Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 Memory Review – 3200MHz CL16 iCUE GOODNESS

Corsair have released their RGB memory with 14 individual lighting zones, and also included XMP Profiles on today’s model with 3200MHz CL16 timings, this is also Samsung B-Die memory, some of the best for overclocking, especially for Ryzen Users. Though this memory also supports iCUE software for customized lighting.

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Would you take another look at a z170 mobo with a i5 6400 cpu? I loved your OC video and I’m wondering how good do they OC on latest bios 🙂
P.S. hope I win that memory, I’ve only got one 4gb 2133 hyperx hahaha

12Burton24 says:

why no cl14….

Bence Tóth says:

What should i buy?
Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2017 (Razer Green)- 95€,
or HyperX Alloy FPS Pro (Cherry MX Blue)- 80€?

Jason Gehringer says:

Is this Samsung B-Die or not??

drunkredninja says:

What’s the equivalent of rice rockets in computing?

TheRailroad99 says:

I don’t want RGB. I want RAM, more RAM.
How about 32GB… For 60 bucks. That would be normal. In 2016 I paid 45€ for 16GB dual channel DDR4. Now it’s two years later, where 16GB have became the standard.

Brendan Black says:

Pretty sure b-die is cl14 at 3200 not cl16. And it most definitely wouldn’t be cl19 at 3600, I think you have made a mistake there champ it’s more like hynix

BlindManMark says:

Beautiful. I have 2x16Gb Trident Z RGB 3000Mhz 15-15-15-35,using Samsung b die as well.

But my main system uses Team Group Dark Pro 14-14-14-31 3200Mhz Samsung B Die. that oc’s with no voltage increases, to 3466Mhz at those same low timings !,I can get them to 3866 but have to drop to cast 16-16-17-36 ,and is not $$ at 280 Cdn $$. My GSkill was 479 Cdn last Winter. My Team Group has no flashy fancy lights,but is faster,and has better tighter timings.

Gears442 says:

I think it’s very cool but my case it would be too tall.

AdaaDK says:

#techyes, just cos its 3200C16 does not mean its Samsung B die, you prob can find some 3200mhzC16 kitts with B dies, but most are in fact hynix M dies, since thats the highest bin posible on the Hynix M´s. Or of course you could have had a Reviewer picked B die kitt. Since Corsair and Gskill generally does mixmatch any of their 2800-3200mhz kitts depending on what spare mem ic´s they got laying around that can hit the needed speed/reach a certain binned speed.

lactobacillusprime says:

Nut bars included? 😛


iCUE stands for Corsair utility engine. It also allows you to create macros for corsair mice and keyboards and the lighting sync with all devices

Jordan says:

3200MHz CL16 isn’t inherently B-Die, Hynix dies can obtain this.

Only thing guaranteed to be B-Die is 3200 CL14, or anything with stupid speeds (3600+)

Tanzu15 says:

This cant be a B-Die. Cl16? At that speed? No way. This is def hynix.

robbo 2 says:

it’s not b-die

Kain96z says:

I was looking into the Patriot Viper RGB DDR4 3600MHz. It’s only $210 on amazon right now. Any thoughts?

Daniel Anderson says:

You need to review Adata spectrix D41 and D80 😉

Chris Lowe says:

i’m not a fan of RGB anything. I’m just old.

spazowacky says:

like many of the other commentors, I’m skeptical about the b-die claims

UnknownUser says:

Trident Z still looks the best

Anthony Young says:

No benchmarks?

John Totten says:

I am using G Skill Trident Z RGB Ram and I like it but really like the Corsair Pro RGB even better. FML building my PC Nov 2017.

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