Bang for the Buck Z97 Motherboard Showdown Part 3 – UEFI (BIOS) Experience & Usability

How does the UEFI of each of our affordable motherboards stack up against the rest from a usability standpoint?

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FloppyPixel Gen says:

I honestly favor the MSI one. I was torn between asus and MSI as well

Proward says:

Can I play games with this?
Then it’s good enough for me.

Cheepchipsable says:

Wow, just feel like I’ve wasted my time watching these. Apart from fan header placement, no real information here. Any one who frequently uses the BIOS will learn the keys and their position, also this lame lament of “boring” looking BIOS – if it works who cares? If you are too slow to learn to take the mouse pointer off the screen when scrolling, then frankly there isn’t a lot of hope for you…. The BIOS isn’t a game, or maybe there should be some achievement for each time you access it? What’s next…”I though the case screws were too boring – they should make a little noise or light up each time we screw them, we are in the 21st century for Linus’ sake!”

Accuser/Opposer says:

6:28 AFAIK it doesn’t detect jack shit but runs on a schedule

denvera1g1 says:

Question, why do the mosfets have heat sinks if you cant overclock the base past 105Mhz? the mosfets on my AM3+ board didnt need any heat sinks even when i was overcklocked to 25% entirely by the base clock, and the socket was pushing 120 watts on a phenom II 1045T that was normally 95 watts and the socket was rated for 95 watts

That Kid21 says:

Why do only desktop motherboards have the fancy bios’? Maybe some laptops and premade desktops want the fancy ones too!

brotalnia says:

I really liked the “Board Explorer” feature of the MSI board that shows you what everything is. All motherboards should have this feature!

Arek R. says:

ASUS UEFI is the best!

Carliz says:

Im using the Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mark S and cant be more happy about the UEFI layout. Its so easy to find everything, change and then reset something you might not want to change this time around by simply having a look at the information page they provide by pressing F10. I have been a fan of Gigabyte motherboards ever since 2006 but from now on Im definitely sticking with Asus.

likfrikbik says:

who cares how it looks?I spend 30 seconds there when i install windows and that’s it.

Turbo Hardware Ludo says:

cmon, cmos jumper?

Crota Is Mean says:

I know this video is old, but how did you record the UEFI?

Prince Testa says:

Love Asus

Hunter Parke says:

luke u look sic

MrVTNsalo says:

oh look i found the perfect mobo for me!

this item does not ship to your location…

Chakib Tsouli says:

Asus > Gigabyte > MSI

AJLefty015 says:

This is the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI ATX LGA1150 Motherboard right? Because that’s the one I want to get.

GizmoFromPizmo says:

Did he say, “Ecc-settera”? “Aboat”, and my personal favorite, “Mose” (mouse)

Big Shaq says:


Larone13 says:

to be honest, the only bios I have actually used has been on a gigabyte board. And I haven’t had an issue with it yet, so yeah.

Martin Šalko says:

with msi i think you can make repair stick with click bios 3, in case you screw up.

Lwazi Sijaji says:

Iron your T-shirt

Emexrulsier says:

That MSI one is identical really to my Krait just a different colour scheme.

eclipse says:

i hate your opinions . asus is the best hands down

Vaibhav Rawat says:

Quietly waits for bang-for-buck-z170mobo showdown…

Extreme Computer Fan says:

Wow my $200 z170 gigabyte gaming board only has classic mode and looks ugly

Mike L says:

Pause at 0:01 Someone is having a good time.

HalfSpeedMastering says:

Asus Rampage 3 Extreme bios was a piece of sh!t, no MPS 1.4 compatible, basically Not fully Windows 8.1 compatible… Asus P5w dh deluxe bios was worse, msi x58 eclipse is MPS 1.4 ready… Asus never again,
my next Motherboard will be Asrock… or Supermicro or Tyan… boards that are not Thunderbolt 2.0 ready, is throwing money into the toilet and flushing. LOL.

gui93alves says:

its refreshing to see how calmly and slowly luke goes over things. i dont know, most of the recent content seems like they’re rushing to the end of the video.

WiFiCannibal says:

You guys are pro at LMG at not actually giving your opinion on something, which is literally the only reason I watched these videos. You told us all the same stuff we could find out by researching these motherboards. Some of us are here to hear what YOU think, not what the spec sheet says…

CC Media says:

I updated my Z97-A using an old camera sd card and adapter. No detection issues at all.

Luv patel says:


Super Smoke says:

Msi boards just do the job very well the go by the system of if it is not broken don’t fix which i like a lot

Josh Wiggin says:

not wearing pants… disliked! no just kidding. thanks for including a ranking for the boards to help me pick!

Bruce Gordon says:

Which asus z97 board is that?

D M says:

For looks: Gigabyte
For use: ASUS
For… I don’t know: MSI, AsRock

RGBIFY says:

I don’t know. Gigabyte has a much better bios in my opinion, but asus has better fan control. Wait I have a fan hub nevermind.

Kayla and Jim Bryant says:

what pants?

Nicky Fingers says:

Asus forever

RandomMan254 says:

You guys are really helping me with building my computer!

Sloffi says:

bought it 2 years ago i, im happy with it. .
never had a problem

lvloneratata says:

fir… oh wait, no1 is here -.-

Hansbald says:

I actually dont like UEFI, it looks so shitty I get cancer working with it
Gigabytes classic mode being the best in my opinion

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