2018 Soldering Microscope Comparison

Andonstar ADSM302 HD Microscope
Andonstar ADSM201 HD Microscope

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Koolerton 2.3” Microscope
Koolerton 4.3” Microscope

Links to Equipment Shown in the Video:
Helping Hand: http://amzn.to/2Ew5KLe
Claw Clamp: http://amzn.to/2EwNAt0
Camera Mount: http://amzn.to/2lDKDhI
PCB Hotplate: http://amzn.to/2CuIjEg
Hot Air SMD Rework Station: http://amzn.to/2CmEQs1
Solder Paste: http://amzn.to/2C86h4G
Soldering Iron: http://amzn.to/2EtFhOF
Solder Wick: http://amzn.to/2C6Opaf
Osciloscope: http://amzn.to/2CA6i2d
195W Lab Power Supply: http://amzn.to/2C7ZsjF
Spectrum Analyzer: http://amzn.to/2Ew9xYY
SMD Tweezers: http://amzn.to/2Co7OHW
Wire Racks I made my Bench with: http://amzn.to/2Cqj7yB

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Thrifty Tool Shed says:

Great video on the cheaper microscopes available. I actually use the first one you showed, it is cheap and cheaply made but it is very useful for me and I have used it on several electronics repair videos. If you look hard enough you can find it available with the silver ajustable stand up like the 3rd one you showed. I would love to have one like the 302 you showed. It looks really good. The older I get the more I love these little digital microscopes!

Blondie SL says:

hi ProtoG.

Great vid! This is what people need to see before making informed decisions about what they “need.”


I removed my question as I see the links when I “SHOW MORE”‘ 🙂

stevenx3m says:

Both Andonstar models you show have 3MPx sensors and just upscale to 12MPx photos. The 302 model showed better photo, because of more magnification and you just had different angle of the light. When filming open microchip reflected light changes how it looks dramatically. Probably the lens is a little better, but overall it is not much different. Unfortunately both Andonstar models output only 720p to PC over USB. 1080p is only on HDMI. What I like on the 203 is the large enough display for actual work. I am still deciding which one to buy, but I guess it will be the 201 model as it is half the price or 302 and not that much worse if you use PC or monitor.

Kristian mendoza says:

thank you for the demo.sir

ellamo says:

Can you see cells and stuff with these microscopes?

olsmokey says:

What an embarassing video. You may be a good tech, but you’re a lousy reviewer. Working to a script would be better than randomly waffling on about the products.

That being said, there are three functions that would be essential on a digital microscope. 1/ High resolution sensor 2/ video output eg HDMI, VGA, even composite video output would be acceptable. 3/ A solid METAL height adjustable stand. I mounted mine on a short tripod – works much better than a bit of plastic with a suction base.

sydmichel says:

You seem to talk about the quality of “pictures” a lot but to be honest as a soldering aid I am not interested in how well it takes pictures. I need to know what it is like in use whilst soldering. ie, is there a decent working distance? Is there any latency between the camera and screen? Is the stand stable? will it maintain focus in use? what is the clarity of the screen in use?

If there is going to be a part 2 to this comparison, could you please demonstrate the microscopes in use as soldering microscopes.

I bought a cheap “soldering” microscope, the USB type that you plug into a computer and it was as much use as a chocolate coffee pot. The colors are off, it won’t stay in focus, it wobbles all over the place in use and worst of all there is about a 200-millisecond latency on it. It’s absolutely terrible.

So I have ordered a good old-fashioned optical microscope for soldering work.instead. It has X20 and X40 lenses, a good focal distance and a good solid stand.

Wayne Hogue says:

what is that red arm you have the first one mounted on?

Micheal Donnellan says:

first 3 really look like modified dash cams, 1st one basically is.

Steve Bolton says:

thanks for the review, doesn’t look like much has changed in this market since you posted this. My own research point me to the 302 as the one i need for mineral examination (and having a good image stored). Would also be good for stamp and coin collectors as well as all sorts of hobbies.

RandomHacks says:

Nice comparison. I made an LED ring light that works with both andonstar microscopes and I also use a microphone boom arm instead of the original stand, you might like to check the videos on my channel.
I added a battery to my adsm201, it has the pads for the battery on the PCB so you can just solder a small lithium battery, it’s not that I need to use it outside or anything, it’s mainly because the settings would reset everytime I disconnected the power. The adsm302 although it also can take a battery inside it already has a small backup battery to save the settings.

Car alarm and radio Services says:

Solder is pronounced sol der not sawder

PiTiPouce - Funny Kids & Toys says:

Hi, can you tell me about where you bought your red magnetic stand for your microscope (G600) the first left with its forceps?
Thank you

albertTM says:

this one and this one good but this one is not this one also good as this one , this one and this one are the same as this one.

valveman12 says:

Proto G
Is that an AVE ruler I see there?

infoinput says:

Great comparison

zapro_dk says:

I just received my ADSM302 and i’m not impressed by the fact that you cannot use the HDMI-output and record at the same time. What a bummer!

Kevin L says:

Great review! Thanks!

steve c says:

Can you compare the Eakins unit from Aliexpress? It’s more expensive but looks like a much better setup with a Sony camera that has autofocus. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Autofocus-SONY-IMX290-HDMI-TF-Video-Auto-Focus-Industry-Microscope-Camera-180X-C-Mount-Lens-Stand/32854784549.html

Steve Stoltz says:

I have the Andonstar ADSM201, and although it does record full 1080 when using the USB, the HDMI out is only 720 regardless of what it is set to. I was a little disappointed in that since using it with a 1080 monitor was my primary intention, the 720 still looks good but it wasn’t what I paid for. Also there seems to be an issue with windows 7, I could get it to record but the program got an error trying to use the preview screen. In Linux it worked without a hitch, i must say there is a lot of lag though.

Jimmy Collins says:

Just buy amscope instead

Aldo Cordero Cárdenas says:

what lcd you have man? model?

John Coops says:

This is a useless comparison, since you are basically just advertising the high-end brand, and spend over half the video babbling about the standard features of your latest (and most expensive) purchase. That’s not useful to us… We already KNOW that the expensive unit will be better.

crashsitetube says:

I looked this microscope up up on ebay (price seems to range $300 – $400 US) and the spec does show a 12 MP photo resolution…but, also a 3 MP image sensor. The image looks really good in your video but, I really do question the interpolating of pixels. Thoughts?

Mata Hati says:

sir, can g600 (1st microscope) direct connect to monitor? i have monitor vga unused. hope your feedback sir, thx

Alan Campbell says:

It would be nice to see each one “in action”. Zooming in on a chip is marvelous, but in practice you usually have lower magnification.
If the microscope can’t capture video [and even if it can] then videos from an adjacent camera showing smoke blowing on sensors, or a soldering iron trying to reach a joint, make for a great visual aid to go with your comments.

Jermaine Ortiz says:

Nice informative video it helped me decide on a microscope for electronics. i chosen the cheapest since the range is better.

talclipse says:

The andonstar 201 does not output true 1080p.

I have a 1600×800 Samsung monitor that when feed a 1080p signal from my pc will nag the hell out of you with a message about the signal not being supported,it will display 1080p just fine tho.

With the 201 hookup up to it i do not get this message at all so i am not sure what its outputting but its not 1080p.

Also the image is so dang grainy.i think its really 640×480 being stretched cause if i switch the output on the 201 to vga 640×480 the monitor will crop the sides but the image quality is the exact same as when in 1080p just croped.

Der Architekt says:

Can I use the 302 for hotair soldering? Or will I kill it the first time it’s in use? :p

Kev711 2001 says:

i have the 1st andonstar from years ago 1600×1200 which had no lcd and was 15fps def getting on the 302 now

DDimov says:

Hi there, thanks 10x for this review! Comes in handy as I am looking for a soldering microscope.
Question: Does Andostar ADSM302 have any latency in the video?
With other words, say you are soldering under the microscope, do you feel any delay between soldering and this being visualised on the screen for you. Do you need to artificially slow down yourself down in order to see/get soldering right or this latency completely unnoticeable? Is there any difference in the latency between the build in screen/monitor/USB?

bughousevideos says:

Can you please do the same microscope review but on small coins like a Penny

godhacker says:


Robert Stevens says:

Just Terrible!

TAK Ism. says:

just got a cheap one as i only use for free friends repair work, waiting for it, but sure will suck.

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