo Man says:

When I put together a PC build on I get a message from the “Compatibility Notes” stating:

“Some Intel H87 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Haswell Refresh CPUs”

What does this mean? And what will I be required to do?

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ says: good for a $800-$1k budget build? For 3D rendering (intros and stuff found on my channel), gaming on less intensive games (Minecraft & maybe CS:GO), and other day-to-day tasks.

Sev says:

my PC build: (I am a buidgetbuilder with limited space :/ )

NeutronStream says:

This is a surprisingly good and helpful video. Dude, you should make more vids. Loved how you dumbed it down and summarised info.

Karim Kaiso says:

This video is funny and teachfull. you are awesome keep up the good work

Sorry for the english

Guntis P. says:

Ironically B85, the invisible middle child, is the best option for mainstream users. It offers an internal USB 3.0 header, PCIe 3.0 and four RAM slots. My B85 motherboard even supports overclocking the CPU. And this all for 20 euros (about 25$) less than H97.

Freddie N says:

I can overclock on my h81m-c?

RayZR DOPE says:

very helpfull <3

Epic_Ninja4 says:

Great vid, thanks a lot

Aneesh krishnan says:

But what about b85

weirdokiller123126 says:

Very well done, even if a little outdated. Good job!

LosisChannel says:

can´t find Asus H81-Gamer…

Doge the mlg Quickscoper says:

Ok so do all Haswell processors work with h81 h87 and z87?

Mohamed Elsafary says:

what is your opinion h81 or intel core i 3 is the the best

Priscius Gradius says:

how do you like my build m8? what kind of games u think it can run m8?

Øyvind Lorentsen says:

How do I check what prosessor I have if I can’t turn on my computer, and the prosessor itself is covered in thermalpaste? 
(Bought a prebuildt computer, don’t have the prosessor box..)

I know it’s a Intel Core i7, but nothing more than that.. 
Any help?

Sil3ntSw0rd says:

very informational Video thanks dude!


I don’t know why, but your voice is magical! It’s not like the normal “deep and smooth” voice… Its like… Clear and… Magical. It makes me want to hear more!

Zaid says:

Great video! This is my build so far that im going to buy:
However i am not too sure with the motherboard and cpu cooler that i chose. I dont know whether to go with this cpu cooler or a h100i. Also do you think that this MSI Z97 gaming 5 mobo is any better than the Z97-G45 gaming? 

abanoub ibrahim says:

i like it great vid keep it 

Sev says:

Gread video… Where is more?

Saeid Poordelir says:

Brief and useful. well done 

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