AORUS vs STRIX: Why My 1080 Ti Showdown Doesn’t Matter

AORUS vs STRIX: Why My 1080 Ti Showdown Doesn’t Matter
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Gigabyte AORUS GTX 1080 Ti:

Motherboard – Gigabyte AX370 Gaming 5 –
CPU – Intel i7 7700K @ 4.9GHz –

Many thanks to ASUS and Gigabyte for providing the GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards for this video.

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► Edited by Joe Aguilar – ShaostylePostProductions
*Paul also did a significant amount of editing on this one

Music by Kevin MacLeod
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GhoSTHunT3R says:

Do a MSI GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X comparison Please….

Nopiw says:

7:25 My 1080Ti Strix runs at 81-82°C @ 66% fan speed, what do?
I did not overclock it and my previous 980Ti did not run that hot or that loud.

Jabba Walker says:

not extreme verison

omar abdullah says:

none of them i prefer the 1080ti hall of fame tbh cuz its fucking awesome and its better than both the aorus and strix

Zac Govitz says:

I have the strix and it is a pretty loud card

The Division says:

completely miss auto extreme manufacturing which is more than worth $60

Deano says:

1080 Ti is $750 for you guys? I thought Australia was expensive but hot damn this hits a new level, the 1080 Ti is 1,300+ here in Australia ._.

PhaneroN7 says:

Really bought the Aorus version because of the 3 DP ports instead of 2 and because of it’s availability. Most other GTX 1080ti’s are really expensive but not the Aorus version.

Kexin says:

Case fans connected to the GPU is actually a great feature instead of some marketing BS.

freddydakidd 0 says:

Love my Aorus card and I think it looks cooler than the strix plus that OC performance is godly!

FPS Fox says:

EVGA’s Step up program ensures they are the only GPU company I will ever buy from. It’s the reason I have a 1080ti instead of a 1080. Upgraded my 1080 to a 1080 ICX version which then gave you a 90 day window to step up if anything else released. The 1080ti dropped and I upgraded with just days remaining. Awesome stuff.

Krishian Kumar says:

how heavy are they? and does it sag when installed in a tower case ?

Paulius Pileičikas says:

Strix4Life <3

Kelvin Lopes says:

So what’s the best choice?

KWT Beats says:

I’m a simple man. Strix looks better and they’re barely any different? I’m sold.

Jon Weddle says:

I had the extra money and got the EVGA 1080 TI FTW3. Running a 1600 watt power supply as I was running 3 way sli up until now so power isn’t an issue. I’m in love…hehe

TaoisUSED says:

What about the Asus 100% automated manufacturing process for quality? Or have the other manufacturer’s caught up to that?

ayesh dissanayake says:

y isn’t the gtx 1060 shown is it not a good card or that no one give’s a crap about it? Because i’m going to buy that and many youtubers does not kinda like it. Please reply to me because i wanna see if the card really suck that no one talks about it. And in you’e gpu example’s the gtx 1060 wasn’t even shown.

Mix says:

Glad I saved some bucks getting the Aorus. Really happy with the performance so far.

cris itumay says:

Could you do more of this ” GTX 1080 ti showdown ” ???
I am really have a hard time choosing which to buy.

Mustard Tiger says:

1990 just called, said they want their soulpatch back.

elvis bašić says:

Overclocking barely does any difference it just makes youre equipment die faster. The chips stock performance is important and preferably as low as possible temps always bellow 60 c. Aorus from this vid seems much quieter than strix.

Alexis Koniotis says:

my opinion to choose is all about the after sales service and support .. Both of them they don’t offer good after sale support . for e.x i have a 1080 extreme gigabyte that is i bought on November 2016 from computer universe. still going and coming to the RMA and the card is not working…..

Tim Be says:

Which means take the cheapest non founders edition if I don’t care about other features except performance and price?

Brad Ling says:

graphics kerds

Adrian A says:

HOw about if you compare these to a MSI Gaming X which is a bit cheaper but could be (very) close in performance.. if not the same ?

Galactic Fox2 says:

I have the Strix 1080ti and both my LED 8pin indicators are illuminated? cards running perfectly though.. I don’t get it

Urstin PB says:

Custom water block + liquid paste > HOF/Kingpin > Zotac amp Extreme > Aorus > Strix

My Zotac 1080ti Amp Extreme should be here thursday 🙂

majus majusen says:


yusuf açıcı says:

asus or aorus please fast reply

Brandon Cosme says:

I wish I had the 1080ti Strix. I’m here with the 1060 Strix and i5-7600k FeelsBad

Caguei says:


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