What is DDR4? with DDR3 Comparison ft. Corsair Vengeance LPX

Wondering what’s new with DDR4? Linus tells you all that you need to know about 4th generation DDR memory and we do some performance numbers comparing DDR4 to the old spec DDR3 using gaming, synthetic, and real-world application benchmarks.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus
Writer: Christopher Lim
Editor: Edzel Yago


nero monez says:

Thx dude, good job on DDR4 lolXD

Pulak Koley says:

What happen if I use 1x4gb Vengeance and 1x4gb XMS3 at same time ??

Khairo Juan says:

ddr3 still beast this days?

Makis Metaxas says:

4970 is waaaay more weak compared to the 5960x!!
why didn’t they compared 4960x with 5960x?

Peter Feher says:

I’ve upgraded to DDR3 from DDR2 three months ago.

ShredBird says:

I remembering seeing some benchmarks that were comparing different memory speeds and latency to see how it affected gaming performance.  I can’t remember which website I saw this on, maybe AnandTech, but the takeaway result was that it was the minimum framerates that were affected the most by changing the memory speed/latencies.  It would be nice to see some numbers concerning that.

Akshay Patel says:

Just installed the LPX 4x4GB DDR4 set. It works…that’s all I care about haha

undocumentedspot says:

It’s not needed now, but wait until windows and other software/games release updates that slow down the performance significantly and then you’ll need it.  the story of computers.  in 2050, you might need 1TB ram, and 10GHz processor to run a calculator. 

Julius Godinez says:

no not any time soon…I have no money

Dual Phoenix says:

I need it for video render thoughts please

Lucibaba Westerveld says:

so ddr4 is only of you rendering/ editing videos etc but not for gaming like ark etc. open world games

xcameron7 says:

Would a Noctua NH-D14/D15 on a micro ATX board block the first ram slot on the otherboard with Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM

Hey There Billy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

ugh ncix’s mic sucks ass

three90876 says:

Possessors that support DDR4 ram need to be cheaper

Nikos Nikolaidis says:

Well… there is out there GDDR5…. on graphics card but i say let’s wait for 1 more year… 😛

Joe Shmoe says:

This is NOT apples to apples. LOL!
QUAD core vs an OCTA CORE? Come on man. BAD TEST

Totty says:

perhaps im gonna wait for a awhile untill i move to ddr4..hahahaha

Taylor Pinkham says:

Time to start referring to memory clocks as “Ghz” 

Kagehiko says:

Lower voltage does not necessarily mean less power consumption.

MSWindowsinside says:

A 4k video on NCIX Tech Tips? What sorcery is this? (only the b-roll looks like 4k though).

pushpendra rathore says:

i want notch position length in cm…

Whiting1289 says:

So what, do I need a new MOBO to use this? My lord that would be hell, taking apart my whole computer just for new RAM. O_o

otycyrrus says:

DDR4 and Intel I5..
When will be released an I5 that supports DDR4?

Sam says:

You sound like a ‘faggit

AndrewMacedonia says:

i have a toshiba satellite lap top IM FUCKING AWESOME !

José Marques says:

You should have compared a x99 system vs a x89 one… that movie doesn’t make sence.

NinjaB3an says:

I wonder if DDR4 will be the next standard like how ddr3 is now or will most people opt out in favor of the much cheaper ddr3 ram?

ArmySV says:

Is the X79 platform still any good ?

Treversaccount says:

WTf Linus, you’re everywhere

Voidroamer says:

but linus, why you only measure FPS? I would be more concerned with loading times, for example to play Star Citizen’s Arena Commander right now many loading screens are required between games

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