$30 MOTHERBOARD?! – Can it game?

When buying a motherboard, less is often more. But just how much can you save by buying the CHEAPEST option available?

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Anuroop Vinod says:

You explain like apple people say in their keynote video

HykaWK says:

L-Unit is daddy

RippahRooJizah says:

Why is John Cena in a Linus video?

Jimby_Vokk says:

We need more L Unit

Seam Bunthayarat says:

U look high af Linus

Angel Cruz says:

Plz stop

Dominick Parsons says:

I K N O W T H E D E F I N I T I O N O F H I G H.

Excalibur Crusade Gaming says:

Pause At 1:36

Josh Staffen says:

It upsets me that motherboard has more pci slots then mine

maxice01 says:

I spent 60$ on a z270 mark II

BulkChomp says:

Ha. That’s the exact cpu I was using until about two months ago when I finally updated to Ryzen.

Milo Keskinen says:

I have 12 usb slots on my motherboad

PYROproductions6661 says:

2:52 lol High definition

Robi1969 Gaming says:

amd a8 processors more better than my intel celeron quad core cpu :DD

Michael Christiaan D. P. says:

A320m-hdv is cheap as dirt and has nice features, good quality and is socket am4, cant overclock in bios but who cares. Quality motherboard for 50bucks.

seventhday savior says:

This video was just annoying to watch. Also: S/PDIF = Sony/Phillips Digital InterFace. Basically like an optical audio interface, but without the optical.

Martian _ says:

WHAT processor he is using with the mother board

Almog says:

is the asus h110 good for an rx 580???

Rodder says:

Best video of Linus

RaspberryPiLover says:

4:52, No thermal compound?!?! What is he thinking? The cooler is already bad enough, it will just be worse!!!

Mike Estacio says:

But what are the specs for your Kaby Lake test bench? Not really fair to put an AMD A8 up against am i7-7700K…

barbara dabbs says:

Wow,that was another brand of annoying than you usally turn out

petko krastanov says:

the serial port is actually very useful because cars use OBD 2 and that is serial connection ( https://www.amazon.com/Serial-Motherboard-Ribbon-Connector-Bracket/dp/B00PI5XDQA ) and there is a cable you can buy with for it ( https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-Cable-Connecting-Diagnostic-Interface-Compliant/dp/B007UKTW8E ) that gives you control over the car computer with the right software but that is an old interface……

chase trowell says:

Almost 50%dislikes you boarder line racist

Master says:

I have an ECS board in a pre-built pc that’s still going strong for over 5 years.

shadowXXe says:

me when I first see it: Oh come on linus its probably just budget fm2 or am3 motherboard give it a chance

me when I see the specs: Oh ok nevermind then throw it out the window

Lagercat says:

But did it come with a io shield?

Mike Hostetler says:

Oh Linus, you can’t be black people

BostaGold says:

I late to this but I REALLY wanna see L UNIT and Lyle make a pc together for the lols

Aaron Ramos says:

Thermal paaaaste ???!!!

Yiming Liang says:

What happened to your eyes Linus? You look drunk

iz954 says:

Was funny til i realized u were making fun of ppl who dress in urban wear hinting that they are broke and will buy the cheapest of the cheap..

Kirk Alaniz says:

That board is 120 bucks now

ChamCho124 says:

its $131.59 and $5.37 shipping now

HykaWK says:


ivu04 04 says:

Its 40$

Robert Vantine says:

I thought he was gonna go with, “L-izzle”…

Mason Davis says:

best video yet haha

chase trowell says:

Not to mention everyone that works for you is of the lighter skin tone variety

Aspen Watson says:

Gangsta Linus can make anything sound cool

AnotherGuyOnYouTube says:

3 B I L L I O N H E R T Z

Brandon Lawson says:

30? Heh. Try 5.

Alistair Blaire says:

Hard Dick

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