Asrock Z270 Extreme 4 Review – The “SweetSpot” Motherboard?

Time to check out Asrock’s Value Z270 Play, the Extreme 4, in this review I take a look at the all the components and how this board maxed out the i5-7600k with no problems. Overall a very solid board with the cosmetics to match.

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Random Ryan says:

I wonder what the $130 or so option will be like.
EDIT: NVM, watched the other video.

Lawless ! says:

How do I access the led customisation while im in windows

Jamie Brian says:

I have the extreme x99 board and tbh I really like it, Asrock are my favorite motherboard makers.

David Hamm says:

Your link takes you to an ASUS board

BiTe mE says:

Is it true or fake, that certain asrock z270 Motherboards support kabylake non k Over clocking ??? ://///


nicholas andrzejkiewicz says:

More like ASSrock.

Brandon Swanson says:

Have it and haven’t used it yet. I read a bunch of Newegg reviews saying that their Samsung 950 EVO had burned up in the first day. Someone mentioned a motherboard bios update, I’m going to try that before I try mine.

Michael Hardy says:

3 x16 PCI ports is incorrect there are 3 full length PCI-e ports, 1 of which is x16, one x8 and on x4

Fumi S says:

Hello, I have a question regarding the z270 extreme 4 board. I have the same exact board and I’m bothered by this BIOS red LED light that stays on at all time. Everything works fine. It’s just that red Bios light that bothers me since I have Tempered glass windowed case. The light doesn’t go off even after I turn off the PC. The only time the light goes off is if I turn off the power supply completely. I’m running i7 7700K with 850watts power supply. I see that you have the same light on on your board. I was wondering if it’s normal to have that red light on all time? I don’t see the option to turn off the light in Bios either. There’s no goodnight LED option with this new board unlike the older asrock boards. I’ve watched other youtubers review this board and some of them don’t have the red light on on their boards.

Bella Riley says:

Lemme guess … this guy’s a former auctioneer? There are probably occasions when speed talking is useful but a youtube video isn’t one of them.

Duncan Firth says:

Hi i was wondering your opinion of this board ASRock Z270 Extreme 4 LGA 1151 compared to the MSI Z270 SLI Plus at this price point?

edwin k says:

I want builds of older pc’s at 250 or 300 dollars with an decent graphics card on it.

FantaFuture92 says:

why the channel name change?

feketetv says:


Fake Beats says:

so we can overclock a Celeron g3900?

Omar Ahmed says:

So does it have wifi built in ?

Light Yagami says:

Can you please review the SuperCarrier? Thanks!

MrAntony2you says:

What is that low profile gpu?

feketetv says:

and i’m just sitting here with my haswell bm85m build 🙁

Alex H says:

I think this is really the most th average consumer needs. I wouldn’t pay more for a motherboard. This really is the sweetspot and it has everythink you need on top of looking awesome

Pennywise says:

Nice board.

vaissak Garuda says:

Hey bro can you check out pc build and suggest me on that
1.I5 7500,
2.As rock Z270 Ex4,
6.Not yet decided but going with cool master 600 lite,
7.Graphic card zotac 1060 3Gb or evga 1060 3gb or msi 1060 3Gb or any better option u suggest,
8.MONITOR not decided
9.keyboard not decided 4.5K
Can you help in building a pc!
I am watching pc build videos from 3weeks n learned few things but need some person to talk! Pleas let me know if miss any additional things required.
Hope u help me! #keepdoingvideos✌

Random Ryan says:

loving the hints at future videos 🙂

Rjarrod Poke says:

Thanks for the Aust prices. These really help!!!

Raiden the Ripper says:

The chokes are 45A

very good review

Taras Melnyk says:

Can it overclock non-K processors?

Regi Lukas says:

Can you review the Fatal1ty Z270? Im trying to figure out which one… 🙂

MagPie says:

what about budget motherboards asrock z270 pro4 review?

Fabio Augustus says:

what is this graphics card?

Aden B says:

Pccasegear’s new Asrock Mobo’s just arrived 2017
I’m confused about the ‘onboard’ wifi …it has it OR I have to get a internal wireless adaptor to plug into the mobo?
Also, which sound card would you recommend for this mobo:
– ASUS Strix Soar 7.1 PCI-E Gaming Sound Card
– Creative Sound Blaster Z 5.1 Channel PCI-E Sound Card

Denis Naumov says:

so this has wifi built into the board but you need to buy your own antennas? or what is going on with that?

NekoHazrd says:

I bought an Asus Maximus VIII Extreme and it had issues since day 1 when it would only take 2 RAM sticks, if I put in more it wouldn’t even POST. Sent it in for repairs, detected all RAM sticks but would always display an error, would still function normally though. A year later it starts doing random reboots without even displaying a BSoD, then after that it wouldn’t take 4 sticks at once… AGAIN. Tomorrow I’m smashing it with a hammer and getting this one.

Super_Slav says:

I got this board as a replacement for my MSI z170 xpower titanium which shit itself, and I actually like it better, less than half the price and more stable.

xamy butt says:

Is 530w enough for this board and i7 7700k with gtx 1070?

Felix R says:

i still have my ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 that overclocks my i7 2600K to 4,5GHz @1,35V 24/7

Fawzan Fawzi says:

3 Videos in one day? WTF

ruben g says:

Perfect for my kaby lake build.

simo cher says:

hi what the difference between this and asrock z270pro4??

Rehuel Galzote says:

What game u showed in the video? Is that transformers?

MerolaC says:

Thank you a lot for this review. AsRock have been doing great lately.

Got a question outside of the board.
May I know where can I get the “Levels” java app for the crosstalk test?

Thank you!

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