Are “Gaming” Parts ACTUALLY Faster?? – Final Answer

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“Gaming” components. Are they really that much better than the non-gaming ones? Let’s find out.

“All-Gaming” System:

Rosewill Cullinan Gaming case on Amazon:
Deepcool Gamer Storm fans on Amazon:
Antec High Current Gamer 620W PSU on Amazon:
Intel Core i5 8400 processor on Amazon:
Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 120 EX RGB on Amazon:
ASUS Strix Z370-H Gaming motherboard on Amazon:
16GB Apacer Commando DDR4 Gaming memory:
EVGA GTX 1070 SC2 Gaming graphics card on Amazon:
480GB Apacer Commando PT920 NVME SSD:

“Regular” System:

Corsair 600Q on Amazon:
Seasonic Focus 650W PSU on Amazon:
Intel Core i5 8400 processor on Amazon:
Corsair H60 AIO on Amazon:
ASUS Prime Z370-A motherboard on Amazon:
16GB Corsair LPX DDR4 memory on Amazon:
GTX 1070 Founders graphics card on Amazon:
480GB Corsair MP500 NVME SSD on Amazon:

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Brett Augustine says:



Normal: Pretty Nice,

Gaming: RGB!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Wessner says:

I saw someone selling a “Gaming” computer that has a $400 motherboard, and a $50 Intel “Pentium” chip. WHY??!!!!!


Try gaming peripheral vs normal peripheral

Regan Collins says:

I bought a new Gaming Toyota Corolla. It runs twice as fast as the stock one’s do.

Josh Wilder says:

I bought a “Gaming” power supply once, it came with a carrying case. Why does a power supply need a carrying case? Was I supposed to use it to take the PSU to the shop when it enevitably fried my whole Mobo six months later?

Tuifiti says:

Laptop version?

Republic of Gamers says:

The term “gaming” is just a marketing gimmick, Linus. Just say it. Lol

IPlayGames360 says:

Quick answer: Yes

Notmade ofPeople says:

I’ll take that 3%.

Flixapress says:

Need rgb cables


What’s the point of this video the “normal” one it’s modified I need to know the difference from an actual normal pc and a gaming

LarryTheRcBoat says:

They both look like gaming pc’s to me

Alden Bayless says:

Is there a reason the “non gaming” pc is built upside down?

223 Remington says:

That part shapped like an AR15 receiver is awesome tho

Kurogane Ti_Ignition says:

Whatever u say but gaming chair bois are gonna rent u

BuckyBoi says:



All geforce cards are for gaming, they dont need to be tagged as gaming lol its obvious

Michael Bauers says:

I for one, want to master the decisive moments and succeed in all attacks. But this video only test FPS. See, what you needed to test, were decisive moments, and such.

Joshua Foster says:

Nonsense my car uses racing oil for a faster engine than regular oil

Hontom says:

*has a corsair case for the normal pc*

User Name says:

I wish they would stop making RGB. It pisses me off I have to download some fuckign bloatware to disable it

Hasan Ali Raz says:

Pls make a video on how to detect fake pc components! Coz we suffer these issues in our regions..

Micheal Morris says:

Marketing snakes

em llik says:

the motherboard has rgb, take that away and itll drop like flies

Traincraft101 says:

So “Normal PCs” have rgb lighting now?

Hasan Aldoseri says:

RGB on a computer= Stickers on a Civic.
It what separates the normies from the hardcore.

Exemptswing 9404 says:

This is probably not the place to say this but and sorry if it’s not or if I’m being stupid but, either computer will let me do my school projects or whatever?,I was going to get a PC but then I heard there is a gaming PC and “normal” pc.I just want to be able to do school stuff and be able to play games someone plz let me know

darkSorceror says:

My Asus 1070 Turbo doesn’t come with a turbo button to put it in 66MHz mode and I am disappoint

Zaid Omari says:

News flash, all 1070’s perform in the same range

Cicero 219 says:

Remember kiddo’s you can overclock more than the k series. You can get say the 3820 sandy bridge generation to 4.5 ghz from its regular boost of 3.8ghz base of 3.6ghz

Pasi Sallinen says:

Yeah, i just built a 2 grand PC. No, it’s not a gaming PC.

Radu Ionut says:

It’s only about style

Pee Diddy says:

“…And we’re going to tell you after these … )(skips ahead 15 seconds) man I love this feature ❤️ love you to Linus no offense

Miguel Sanchez says:

My gaming Chair *is faster!*

zxn6869 says:

the reason company put gaming in everything is because gamers will buy the gaming version over the non gaming version when place at retail side by side given the similar price tag, so what company does is create a non gaming and a gaming version for their product then have them place side by side at retail using the non gaming version as a justification to buy the gaming version, also the word gaming in product helps in online store to pop up on the first page as many search using the keyword gaming method

Garv Goyal says:

6:59 I was thinking that the ad was on the way!!

R Webb says:

Very grateful for your effort because for a while ‘GAMING’ translated to more durable, faster and more dependable.

Jonathan Hardin says:

well balanced machine he says….more like better than about everyone’s rig now lol


2 sponsors in the same video, I have never seen such greed before in my life… Way to sell out Linus.

JoshC Games says:

well duh, every individual RGB light adds 69 fps

Why Is Life says:

I got an ad for seeing if Razer keyboards were better then normal and I thought that was part of the vid lmao wth is wrong with me lol

Marcel Rombouts says:

We learned that there was a significant amount of crap to cut through with surprisingly little beyond that. On a related note: why isn’t stuff that DOES clearly benefit gamers (special chairs and input devices) aimed at the professional business market as well? Surely someone with a computer-deskjob could also benefit from the improved ergonomics and extra programmable keys/buttons.

Amellia Mendel says:

I guess the non-gaming 1070ti is for killer fps in Excel

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