ASUS ROG Z390 Motherboard Series Overview

Meet new models from ROG, Strix, TUF Gaming, Prime, and WS.
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Aymincendiary One says:

This isn’t my board, x299 WS Pro/SE, this board has been doomed form the start with 117 second boot times. I’ve updated the BIOS several times and now going to 0802 it fails POST and now I’ll have to send it back on RMA. Should have stayed with a RoG board as now I’ll have to buy all new software with the replacement board. Pass this one up, guys, x299 WS Pro/SE… it’s a lemon.

Ken Digweed says:

HI, What’s the best motherboard for DSD quality sound?

MishyVik says:

This was legitimately informative and covers the specific differences in your motherboards better than reviewers. Thank you

CaptHotah says:

What happened to micro atx??

Bricks365 says:

5 filthy console peasants disliked the video.

knis says:

Whats about the Z390 ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI GENE???

Silvester Fernando says:

Maximus Code isnt there ?

Ipe Fernando says:

where can i buy the t-shirt?

Bill Wilson says:

>the Code/Formula has the armor design
>the Extreme doesn’t
>the extreme M.2 will stick out from underneath the chipset heatsink
Which moron’s idea was this. Give the extreme the same armor covering as the formula

xxxmrhankixxx says:

is the strix z390-f gaming enough for a 9900k at 5 ghz ?

ZpG Killua says:

why dont we have the maximus xi gene?

ReasonablleDoubt says:

I came here for the Code

bombo atomico says:

if i am correct and the ps/2 port is finally gone then this is a major step forward!!!

Aidan Crecco says:

Would the Z390-h be fine for a GTX 1060 AND i5 9600K?

Aaron Brown says:

No Code?

Keeroo Gaming says:

So, do the Z390 MBs provide enough lanes to the M.2 Slots, so that M.2 SSDs can operate at full speed or will they still use the bottleneck over PCH Bus?
If they still bottleneck, it would be very disappointing, but since it is not mentioned, I must assume they still do. What a pity!

tele-arena guy says:

WS Z390 Pro is not on your website.

Michael R says:

I dont know how to overclock with this. This has the worst bios I have ever seen.

José Gabriel says:

What’s that On/Off switch on the Z390-I mini itx motherboard?
(Along with that weird slot near it?)

Planning to get one of those but I haven’t seen these two thing in any motherboard…

ganzonomy says:

Where’s the Gene

Foreign says:

Maximus code ?

WiredMonk says:

Y’all losing your minds with the prices lately. Changing out the copper with gold would still yield cheaper boards than you think these are worth.

lesterlamsen says:

No gene in North America?? Why!?

Alex Dimit says:

when will start the reviews of your new AIO coolers…??Still there’s nothing about them…but they’re already in stores ?

Tx3JorgeX says:

wheres jj

Goosey Whispers says:

not overly keen on these boards mini itx is very nice tho
would buying a z370 board effect overclocking if paired with a 9th gen cpu.

z ee says:

Wheres rog z390-H?

2a says:

Can I controls the nzxt rgb fans and an nzxt led strips to the Asus aura and controll it or do I need the nzxt hue+ ?

shaolin95 says:

I have 8 data HDDs so is my only option a pcie card to get the extra ports since it seems all your boards have 6 data ports max?

TheIntestinal says:

What about 390f?

Ipe Fernando says:

i like ur tshirt .pls tell me where can i buy that tshirt u wear in this video

jim Hunt says:

Nothing about VRM’s ? you guys should just hire Buildzoid

john us says:

can i use a custom water cooling loop with the strix gaming e?

MattyBespoke says:

Uuuummmmmmmmmmm this ain’t JJ
get your act together Asus!

Vovical says:

when does the z390-f come out?

Baresan says:


Brent P says:


wudz howwould says:

Doesn’t look tuf anymore, miss that z97 tuf series

SpacebarWASD says:

where’s Maximus XI Code?

Mark Davenport Jr says:

Very nice! I cant wait for the 9600k! Haven’t been excited for a intel launch since Ivy Bridge and been on ryzen for a yr its time to upgrade for speed!!! 😀

mick cleghoo says:

Will the 9600k work on Z370 motherboards or will I have to buy a z390 for it to work?

ninezerofive says:

Nice boards but when are ROG PC Cases expected?

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