They Overclocked? – Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 2666MHz Memory Reviewed

It’s been a long time since I have been able to get a decent overclock out of Kingston HyperX Memory. These Low Profile HyperX Fury 2666Mhz Cl15 sticks are sleek looking, XMP 1.2V and able to reach 3000MHz with 1.35V and timings of 16-18-18-45.

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Jonas Ottemoeller says:

as a german I say thank you for speaking not too fast!

Dunberla says:

is the 3000MHz overclock stable?

Edgar Uriel says:

English isnt my first lenguage either, thank you so much for talking slow.

WellBeSerious12 says:

HyperX (8GB 2666MHz) FURY Cas 15 $65 vs. Savage Cas 13 $75. Which is better for Ryzen (1600X)?

By the way people, all videos have a speed option.

Luke Dupuis says:

i like the slow talking but i felt weird watching the vid when you stopped talking

Joshua Martin says:

i dont always drink but when i do i prefer dos equis STAY THIRSTY my friends

Henry Chaisritha says:

0:12 English is my second language thank you very much for talking slow. So much yotubers talk so fast and it is just so hard for me to understand, thanks for understanding us ESL students.

TitusShadow says:

I love it, thx. As a german i understood everythink you where talking about. Often it`s hard to understand just because of the speed and the slang, even though you know all the words…

ceesay2010 says:

thx for vid and info 😀

NSW. Mods says:

Thank you Paul take care Mate

stefan rodk says:

Hi everyone, i’m really hoping HTL (HiTechLegion) responds.

Here is my problem i’m planning to buy raidmax orion case, and i saw the review and i heard that it has Limited room behind motherboard tray, will all my cables fit?
My PSU is cooler master b series 500W

Dominic Torretto says:

could a 2133mhz reach the 3000mhz
also could i mix a 2133mhz with a 2666 mhz both oc to highest frequency

Malin Yamato af Läckö says:

My english bad .. speak slow is god.

Där der says:

great review, thank you!

Jerry Lafferty says:

I have the Kingston Savage DDR3 2133, went to 2400 no problem. That actually was a pretty decent performance boost you got out of those too. Nice OC !

Dan L says:

I’m able to achieve 3000Mhz 1.3V OC via ASUS X99A Motherboard w/ OC Socket Patent-Pending.

Tested w/ G.Skills Ripjaws 16GB 2666Mhz Quad-Channel DDR4 16-16-16-36 1.2V

alexbill1000 says:

So better buy a version of 2666mhz instead of 2133mhz? its exact the same ram. but in my country ( Greece!!!) it’s kind of low priced so I don’t think buying the 2666mhz version is a good idea. Any thoughts?

fila365 says:

I have a problem. Just upgraded my setup to a ROG VIII Ranger+i5 6600k, and bought 1 furyX ddr4 2133mhz 16gb ram stick. I say 1 because I didnt get a kit of 2 8gb sticks, I was sold 1 16gb stick. Should I get another stick to get more stability, or is the system load on the single stick enough to handle gaming and multiple programs?

Samir Gunic says:

Erma? Your computer is a girl? Man, what is it about guys and computers nowadays? Siris… Cortana… and now Erma!? A proper name for a computer would be some cryptic acronym followed by some decimal digits. Everyone knows that… no? Usually (but not always), the bigger the number, the better the computer. VIC20! C64! System 360! Altair 8800! HAL9000! HAL didn’t like having his memory modules pulled out either. Coincidence? I think not. By the way, it should be noted that HAL did have a sister called SAL9000. Maybe you should have named your computer HyperSAL9000x? Or better yet, HyperAL9000x?… eh? Tell me you don’t like that! 😉

Ricardo Montes says:

What did you name your test bench ?

Chris RTW says:

Hey man great video. I just have one friendly suggestion, I think an audio & camera upgrade would REALLY help you grow. I’m sure you already know that but I figure I’d throw it out there, even though I sometimes do enjoy the more relaxed video approach occasionally. =)

Huy Nguyen says:

Very nice review. Appreciated how slow u talk, it helps a lot for me to understand without rewatch the video. Keep up the good work!!!!

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