They’re HERE! Corsair Vengeance RGB Review and Demo!

Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 memory kits are here!


16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz:
32GB (4x8GB) 3000MHz:

16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz:
32GB (4x8GB) 3000MHz:

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Simplicity says:

I am assuming those are the HD120 fans right?

How are his set to rainbow? i dont think my have that feature…

Ikyou says:

rgb shades plz

Jose Semino says:

Does this work on an Asus Maximus 8 hero

Alan H. says:

So does this work with x370 gigabyte boards?

Xuph says:

i LOVE you <3

Ja Son says:

i cant adjust the color in the corsair link software. can any1 help? i see the ram and it’s also changing the color. but i cant controll it cause im missing the window in corsair link where i can change the rgb color

L L says:

i purchased these by accident, didn’t really want those led lights as i’m just using node 202 case. is there a way to turn off the led lights?

HeLi0nPrImE says:

Can someone tell me what is the actual height of these plates? I’m trying to figure out if they fit under a Dark Rock 3 Pro cooler…

registreer Registreer says:


El Fuego says:

hi guys ,the heatsink model ??

William Buttel says:

i currently have a white set, wanting more for the other side of my x99 board. rgb vs white are very similar priced in my area. conerned rgb will be to bright compared to my other whites.. anyone care to comment ?

Mike Cantrell says:

Trident RGB’s do look better, but its what works better that matters… Trident RGB software sucks.. bricks sticks..kills memory slots, If thats your thing enjoy, im picking up some Corsairs.. Feel my VENGEANCE G.Skill !

Danilo Silva says:

can the leds be turned off?

Zak Hague says:

If these had more than one colour on each ram stick they’d actually be better than trident z

Shelby Philipps says:

anyone know if this ram works with the ASUS Strix B350-F AMD motherboard?

Aleksander Kamiński says:

Is the a way to disable those shitty lights, for me a computer is just a computer, not a christmas tree.

Flow_Fire says:

LOL i also thought about red and blue the police effect 1 second before you made it in the viedeo!

iteachvader says:

This shit stuck my PC in a boot loop and bricked my motherboard.
Corsair has just been the bane of my PC experience… and existence.

anas lkhairπ says:


Stephen Phillips says:

is it good for ASUS AURA?

mosquitor !! says:

what about amd support now? i want to use a 2x8gb set in a msi b350m bazooka with an a12-9800 apu ?

TheGolden Plan54 says:

I want an full rgb computer case

Goutam Singh says:

I like TridentZ more, however it has compatibility issues. Will it work on X370 motherboards by MSI?

Hector Altamirano says:

sup mate. I recently bought VENGEANCE RGB memories 2×8 3000mhz, in the software “Link” I can see the square with the information of the memory, but I can not see the square with the colors (to be able to change them)
I would like to know the reason.
My mother is a H270 Gamming 3 (currently I can change the color of memories from the gigabyte RGB tool, but not rainbow style, only static and pulse)

Pip says:

“LED makes me think they’re talking about an individual LED light on each module” “Id prefer if the software called it Module instead” “its a little bit confusing”
man stfu with that pedantic shit.
everyone and their grandma knows what the hell they mean by LED 1 through 4 when you have 4 RAM sticks, don’t be an idiot.

TylerAndToast Gaming says:

Trident z rgb is not compatible with my ryzen system. These look nice and are compatible.

ryan xie says:

take out the reversal front peice with the corsair logo to have the best rgb experience

OriginalCatfish says:

Can you remove the covers and show them like that? I think they’d look even better than the TridentZ who everybody is praising into heaven.

Flashgt200 says:

I think you should pug your pc specs in the description good video tho thanks

RNLAF fighter says:

is the corsair vengeance led 16 gb ddr4-3200 compatible with ryzen ?

nowrin sadiya says:

How can i change RGB ?

IKH TV says:

Geil evox look ugly asf…good thing this exist

mansteltine says:

Is he using a 460x or 570x case here?

Clorox Bleach says:

What’s in this rig?

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