$349 Headphone AMP vs $249 On-board Sound… Who Wins???

How does a $349 Headphone amplifier perform against on-board audio of a $249 motherboard? We’ve got The Element to find out 🙂
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juschu85 says:

1:25 Thank’s for explaining that! I really hate it like some people are talking about DACs like it was something special. It just an external soundcard, just like the one on you mainboard, just better.
But I would add, that the DAC itself (the counterpart to an ADC) is just a single chip on the PCB and not the whole device.
So talking about something like this and calling it a DAC while not using that term when you’re talking about a normal soundcard on your mainboard or in a PCI-E card is like saying
“Until a few days ago I only had a car. But then I sold it and bought an engine *still talking about a car, just a better one*”

Fernando Laserra says:

What about pluggin a HD650 Sennheiser into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2? Mainly I listen to FLAC on my pc. I´m no audio expert

Macc says:

The thing with testing with HD800s, is that (and I’m only going by what I’ve been told) they sound different on every single amp you plug them into.

“‘Oh wait ’till you get the HD800s you’re gonna hate them’
‘Oh wait ’till you get the HD800s, they’re gonna change your life’
The saying should be ‘Wait ’till you get the HD800s you’re gonna be confuuused’.
These love… to fffuck with you.”
~Z Reviews

They also aren’t difficult to drive; you can power them with your phone. (Not a good or bad thing, just a thing.)

Rpe Kneefel says:

using a Schiit Fulla2 also a good one for lower price

Lukas Murmann says:

If you don’t know about audio equipment, don’t learn from this channel, or any other “tech” channel like MKBHD or Linus Tech Tips… Learn from trusted audio focused websites, and maybe some audio oriented YouTube channels. Z Reviews is really good if you wanna learn about everything headphones…

John Patz says:

Considering the headphones he is using I would assume any and all improvement in audio quality would be welcome, at least if it didn’t break the bank, I mean it would seem like a waste of money to pair $1,100 headphones with the $5-10 dac chip a motherboard maker would use.

Paul F says:

I liked the design of his old one better than the new mimimalist dust collection thing. I just love the basic tactile feel of switches and indicator lights and the finned square case better than the designer hoopla stuff JDS labs and Sennheiser has made now. Looks like the audio companies are buying into the designer fad crap like clothing.

KangoV says:

Never getting rid of my Pink Triangle DAC.

Phi Phan says:

Dump question…
Does wireless headphone require Amp?

Chaython Meredith says:


Jay McCoy says:

did you just dab?

Davis r says:

what was that intro

nigol1472 says:

Dmitry you motherfucker just tell us the name of the song that starts at 4:13 PLEASE

corndog says:

You made it look super gay. So I dislike.

Just Arnob says:

tell the song name goddamn it

Bagoes budianto says:

yeeaah.. n my question is… can that new dac amp handle 2×4″ woofer 16 Ohm 80W ??… thank’s

Adam Colman says:

Those senhieser headset was 150 ohm

Tylertron says:

Radiation in means radiation out. I always wondered what these devices released when sitting on your desk near your other devices. A sound card in your pc just adds to the other noise in the case, figures I would see the same spill out (and in) on the desk. Disappointing that this device isn’t shielded properly.

Rudy kfly says:

Did you just … Did he just dab ? STOP !

Goose Family says:

It is weird that u are using hd800 on with motherboard output…

Christopher Du says:

Or just use Razer Surround and a nice pair of headphones- currently using a cloud revolver with a msi X370 which i got for $105

S419000 says:

HD800 without an amp ?

shon says:

OMG on the mobo! ehehehe

Arne Herman says:

Can I run a pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 (250 ohm) on a FiiO E10K Olympus 2?

mala Messi says:

He just dabed ? OGASHHHH 🙂

Spuzzum says:

Fingerprint and dust magnet.

George Flint says:

I unsubscribed bc of the dab

Ben Lu says:

What gain did you use for your headphone?

Nietzschean Ideal says:

I like how you mask a review as a comparison. GG. Crafty.

gino says:

Thanks for the very nice video.  If you want to wipe the dust around the knob maybe you can use a soft brush like the ones used for make-up ?  that should work.

Sajjad Akram says:

Can you recommend a good Amp which can drive Headphones as well as Speakers and have good experience for Music and Gaming both under 500$?

Caltor says:

My headphone amp was the best thing I’ve added to my set-up.

FiiO E10K with my Grado PS500’s = happiness.

Louie says:

whats the difference between the Element and the sennheiser gsx 1000 ?

CC Mi says:

Great video. Thanks Chris Pratt with weird accent..

DeathByApril says:

so many people asking for the name of the sound track played and not a single response… hmmm

Pietro Crespi says:

Seriously, £20 sabre 24/96 dac USB…. this is just wrong

x3i4n says:

The real question is why you just didnt stay with o2 odac. Pretty sure you cant tell the difference from the element.

Mr.PoopyButthole says:

So if I’m doing consol gaming, can I use that amp with consol if I’m running discord on my laptop?

fiferox says:

spotify for music hd. sure

Mushy says:

the best way to show off audio quality 4:20

bobthehobo231 says:

does this set up work on hd 6xx on ps4??

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