2018 Top 5 Gaming Motherboard Z370


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GamingGUY350 says:

why you so retarded to make this shitty videos like you ?

Andorra Flannigan says:

wuts the one in the number one spot

steve mc says:

nice video

Eng-Jeddah says:

Z270H is the best

Joel Gruetzmacher says:

Shameless biased plug for ROG.

kawazu874 says:

advertisement compilation ? Useless

goold ultimate 77 says:


Ariyan Islam says:

I bought the asrock fatality z370

Andres Felipe says:

Porqué habrá puesto la xbox360?

Glue says:

Worst video i have seen you money scammer

Com Tech says:

Oh my god it’s just a beast of motherboards…..

Nayab PTI says:

ye intel mein hai kitna tak sapot karta hai hardisk mere pas 24tb hai ram 36gb hai

Corey Berogan-Perez says:

Wow only 11 comments(now 12).

KAZ K says:

Msi motherboard LUL shitty as fuck

Night Fury says:

I Think Best Motherboard İs MSI Godlike (Bence en iyi anakart MSI Godlike)

Jesus Salazar says:


beyhan şamil says:

SelamunAlryküm güzel video

Evan Tomoki says:

MSi Godlike?

moses molina says:

Msi pro carbon

Carlos Gomes says:

AORUS Z370 Gaming 7 ! The Best !

Anderson Quinto says:

AsRock z370???

WhalePo says:

For Intel?

GamePlay PvH says:

RMA asus brasil e uma merda, não estou falando no geral e sim quesito RMA, Que não existi no brasil e se duvidar em outros países, por esse motivo deixei de ser FanBoy asus.

Giovanni Ortiz says:

I second that too. Best ads for z370 motherboards lol. And wheres Asrocks Extreme 4? Is the ad for it not good enough as these? Lol these boards are all $180.00+

bubbahyde says:

Asus #1 huh? 3 Asus boards I’ve had all died due to capacitors leaking.

sylvester otte says:

More like “Best motherboard ads Z370 2018”

misterx zxc says:

Wich is the best MSI or Asus in z370 I’m pretty convinced

EEH says:

Long live enthusiasts motherboards: x99 and x299

John Batchler says:

Those r badass boards

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