The Best RGB RAM – Final Answer

RGB memory. You might love it or you might hate it, but you can’t look away!!

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Greedy901 says:

question is who has the best RAM for gaming riddle me that

Leon Pozo says:

Need to do a revisit with the new RGB ram on the market

Cahya Adi says:

waiting for rgb processor xD

Hello Goodbye says:

You should make a video on rgb fans

Ryan Freeman says:

lol I love the way this guy talks

JoelPhilosophy says:

Trident Z is best looking in my opinion.

Nimra The Gamer says:

gskill is the best one

Kyland719 says:

The answer is “it depends”

Nabil Rafif says:

we need RGB sleeve cable;)

HULK 454R says:

we need rgb cables

Danvus says:

omg linus’ hands are so small!

Direful says:

If g.skill wasn’t so damn expensive it would be the obvious choice.

Rusyda Sadida says:

Waitin for gigabyteXgskill rgb sync orz

MlgNightmare420 N8MR says:

i have a rgb light 4 my room

OuterVision Power Supply Calculator says:

Gotta have RGB everything these days…

Btrost801 says:

a y

Tobiasz Karoń says:

Linus – why do you have 2 Synergy ads in one video?

Kryštof Píštěk says:

Now someone will make RGB air…

Dr. Disappointment says:

Geil is a company,
geil is dutch word that translates to horny…

StudioARE says:

I love it, but it’s so expensive.

Trijiv says:

Just ordered the Gskill 4x16GB 3200 14-14-14-34 kit. I’ll keep you guys posted if it sucks.

Ultra Wide Gaming German says:

lel “geil” in german means being horny or having a boner

TricK i Know says:

like always , your video is great 🙂

chaz sidnee says:

Linus, Mystic light*

MibMoot says:


Whistling Bungghole says:

Geil is retarded to put red on an RGB ram stick.

Rick Kamminga says:

I still feel RGB is compensation for something. Maybe the effort some people are willing to put into their system? Just put flashy thingies in the computer to blind everyone who looks at it, so they don’t see the awful cable management, or the fact that they put some weirdly colored components in there without plasti dipping.

PheonixTM フェニックス トンメートル says:

it is really funny because the name of the first RGB ram name is geil what is dutch for horny

Lowkey Rated says:

RGB Cables

Tobiasz Karoń says:

GEIL – what is the point of RGB when you have red plastic on the ram sticks? This is going to look bad with anything but red lighting on… please make a neutral colored sticks next time…

David Allexander says:

I wonder, If I eat some LEDs and a battery will my shit be RGB? I own some of those Tridents, pretty cool.

Nicholas Reif says:

Whoa whoa whoa. Hold the phone Linus. Crucial just released their own RGB RAM.

HellishGrin460 says:

Is there a way to test performance? Because all I here is “they won’t perform as well as no RGB”. But no one seems to try to disprove it.

Narwhale Playz says:

while watching this video spam 9

Ferry Ansony says:

G.Skill RGB RAMs are a huge frickin pain in the ass. It corrupt the SPD when paired with Asus Aura, some people said it fired their sticks.

I’m going with Corsair for sure (Which Linus lied to us by saying that its Aura Compatible)

Abraham Lincoln says:

I got a set of the GSkill 3200MHz CL14 RGB memory because it was on sale and same price as none RGB. and it works just fine on ASRock and MSI X370 motherboards that I tried.

Okke Bakkum says:

Geil in Dutch means horny in English

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