Asus Z370-F The Best Gaming Motherboard Under $200?

Asus ROG Strix Z370 F Gaming Motherboard Overview!

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Hentai Akuma says:

Did that liquid cooler have fans on both sides or was it just the inside? I will be buying that later after this mobo.

Chemy Torres says:

Good one, I wonder when will be released a MoBo which can handle AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and who knows which other kind of CPU, it’s about time now!

Soggy - Alan Dawson says:

I have just purchased an i7 8700k and still cannot decide on a mobo…been 2 weeks now. Want It to run @ 5Ghz solid…looked at a million vids..heads in bits. Keep making my mind up then changing..

Jacqueline Waters says:

I won’t even consider any motherboard without a plastic cover on the rear I/o. Good job Asus. I am also the rare person who actually like fan expert and AI suite. I have been disappointed by other brands not having those features and even by Asus themselves when I purchased a z170 Sabertooth that did not have that (oddly considering it has something like 10 fan headers on the board) I like my z170-a better feature wise, but that isn’t completely white…spent more, got less but hey it is white.
. My next board..will be Asus no doubt.

Silver Werewolf says:

Yes, it is

So magical says:

i have this mobo, its great. i like asus cause ive had good support from them in the past if things have gone wrong.. got my 8700k @ 4.5 1.2v 67C intelburntest.. not bad for a supposed hot chip.. must of got lucky

Magnus Rasmussen says:

No get the B350 one instead. Almost the same features but a price of only 110$.

james64468 says:

sadly I am not in market for 1151 motherboard. I hope to see some new motherboards from AMD sometime this year. Maybe I am wishful thinking.

B W says:


Garrett Victory says:

nice mobo thanksfor the review

MR T says:

I got this MB i also have a Creative Sound Blaster Z will that be worth installing or is the motherboards sound better?

Sean DeMarco says:

In Canada this ends up being a $280 mobo and that is if you can find free shipping. No way I will pay that for a motherboard that I only need for gaming and really don’t hook up many external devices if any at all. Asus has been a reliable brand over the years for sure and the board looks nice but for me I will use Gigabyte boards as they are often quite cheaper and have been nothing but good to me. Also ASRock is a nice option and is motherboard company that Asus wanted back so they have to be good and my only experience with them was fine plus they also offer cheaper motherboards than Asus. Anyway … bye

BramSLI1 says:

Happy Birthday, Elric!!!! Great to see more motherboard reviews!

Acc0rd79 says:

Skip to 0:56 to begin the review! 🙂

Man from manila says:

only if they can have this on matx! the Z370-G Gaming just doesn’t look good as this one!

John Leonard says:

You say lets hear a word from our sponsor but i swear it sounds just like you man. That corsair guy does a real good impression of you.

Tech Gasm says:

Please, Don’t put the motherboard on the Anti- Static Bag. It just drives my OCD crazy.

N1GHTMA1R says:

sorry tech you already convinced me to get the nzxt kraken cooler 😀

Nerazza says:

Please do this one with the z370 h , i beg you!!!

Luis Ortiz says:

Great Motherboard! It was buggy as fuck with the stock bios, but the lates bios fixed almost every problem…
The board is fucking sexy as hell!

Tech of Tomorrow says:

Thanks For Watching Everyone!

Stefan Danescu says:

Great review ! We love You !


Own it. Use it. Reccomend it. Great Mobo, awesome BIOS, everything works as it should. Lanes are shared among m.2/SATA so make sure you research how much hardware you’re slapping onto it. 2x GPU (8x) / 1x Soundcard / 1x m.2 / 6x SATA works for me, but that’s the boards limit. says:

I got this motherboard paired with an i7 8700K and 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000Mhz =)

Robert Ramos says:

I’m actually eyeing for this mother board, thank you for reviewing this motherboard!

Pc ColdWar says:

i’m a owner of this board and got to say at 0:05 of the video done your right lol audio finally a option affrotable though the gigabyte solution also offer some nice audio but the build quality those not feel on par whit what asus did offer important to note the bios at first was not amazing to play whit but after agesa it’s pretty ok for my taste also drops voltage is kind of aggressive on it your probably gonna need to play whit load line calibration to fix it don’t be too agressive on it since it’s is a four phase but good one 60 amp two nice heat sink and overall at it’s price point best pcb design to my taste m.2 over graphic card is nice and this pcb is solid not feel like b350 level but more like x370 at 200$

Abdullah aman says:

em using this motherboard with 8700k great motherboard

TonyBeast says:

but can it run crysis…

sry 4 ovrused mem plez no h8 brahz

Goku Ultra Instinct says:

Great review

Heriberto Gomez says:

hey he forget to trow the disc like other videocards unbox

Richard Green says:

Yeah 200 for the board then your life savings for a gpu pc gaming is going to implode if something dont change

StarSn1per says:

Yep nice board but good luck getting a decent gpu for it

mbsfaridi says:

2:54 What is a CPU fan holder and 4:58 What’s the point of USB 1.0 ports?

Ankush says:

I kinda prefer the Strix E, it’s basically the same board but with 2×2 WiFi and Bluetooth

Dante says:

Aaah, a good old motherboard unboxing. I approve this message.


How do I check if the processor is compatible with the mother board or not

Dkoy Koala says:

do ddr4 mobos work with ddr3? i have 32gb so i want to untill ddr4 drops in price.

demon6937 says:

I wish there is a H version of this

TheTruth Spy says:

Has anyone noticed. what’s up with the lack of nice looking boards, especially ones which support the i7 – 8700k. Its like motherboards (in my opinion) get the lest attention of all gaming hardware. And when you find a few that look incredible, they don’t support what you need. Go and have a look for motherboards which support water cooling and i7 – 8700k, far and few.

Josh Black says:

I really do miss these kinds of videos

[N]D4IY4N says:

Windows?or Mac

JeBron Lames says:

Can an Intel 8th gen processor go in this mobo? Sorry I’m kinda new to PC…and what’s a good 1080 ti that would go with this should I also go with Asus?

Alex O says:

I built with this motherboard, the 2 things I have to warn you about are #1 the 8 pin power port on top is ridiculously difficult to get to when mounting inside a regular mid ATX case, and #2 the I/O shield has a protector that’s entirely too thick, and the result of that is that your ports aren’t flush up against it, they instead are back a little ways making it a little harder to plug things in.

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