Timetec DDR4 RAM Review – Cost Effective Performance

RAM is one of the most expensive components of a new build, but there are cheap[er] alternatives on the market. Timetec memory is one such less expensive module producer, but is their RAM any good? Let’s find out.

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evocatiproductions says:

Also I have to point out brother, that the Comparison you made in the price difference between the Trident Z 2400Mhz Kit and the TimeTec 2400Mhz Kit also has a pretty big Speed difference, ESPECIALLY if you were to put it in a Ryzen Platform.

The TimeTec Kit you showed was CL17, the Trident Z Kit you Showed was CL15, In Ryzen especially, but even on an Intel Platform, the Better Performance will DEFINITELY go to the Trident Z stick.

I definitely agree with you, that if you can find 2 Kits that run at the same speeds AND Timings, get the cheaper sticks, but Timings DO play a MAJOR role in the performance of the Ram, especially on Ryzen.

Still loved the video though, just felt I should probably point that out to you. I hate to be that “well actually” nerd though, so my bad there, lol.

Klaus Christiansen says:

Are heatspreaders only for looks?

guitarprogrock says:

2800MHz was the fastest I could get my Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz as well.

John Nada says:

Too bad the timetec ram isn’t that cheap over here in Europe great video!

Airelon87 says:

There is a Timetec 2666mhz 8gb stick on Amazon now for $62. Ordering it next week and sticking a RGB heatsink on it eventually as they are pretty darn cheap. I haven’t had an issue with compatibility on any of the motherboards (Laptop & Desktop / DDR3 & DDR4) I’ve placed Timetec ram in. It’s turned into my primary ram option. Still need to get another Timetec 8gb DDR4 2400 so-dimm for my Eluktronics BYO Laptop, seeing the green 4gb stick with the black Timetec just Isn’t right lol.

furynotes says:

What about the xmp profile on the cosair vengeance lpx memory? Your running a ryzen system. Wouldn’t that be a factor of the performance of the cpu?

crazyjr says:

I’m not bothered by looks, i always look to performance, so cheap RAM is always being looked at

evocatiproductions says:

Keep In Mind Timings. You mentioned that you just used the timings that your motherboard booted with, but as long as it booted you were good. The Timings will make a huge difference on the performance of your ram, so just because the timetec hit the same frequency, doesn’t necessarily mean they hit the same timing. Especially when it comes to subtimings like TRC and TRFC, the timings that the motherboard boots at can be drastically different, and depending on the workload can make a huge difference.

Your testing showed that there was virtually no difference between the 2 at 2800, and that very well may prove to be accurate, your motherboard may have been able to boot the different kits at the same speed with the same timings. I think its just important to point out to people that if you are NOT controlling for timings, even the same exact motherboard, can boot Different Kits of Ram at Different timings, even when booting at the same speeds, and that can change your performance drastically. Hell even the same kit can change timings in between cold boots when not controlling for timings, especially on Ryzen when Overclocking, so its just something to be cognizant of. Its always best to control for timings, even if you don’t really know much about them, most motherboards will show you what timings it booted at under a specific kit, and then you can dial in those same timings yourself, ensuring that you are always hitting those same timings between boots, or even between kits.

But anyways, just something to think about. I would be really interested to know if the timetec kit was hitting the same exact timings and subtimings as the Corsair at the same Frequency, if so then that does say a lot about the TimeTec Kit.

Good Video non the less though! Keep up the awesome work!!!

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