Beginners Guide to Motherboards

There are a LOT of specs when it comes to Motherboards and often this can lead to confusion when it comes to picking the right Motherboard. Hopefully this video will help.

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PinkasBrown44 says:

It´s just too sad companies like Asus, Msi and Gigabyte reserve their premium on-board solutions for their flagship motherboard models only. Not every audiophile PC user is necessarily a die-hard hardcore OCer and people who buy the most expensive boards with all the features shouldn´t have problems spending more on a DAC solution.

PunkYourChucks says:

I’m searching for “How to TEST a NEW Motherboard” on YouTube…nothing. There are a ton of Builds and other things, but not a SIMPLE “How to TEST a NEW Motherboard” Step by Step.
Does anyone have a link to this?

soluciones jonathanarias says:

actually M.2 GEN 2 is 4GBPS faster than SATA III… and M.2 GEN 3 is like, 26GBPS faster than SATA III. 😀

Wake me up inside Cant Wake Up Inside says:

im using sata 1.5gb/s

and ide

Schmolck Cuveilie says:

what are PCIe slots used for.? What are ram slots used for? What can I do with them?

Arthur Lesueur says:

gigabyte 990fxa-ud3. 4 ddr3 memory stix can only be clocked at 1333mgz. why? is there a mother board that solves this problem? should I just leave 2 stix out to clock at 1866 mgz?

Wa͟l̀ho͞r says:

Got a silly question, I bought some ledfans and Im not 100% sure where I should plug them

cesar hernandez says:

Uhmmmmm WHAT??????????? Im still lost
Whats over clocking
Saida ports(if im even spelling it right)
I need a video that explains this terms

Lancha Plays says:

Are there mobos with wifi and Bluetooth included??

jefferson santiago says:

Im confused. why would they put 8 ram slot if it only has 4 channels available?

Cameron Pham says:

Hey, I was wondering how you can tell if you’re motherboard needs to be flashed or not for the kaby lake processors. It’s not really specified.

Jack _ says:

I bought non-K cpu and Z series motherboard. non-K oveclock for the win. Still works on windows 10, don’t know what fuzz about it not working in the future was all about.

Deadly Assassin says:

what is the best store to buy my components for my first build

Gigel Gigelut says:

I wanna buy a 1050 ti, a pentium G4560 and 8 gb ram ddr4. Should I buy a “gaming” motherboard or a “normal” motherboard?

amtronics engineering says:

I want to built workstation with following specs:

CPU: Core i7-7700K
Storage: 1TB SSHD, 500GB SSD
OS: Windows and ubuntu
Monitor: 24″ Full HD

Please guide me for selecting best suitable motherboard for My application.

My Application is
1) Programming C,JAVA
2) PCB Design (CAD)
3) Will run Virtual box or VM ware to run Linux, MAC,….etc

I have figure out few Asus P10S WS and Z270-WS motherboard with Intel C236 and Z270 chipset.

Which chipset is more suitable for my application?

Is P10S WS motherboard is good choice for core i7-7700k?

Cameron Lee says:

Please help me

William Sexton says:

give my one

Dom Swooz says:

Learned something as usual, thanks for the videos.

furianul manson says:

So i have an old motherboard. i cant find specs online (m52ad m12ad _a_f_k31ad ) with a gt 720 , cani upgrade to a
GTX 1050 TI 4G ?

DeathdiKid KLAS says:

what you mean by over clocking

Shiva Rampersaud says:

Next video: Beginners Guide To Motherboards

Micaiah Barnett says:

Hey guys I’m trying to build my first computer and am a bit confused still. If the mobo of your choice has say, 2 usb 3 and 2 usb 2 on the rear io shield you still have to plug those onto your mobo correct? the reason I’m asking is my case comes with 2 usb 3 and 2 usb 2 headers on the front and I don’t know what to look for in terms of connectivity. thanks a lot everybody

chris crawley says:

Hi Jay. I’ve been a lurker for a while and I really enjoy your stuff. I like the way you don’t make it sound boring or “talk down” to us newbies. I appreciate that. I can and have built my own computers, but do tend to have questions sometimes. Like this one for example: Of course it’s a stupid one, but I have tons of stuff on my HD, so I’m wanting to know how to (if possible) build my new system and just take my HD out to this one and put it on the new one. Is this a thing? Oh and btdubs, you gots a subs. Cheezy as hell I know. Thanks.

denied anal says:

when I’m looking for a motherboard the first question I ask how manny USB inputs does it have?

Kevin Gersteling says:

Hey guys, so I’m looking to build my first PC **Noob Alert!!** So yeah, as J said, “it can be hella confusing.” Could someone tell me what they think of the MSI B250M Gaming Pro? I guess the fact that it comes with a mouse is appealing, but am I just falling for a marketing tool or is there some backbone to this? If there is something better for a similar price, please throw it out there.

BoricuaSincero says:

I just bought a AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 graphics card. What’s the best motherboard for that CPU? Thanks! :$

Chrissy Kartorious says:

Really helpful. Thanks a lot. Also, I must say your voice makes me feel calm and tingly. Is that weird?

cpratham3 says:

unlike linus, u explained everything really well.

TheRealRokib says:


scottiemcnichols says:

Hey, I can make this even more simple. Buy the most expensive ASUS – Republic of Gamers motherboard you can afford. You will NEVER regret it. End of.

punkratsxxx says:

Can someone please help me with what I need for an audio production PC for cheap ??

KingChicken says:

he almost dropped it and doesn’t look like he cared a lot. if I almost dropped that, my heart would fall out my ass.

Brandon Pierskalla says:

i liked this intro, and your guide videos have been awesome and very understandable compared to other peoples videos

JVCD says:

shouldve watched this 2 years ago when i wasn’t sure what motherboard to buy. bought z97 gaming 5 motherboard on a i7-6700. it still works but i can’t overclock it. kinda sad i wasted my money on that after i found out.

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