128GB of DDR4 Memory!!! Does more RAM = better performance?

When Corsair offered to lend us a kit of their 128 GIGABYTE DDR4 memory, it was hard to turn them down… But is 128GB of DDR4 really necessary?

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Crazy Gaming 500 says:

The Macbook Pro has the same amount of storage as this thing has its memory.

Rasec VL says:

Nasa Pc

chh mhhh says:

in the future we’ll have 100 gb of ram in out phones

Peter Taylor says:

I got myself a hundred gigabytes of RAM, I never feed trolls and I don’t read spam

top kek says:

why are there not 4gb sticks???

Matthew na Glenlyon says:

tell you who uses this amount of ram. i do while using dimm drive on steam.

Karim Anwar says:

Lmao, watching this on my laptop that has 3GB of DDR2 RAM

boer harms says:

meanwhile.. i just upgraded my workstation to 8GB….

VaztJose says:

video to short

listirniteTT says:

replace it with a Seagate or Samsung.

NeXonical. says:

do you keep the pc that u use in reviews?

Unum sed Leonem says:

Is that to say, there won’t be a difference in performance in a Mac with, say, 16GB (or 32GB) RAM vs 128GB RAM for Photoshop, LightRoom, Safari (tens of tabs open at any time), iTunes and App Store and a number of background apps running, ceteris paribus (everything else being equal)?

Strange, because My 2010 17″ MacBook Pro memory (maxed out to, unfortunately, measly 8GB) is almost full at all times (more so with a browser with some 20-30 tabs open and Photoshop and LightRoom running in the background). I’ve even had quite frequent crashes lately (in some cases couldn’t properly restart the computer without resorting to outlandish measures when restarting PRAM, Safe Mode and so on failed to work).

alex lam says:

Does anyone know how much he said sex?
I bet 10 times.

Stout Productions says:

Make a video trying to fill all that ram up.

xraydog2011 says:

My first pc i built when i was 12 had 16mb ram =))

Saju KS says:

My hdd is 120gb buddy

Jacob Thurmond says:


Alan Mchugh says:

I bet a complex scene with lots of textures in 3ds max would use all that ram.

David Lednik says:

you should test RAM Drive with this amount of ram

eclipseNF says:

I need dis

William Fong says:

can u do test on apps like video rendering , photoshop , premier , lightroom etc?

Tugela60 says:

You need it because it’s bigger dude. What kind of nerd are you? Fps!

cwy says:

smoke is coming out of the system lol, is that normal?

David Laurance says:

128gb ram… no need for hard drives! yeah

**power shortage**


Will Brigg says:

I used to regularly use a computer at uni that had 1TB of ram – it was the only way do our work in any sane period of time unfortunately.

TostiTostelli says:


Karthikeyan Ravikumar says:

Would like you to see running something like an in-memory database like SAP HANA (free trial available) and generate some memory intensive business analytics reports. That’ll be cool to see.
You might argue that this is a desktop and nobody runs those things on a desktop, but nobody runs benchmarks on a desktop either.
Since we are at it, why not give it a shot?
This is LTT after all – the place where we test insane things. 🙂

Crispened Ham says:

the ram isnt the bottleneck, and soon the computer wont be either… soon enough the game /benchmark will be the bottleneck

p hav says:

octa channel ram

Cade Tisdale says:

What a shirt.

Antiq_ Minecraft says:

16gb of ram? That’s normal.
*5 years later*
16gb of ram? Not bad.
*10 years later*
16gb of ram? Horrible.
*15 years later*
16gb of ram? Nothing compared to my 32pebabyte computer.
*215 years later*
9928282891gb of ram? Bruh, this is 2232.
*1,000,000 centuries later*
919817282818828pb of ram? I have 91928737389100191982727727282891919939383774020TRONBYTES of ram. 82828928393929290202029929 fps on minecraft, 982837377377333 on GTA 55.

Bennie van Eeden says:

You should run chrome… It’ll cobble up all that RAM quickly

Tupac Amaru Shakur says:

128,000 porn tabs :)! gr8

Dave Smith says:

…monthly donations!!! This guy now make more than 99% of his viewers and he still want their money!!! Even after he sold his company! The man is LOADED!

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