The memory kit NO ONE deserves

Luxurious. Exquisite. Dignified. Just some of the words to describe G.Skill’s new Trident Z Royal DDR4 memory kits.

G.Skill Trident Z Royal on Amazon (may not be listed yet):

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MeowMiau343 says:

So, using this will guarantee to win on battle Royale games?

Joshua Miller says:

I want ram that looks like Enterprise D warp core.

zimThuet says:

if at any point you’re thinking “hey i might get these”, rethink your life.

raptorms773 says:

Dude i know your half asian but whats your other half, cause im mexican and if u didnt know you qhere asian u swear you where ine of my cousins, then ofcourse there is a lot of mexicans that look korean or vietnamese so that doesnt help much lol

Minicoot61 says:

i only disliked this video to make it 420 dislikes

1997 Honda civic says:

And they say people with airports flex

Gooch0 says:

RGB, how manufactures get consumers to buy hardware that is only fractionally better than the hardware that preceded it.

Ninja Gamer says:

Lmao 555,888 views

Sir Kryptics says:

My pc doesn’t have any rgb

PinkasBrown44 says:

What the hell happened to mankind ?

Josh P says:

So you gonna let me get that display box? I know you’re not using it

PanzaR says:

oh for fuck sake. PC building have gone too far. xD

OhakoCore says:

Okay, nice design. Who tf gonna see that anyway? XD

advanceddarkness3 says:

Bruce Wayne approved.

Castor's Cadence says:

Wifeysauce = GoldRamStickDigger

Emma says:

I need this sparkly shit in my life 🙁

Alejandro Velarde says:

is this compartable with the aorus x470 gaming 7 ?
part #?

tigran petrosian says:

Meh, make it white or black and I might have been interested. Too gaudy.

xDog .SoldieRx says:

Holy shit that packaging. You buying some kinda Tiffany jewelry? XD

Erik M. says:


yusuf ariffin says:

i dont really need this

MrIronmaiden1971 says:

Wow this is definetly the Liberace of rgb ram sticks. Nice. a little to much bling for me but still really nice.

Hiru sama says:

i love it this ram ;D

lucaxeye says:

s=silver g=gold

ST0DY says:

Maybe somebody in the royal family is a gamer. Who knows?

Gwynbleidd Roach says:

The silver ones are gorgeous. I ordered two kits of 2 as they were cheaper than buying a lot of 4.

Cameron Cluelow says:

Jay could use the gold ones in his gold build

Daniel G says:


Mickaël Tea says:

Can I put that on Z170? 4 RAM slots means quad channel ?

Anglo Saxon says:

That finger smilely. lol

Steady Shadow says:

i hate my self now. why do i want this so muuuuuuuuuuccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Matt Harden says:

Most click baity loot box BS video clip on the internet.

paul lees says:

Finger smiley makes an appearance

Also thumbs up for his shirt

Theyn Smith says:

That shirt is traumatizing

Kevin Kusnadi says:

its just…beautiful….

Your sociopathic Friend says:

*moans in RGB*

Novi Bain says:

I love his shirt

Adam Guinther says:

So where can I get a four stick kit?

Zalán Besztercei Becski says:

RIP my wallet

Roosky says:

197$ for two 8gb sticks? gtfoh with this

Sudharshan Anbarasu says:


Judas Iscariot says:

Dope design..

Austin Bland says:


Justaway 4ever says:

i think i got erection

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