4 Way Z370 Motherboard REVIEW – Which is the BEST for your MONEY?

Z370 Motherboards are out in abundance, and here we have the Asus Strix E vs Aorus Ultra Gaming vs MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC vs the Asrock Fatal1ty Professional Gaming (Same as the Taichi). This showdown is almost like a review of all 4 contrasted into one video to help you pick out the best board for your needs. I cover Audio, Auto overclocks, Manual overclocks, bios and features and aesthetics.

Z370 Asus Strix E: http://amzn.to/2zHF7TP
Z370 Asrock Taichi: https://www.neweggbusiness.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9B-13-157-792&nm_mc=afc-cjb2b&cm_mmc=afc-cjb2b-_-Motherboards+-+Intel-_-ASRock-_-9B13157792
Z370 MSI Gaming Pro Carbon AC: http://amzn.to/2innbVd
Check the Z370 Ultra Gaming out Here (hmm went up in price at newegg since review…): http://amzn.to/2zJQ07J

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Jihan Tamim says:

Reaqlly nice and detailed review

SourceCodePhil says:

Only reason for me not to get a new platform instantly are DDR4 prices… However, I finally found a solution by searching on online marketplaces for people that sell you their Amazon gift cards for 75% of the value 🙂

MaZEEZaM says:

The Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 5 Motherboard Does have WIFI and blutooth.

Kenny Redux says:

Why that partial higher pitch bogan voice at 8:33 ?

Horeteppe says:

Great video! Thanks!

Daryl Austin says:

Would have loved to see EVGA added to the mix especially their micro version

1sonyzz says:

no to msi, yes to gigabyte and asus 🙂

Emily Peters says:

My curiosity is why haven’t thermalright and other manufacturers introduced after venture coolers for x299 and other hotter boards

diX says:

Question ? It is possible to see oc on 5Ghz on Z370 Asus Strix E with without delidding the cpu 8700k in special ,as i got this config . Temperature and all the stuff that came with please?

Bitter Raven says:

@Tech YES City would you ever think about doing a Vid for the Aussie subscribers where you can buy replacement cables for a modular PSU aka Corsair, Thermaltake ect.. Also if there is a place in Australia where you can buy connectors, cables, pins and sleeving to mod your own cables .. as doing a google search sends you to sites in the states or places that ship / based out of HongKong and there seems to be nothing on flea-bay unless you want to buy out of the states


winner z370?

SRAVAN S says:

uhhhh , TTL told that gigabyte overheated ?

yevgeni10 says:

should i buy Z motherboard for core i7 8700 none K?

Roman G says:

bla bal bala

Frederik K says:

Good job – nice review 😉

herlotz says:

Very awesome! Can you do the same but with x370 chipset?

Sic Semper Beats says:

While i think the aurous is the best because it competes for cheaper. I like the Asus the best because it’s beautiful and Asus has had some great bios features in my experience.

Nine says:

The Z370 E is available in Aus??? i bought it weeks ago.

Johnny1981 says:

What program did you use to measure crosstalk?

Syed Farhan says:

Should i get the ASUS Z370 E or not? Would i go wrong with it?

Hasanuddin Abu Bakar says:


matty dobson says:

Great video man..love your work brother..

fabinho7756 says:

Does OC with offset work with those boards?

John Misquez says:

Always love the videos man! Any thoughts on the Asrock z370 killer?

Heymanth says:

If i choose z370 strix E, what could i possibly regret?

Ali Rizwan says:

The ultra gaming has bad vrms

Darren Lin says:


Attarsanah Resources says:

I choose MSI because that is the best-looking board

SRAVAN S says:

I LIKE the Z370 E

Syed Farhan says:

I read that the ASUS has a SATA port issue and not many SATA ports

Legend Blackthorne says:

Honestly was going to buy a z370 Asrock board but sadly they don’t support the type of g.skill 3200 ram I bought not the QVL , it can only get up to 2900. So sadly seems I’ll have to go Asus since they support the model of ram I bought

Its Neight says:

Love the intro and music! This should be a regular thing on your channel Bryan!

dinos22 says:

Mic test made you sound sexiest on the Aorus hehehe

Agenor Marrero says:

nice Bryan!!! Great Work! , thanks for the Info!

SRAVAN S says:

Gigabyte has an issue :
VRM heats up !

AdaaDK says:

1. make clear winners. 2 Stop only using highend boards/parts. And 3(how does Asus Prime-A and ASrock Extreme 4 stack up against the once you tested) ? Theres a wooping 100-150USD price difference on the Asrock and Asus strix boards and the gigabyte one in my country, its hard to not justify just saving that cash and getting the aurous ultra gaming, or a cheaper Asus/asrock/msi board at sub 180USd price levels.

Momiji says:

z370 gaming m5 where 🙁

SRAVAN S says:

Good ! Good !

andre rothner says:

im having a dell optiplex 790 sff and since i got it it dont have sound with an x on the volume control,i loaded the dell audio drivers and all other drivers, but to no avail can i get the sound going can you help me there brian.

Nazrul Islam says:

loved the music

AngeredYeti says:

Didn’t see but did you mention what you used to cool the CPUs?

apocgod done says:

That pc looks dope and looks better then my computer like a 100% better I can’t even handle csgo

danjal07 says:

I have awful audio issues with my Taichi at anything over 4.6ghz, not happy with asrock at all..

Rolo Skywalker says:

awesome video, thx

WhiteLightning says:

Thanks Bryan, first video of yours I’ve seen, and it was very helpful. Before the video I was looking at MSI’s Godlike Gaming, ASRock’s Fatal1ty Z370 Professional Gaming i7, and Gigabyte Auros, and you helped save me additional time by sharing your (time-consuming) research and testing. Thank you thank you… I like that you referred to the Taichi in comparison to the Fatal1ty board too, b/c I was also looking at that. My own (quick) analysis of those two (ASRock) boards revealed that the Fatal1ty board not only has the 10G LAN, but 3 LAN ports vs 2 on Taichi, as well as the Ultra USB power (on 2 of the USB ports), and the Fatal1ty Mouse Port (USB 3.1 Gen1). Now all I have to do is decide if those features are worth paying a little extra for. I’ll be sure to support you in the future.

MageThief says:

Much appreciated for all the work on this, I have been waiting for a video like this.
It answered question that I have been having.

Vi Le says:


Qritical_91 says:

Could you do a seperate video on power phases and what you should be looking for OC? Like a 10+1 powerphase mobo vs a 8+2 mobo?

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