Aorus Z270X Gaming 5 Motherboard Review from Gigabyte

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Seán O'Nilbud says:

It is wrong. You may enjoy but to delight is perverse.

Kevo05sGaming says:

Is Sata Raid 0 available on this motherboard? I’m about to buy it for my 6700K since my MSi Z170 board is a let down and I’m using it, so I want to make sure it is available… Also, any feedback from Skylake overclocking on that board? I plan on getting Ek’s monoblock but I’m curious on if I will be able to get my 4.7GHz stable on there too, since the crappy MSi could…

mr19zee says:

what a major nerd intro.

krlitos says:

that board is so fuking hot. A ryzen build with that would be so fucking awesome. Fuck my life, been poor lol

Deck Destroyerz says:

hahaha best intro

erik pickup says:

i just ordered one cant wait to get it will post build when here

traingp7 says:

H105 with 4 cooler master jet flo fans in push pull should be able to handle 5ghz assuming I don’t get a dud overclocking chip.

SirMeowric says:

So the RGB is useless without M$ Windows?

Josh Spicer says:

intro was the best the wise words of teal’c bravest jafa of them all

Ly Ralei says:

Can it change color?

mike quinn says:

star gate

Edinred says:

so whats the diff between this and the gaming k7?

Sakke L. says:

i’m buying i5-7600k. which z270 mobo should i buy? it should have at least 2x M.2 that can handle fast M.2 cards. I thought to buy this for windows installation: Samsung 250GB 960 EVO SSD, M.2, NVMe, 3200/1500 MB/s.

and like to get out full speed (or as close as possible) of it without spending more money than necessary.
also there should be enough slots for graphicscard and soundcard.

Klingon00 says:

Is the increase in peripheral connectivity part of the 270 chipset or Kabylake? Could you put a Skylake chip on this motherboard and still get the same expanded connectivity?

Clayton Green says:

I cannot find the app/program to tweak the rgb settings that you show at 4:12

Dr.Fr4nk3n5731n says:

Wendell, is there a piece of software for Linux to controll this RGB Stuff?

Graeme Stratford says:

does this motherboard have wifi?

Ludvig says:

I like you

Trip Fontaine says:

This guy needs to lose some weight. His breathing is very shallow.

RoHo says:

What’s the difference between this and GA-Z270X-Gaming K7?

Nikola2016m says:

But I am not in RGB lighening!

ibi nyth says:

Can the lights be white?

Chris Rowlison says:

Nice display testbench!!

Jeremy R says:

This is much nicer than the ROG boards that were showed off.

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