Best Motherboards for AMD Ryzen 2018 – AM4 X470 & B450

Buildzoid talks about the best motherboards for Ryzen, including categories for best under $120, $150, and $180, best OC, best ITX, and more.
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Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 WIFI (Amazon) –


ASRock X470 Taichi Ultimate (Amazon) –


ASUS X470 Crosshair VII Hero (Amazon) –


ASRock X470 Taichi (Amazon) –
ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming (Amazon) –
(Honorable Mention Only) MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon (Amazon) –


MSI X470 Gaming Plus (Amazon) –
(Honorable Mention) Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming (Amazon) –
MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC (Amazon) –


MSI B450 Tomahawk (Amazon) –


MSI B450M Mortar (Amazon) –
(Honorable Mention) ASUS TUF B450M-Pro Gaming


MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC (Amazon) –
Gigabyte B450I Aorus Pro WiFi (Newegg) –

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Host, Analyst: Buildzoid of AHOC
Timestamps: Andrew Coleman


lasthope420 says:

Thanks Buildzoid <3

Wizard Mafia says:

if someone can answer me this id be really grateful, if I plug anything on my motherboards VR USB port any form of internet connection is disabled! i have an MSI B450i gaming plus ac motherboard, is that normal?

Jason Hayes says:

Unfortunately, MSIs RGB control software is abysmal.

TheUndisputed says:

Where is the taichi für 180$?
Only got it for 215€ :((

Jaime M. Guzman says:

Did I make a good choice on buying the asus rog strix b450-i gaming motherboard or did I bite the dust? Also will I be able to get my ram to 3200 and my Ryzen 2700x overclocked? Also this is my first build so I don’t that much knowledge on these comments.

Nick V says:

If we are somewhere were summer hits for 40oC no Gigabyte for us!

Wajahat Ali says:

bro hows that Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 please can you let me know is it batter then MSI B450 TOMAHAWK and MSI – B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC

Kokii says:

My self opinion,best motherboards brands on the market are asus and asrock

Gab Stu says:

will wait for a video like this with ryzen 2 release. Good job.

Blaze Townsend says:

Man, already own the GA-AX370-Gaming K7.

bluephreakr says:

Vivaldi users *represent!*

Good on you for using the superior choice, Buildzoid.

FlanK3rCZ says:

What about C7H? Better than Gigabyte…I have both…

Stephane Simard says:

I purchased an ASUS b350m-a mobo when I got my Ryzen 5 2600. With My cheap cryorig M9A cooler I am able to get all cores 4ghz @1.2375v and 4.2@1.4375v would upgrading my motherboard be worth it or should I be satisfied with that?

Bentoki Trokata says:

Gaming pro carbon ftw ^^

brandon pak says:

Top-notch mobo review, hands down.

tito9107 says:

Soooooo best mini itx motherboard for oc ryzen 7???

Louis Brian says:

“Unlike real time ray tracing it actually exists”

Troy Champion says:

I don’t care about overclocking.. it’s pointless to me… I feel that is the reason i am buying a high end cpu … so i don’t have to overclock it… therefore.. i am more concerned with which mobo is able to run the high end AMD cpu’s the best and also gives me the most or best complimenting other features.  I like a stable system..  I want it to be able to run 24/7 day in day out and never be shut down, I want a system I can hook up ten to 14 hard drives (I have a boatload of video on HD), I can load a lot of memory, and.. if i feel like it I can play a game on.  I want to be able to watch my shows, transfer files well, network well with my other computers in my home,  I hook up my computer to my 65″ tv and use it from across the room with wireless mouse & keyboard.  I don’t know which is the best mobo for me, but I’ve built in the past using Gigabyte and they’ve served me well in the past.  I wish this video was more suited to people like me who don’t care about overclocking.. and just want to know which is the best mobo for a 8 or more core cpu.  Also knowing which other attributes might be good or prove more valuable to me in my situation.   If someone else has an opinion, i’ll gladly accept it, thanks for your time.

Andersen Boykin says:

can i put a wireless adapter on a b450?

Valjmakj says:

picked up x470-f from black friday @139€, runs well with 2700x

YEETK1NG says:

Is the asrock b450m pro a good mother board

YEETK1NG says:

Is the asrock b450m pro a good mother board

Chris Breen says:

hey guys its my first build, i ordered a ryzen 2700x with a asus rog strix b450 motherboard, i was recommended to go for the x470 version but the store didnt carry that one, will there be much of a difference? i doubt ill be overclocking.

MaxUgly says:

That first Gigabyte board seems to fail after two months, according to reviews and forums.

Tinko Gruev says:

I have asus stik x470 F gaming mobo its verry good

Mike Lee says:

Damn I just ordered b450i gaming ac for my 2200g, I’ll just run it at stock so I think I’m gonna be fine

J webb says:

My VRM’s stay frosty on my B450 Tomahawk with R 5 2600 being I also got lucky because my fan sits just to its side with a 1/16 in gap

Tiki832 says:

Have been using the Crosshair VII Hero since the day after the 2700x release, from the various bits and pieces I’ve picked up about other equivalent motherboards it was absolutely the best choice to have made at the time given certain motherboards that shall go unmentioned actually shipped on launch with certain overclocking functionality missing from the BIOS and it took some weeks (if not months in some cases) for those things to be introduced through BIOS updates…. for example one high profile vendor actually shipped their initial X470 boards without the proper ability to adjust SOC voltages… which for a Ryzen motherboard is the pretty much a cardinal sin.

Whilst with the CH7, everything was there even on the ‘day 1’ BIOS revision shipped on launch, it allowed for stable higher end overclocks with no headaches and no waiting around for the vendor to actually add missing functionality in. Plus ASUS seem to have done a pretty good job providing updated BIOS revisions at a regular pace, which I quite like especially when a large focus for many of the updates have been focused around improved memory stability and wider range of compatibility.

Phil Highfield says:

I just bought a 2700X with ROG STRIX X370-F… am I a dumbass?

Ninjettisteve says:

So dumb question. What are the benefits of a WiFi motherboard? I am preparing my first build and outside of internet access is WiFi used for any other reason?

Sentlee says:

“If you’re seeing this in like a week” oh crap

Max Baltzer says:

Fuuuuuck, I ordered the MSI B450i and a 2400G. Though the whole idea is to use it until I can actually afford a proper GPU and then, next year, swap that 2400G for a new Ryzen 3xxx CPU. Still, I wanted to OC the 2400G as much as I could and now I see this mobo wasn’t the best option for that -.-

GamingConquest 4-You says:

Asrock B450 Pro4 vs MSI B450M Bazooka , how have the better VRM for Overclock Ryzen 5 2600 @ 4Ghz? Thank you for help.

mmmBurekNJAMNJAM says:

Would a ryzen 2600 be a good fit for the x470 ultra gaming with the intent of overclocking?

Blame Mexico says:

NOOB ALERT! Im shopping to buy my first gaming PC. I want run the 2600, so without being complete overkill but get everything thing out of the 2600, what would you guys recommend? Thanks.

DK14 Gaming says:

What is with ASRock x470 Tachi?

Pablo Ucan says:

You keep saying “if you’re going to put in a 2700X”. Well, what if you don’t want to put in a 2700X? I was thinking of getting an Intel i9 so this video just confused me more.

Vacras says:

Damn that 5 BCLK overclock …
I’m sitting here with my x5670 on a gigabyte x58 with a bclk of 200 instead of 133 😀

thecman26 says:

What would be good for a Ryzen 5 2600 with no plans for overclocking. Internet and mild gaming right now with more in the future. Budget is a big deal right now. B450 good enough? May step up to an M.2 someday soon. Thanks!

Tylco Mespo says:

What board would you recommend for a ryzen 5 2600 for a casual gamer? Thx!

ladamyre says:

Yeah but I won’t buy anything Gigabyte makes no matter how good it is. You see Gigabyte refused to honor it’s warranty on my current MOTHERBOARD. They told me to “send in the laptop for repair.” (lol) I even offered to let them have a deposit on a new one, if they don’t trust me to know I didn’t break the bad one, so I could replace it and then send in the old one and let them determine the problem and if it was them, then reimburse me. But “Chuck” (a Chinaman), the boss there, wouldn’t even do that!

So since I can’t count on Gigabyte to honor their warranty, I won’t buy *ANYTHING* Gigabyte makes, no matter how “good’ it is.

daniel p says:

Is ASRock B450M Pro4 any good or should I just buy the B350M version of the Pro4?

ToonNut1 ToonNut007 says:

Brilliant video!

Ezekiel Wandeler says:

I just bought the AORUS X470 board with a 2700x should I be scared now!!!

Dandruff xD says:


Archie Whiteman says:

I chose the asus prime pro x470 for my first build along with my 2700x, granted I have no other combo to compare it to it runs like an absolute dream, paired it with a 1070 ti because gaming was only about 10% of a factor, merging photos in photoshop and using sliders in develop mode in lightroom is instant, the 970 pro NVME was icing on the cake.

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