B450 VRM Temp Test: Asus & Gigabyte Disappoint!

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MSI Arsenal Gaming B450 Tomahawk: https://amzn.to/2v01ZKV
Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming: https://amzn.to/2K3VHPp
Asus Prime B450-Plus: https://amzn.to/2v01j8l
Asus TUF B450-Plus: https://amzn.to/2LLdMGF
Gigabyte B450 Aorus M: https://amzn.to/2K37BJj
Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WiFi: https://amzn.to/2uXnAnx
Gigabyte B450M DS3H: https://amzn.to/2v012Cl

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B450 VRM Temp Test: Asus & Gigabyte Disappoint!

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robbie telfer says:

would a 650w psu be enough for a rx 570 and ryzen 5 2600 with msi tomahawk?

Macedonia Timeless says:

Is B450 Aorus Pro good Mobo to pair with Ryzen 3 2200g or should i go for MSI B450 Gaming Plus ?

tonkatoytruck says:

I love my MSI B450M Mortar. MSI is the go to mfg for low to mid range motherboards. They use better coolers and better VRM components with a BIOS that supports all types of memory frequency settings and timings. All the others are lacking in one way or the other. Thanks for the review. It is appreciated.

Lazar Radakovic says:

Hey guys!
Im building new pc, starting with ryzen 2200g and will probably upgrade it to ryzen 3rd gen ryzen 3 or 5…
will gigabyte b450 aorus be enough for slight oc… i wont be getting ryzen 7 for sure…
will it be enough, since i can get it for cheap?

Fahim Syed says:

I’m planning to buy the gigabyte aorus b450 elite , what should I do ? Please help

ron singh says:

I will go with gigabyte or Asus ,only reason that in India msi provide pathetic services

Behr1nger says:

So guys tell me what mobo should I buy I have a budget of 100-150 S
I searched a lot for a good mobo (b450 and x470) but in the end they all have bad vrms Asus,Gigabyte,Msi even asrock in the reviews at reedit
So can someone tell me which one of them have the best vrm and decent features
Also heard that msi are using cheap parts for their mobos is that true?
Thanks in advance if someone help me with some info 🙂

Anything & Everything says:

Ok so in the test if you run Gigabyte motherboard without a fan will cause heat issues and a shut down. But when you add 1 120mm fan it works well and there is no issue of sudden shut down. But if i am planning to buy a cabinet that has 2-3 fans in front, one fan on rear will not cause any heat issue at all with gigabyte board.
What do think?? Should i go for gigabyte board? I want it for more feathers than msi.

Chris D. says:

Thanks, I just canceled my order of the gigabyte thinking the more VRM’s the better, but after seeing this video, it’s most definitely not and bought the MSI.

Straight Power says:

B450 Tomahawk just even got better. They added voltage offset in newest version of bios, bois!

Dj Alone says:

luckily I saw this video first. and I bought msi b450 tomahawk and that board says over current on USB device and I have not plugged in anything. and also I sent it for replacement or refund. I have to pay for the shipping. now if I get the refund money should I go for gigabyte b450 aorus elite? or stick with msi? the only problem is msi in no where to be found in my state (Junagadh,Gujarat,India) and here I can get support from gigabyte because locals are selling them and lying that it’s no.1 Mobo company on the world (with those big banners outside their shop). help plz @hardwareunboxed

Joey a.k.a Mrcarrethead says:

honestly , I have the asus b450 f and aorus b450 pro wifi …………………………….. like for real ? my boards are shit then !!!!!!!!!! ive spent 470$ cad on both

Miroslav says:

Which is better for ITX case? Asrock B450 ITX or MSI B450 ITX? Asrock looks nicely for my opinion, but i hear something about not good VRM… I have R5 2600 CPU.

Kyle M says:

B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC has best VRM of B450. Same VRM as some good X470 boards.

My Philippine Journey says:

When you push the Ryzen 5 2600 to 42.5mhz from the maximum allowed 39.9mhz it should shut down. Poor review!

hannibal 2018 says:

B450 ELITE same problem bro?

Ashley Samaniego says:

Is it just me? Or does the guy here looks alot like the bad guy on sicario

John michael Policarpio says:

Even at any site and nvidia garage they are using msi tomawak board

NextGenCeo says:

Any confirmation for PCI X16 4.0 will be available for B450 and X470 with bios update?

David Coelho says:

Damn… Too late to watch this video.. I bought one gigabyte aorus elite… Should have go with the msi Tomahawk :'(

Lyllany Freezing says:

what about Msi b450M Mortar vs tomahawk?

Udang Rebus says:

with asrock b450 k4 , scythe kotetsu mark ii (chg fan with delta fan) 3400rpm 113cfm, 10.9 mmh2o, thermal grizzly kryonaut and 4 intake, 3 exhaust, can i run ryzen 5 2600 to 4.2ghz with stable ?

tapu florin says:

Pfiew…im waiting my asrock mobo…glad I picked it

sibutaguahantu says:

Also you must review itx version of b450

3mariusx says:

Gigabyte is trash. I just got a 2700x with a gigabyte b450m ds3h and can’t run aida 64 for 2 min…?!? The vrm high rises over 60 C (says the motherboard sensor) and after that shut down and restart loop or blue screen sometimes. 120 mm fan blowing directly in the vrms… not to mention that it does not suppot my 2x 8 corsair vengeance pro 3200Mhz . After i activate the xmp frequency remains 2133. If i rise it manually even at 2933 it chashes. Only 2660 supported . A shit of a board! I will ask for refund and go for the asrock from your vid or the msi

UV says:

Bought Tomahawk on Christmas and somehow didn’t see this video before. Had some doubts before but now I’m happy with my choice seems like that research was correct. Thanks for testing them out.

VodooPUBG says:

Does b450 tomhawk has onboard wifi like aorus ??? If not pls suggest a cheap b450 with wifi pls reply

Jorge G. says:

Complete true… also with Gigabyte B450-DS3H the VRM temperature is so high… really Gigabyte has made a low level product… also you don’t commend how you get the 1.4v with Ryzen 2700. You cannot do it with BIOS in Gigabyte… My last Motherboard Gigabyte…

hwa way says:

This channel is awesome.

icozmeq says:

does this board support NVME m.2 ssd?

Alex K says:

As a 10 year straight Gigabyte product owner I can now admit, I am now convinced they have no idea what they are doing and where it will get them and whats worse, they also cheat the product naming, this means the sales director is a real fucking ass hole! ULTRA GAMING = cheap crap, 8+3 Hybrid VRM = 4+3 VRM,
Its actually a scam at this point!

Viktor Bojilov says:

I’m so confused. Overclock3d showed the B450 Strix Gaming-F measuring at lower temperatures than the B450 Gaming Pro Carbon, which has equivalent or better VRMs than the B450 Tomahawk.

Md Tazmir says:

Can anyone tell me how is TUF B450 plus ?

Demonwicked says:

Here in Europe the B450 Pro4&Fatality K4 are 25€ cheaper than the B450 tomahawk.

Mr.Dévil - Gaming & reviews says:

asus prime b450m-a
msi b450m – pro – vdh

Tristar 333 says:

Which CPU COOLER u used? I didn’t get that one!

Просто ЙОЖЫК says:

Which the best: ASRock b450 Fatality Gaming k4 or Gigabyte b450 aorus pro?

Safardik Sidik says:

Msi B450 tomahawk was good for budget gamer….

Can anyone suggest good budget PSU and Air Cooling cpu, for ryzen 2700 oc,

Im really want to switch to AMD this time…thank you,

El Lupo says:

you dum fack u saksss

Hashir Owais says:

So is the b450 strix a good mobo

Просто ЙОЖЫК says:

May I took ryzen 7 2700(stock) on ASROCK b450 Fatality Gaming k4?

THE ROY says:

what should I buy then? msi or asus?

sorinpopa says:

Fck i was so close in buying the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro now WIFI model . Great looking board + rgb lights on it but fck gets crazy hot. Save me for a disaster product .Thanks !

Abdulrahman Kamal says:

Can i pair asus rog strix rtx 2060 with support aura sync and adata xpg ram with supports aura sync on a msi b450 tomahawk board (which supports mystic light ) ?

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