TeamGroup T-Force Dark (4 X 8GB) Memory DDR4 3000MHz Review

When I received some batarangs in from TeamGroup I thought damn these things look good, but do they perform as good as they look? Today I am reviewing an 4 x 8GB kit of the gray and black T-Force Dark memory modules. And these were pretty impressive once I started reducing the timings, the XMP profiles worked well too.

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Calvin Japari says:

Hay, pls answer. I want to buy this ram “team t force dark” like yours. But already have “team delta” memory ram on my pc. Can it mix? So 4gb x 2 of team delta and 4Gb x 2 of team t force dark. Is there any issue mixing them?

Ian R says:

Love it, Keep it Churning!

The BEAST of used PC hunting.
Keep on hunting!

Farklez says:

Sick ram

Gooffy847 says:

please make a oc tutorial for the asrock taichi x99 and 6800k as i have the setup and having much troulble with a overclock at all on my set up please

Cardinal Seven says:

my best oc was like i7 860 2,8ghz to 4,322 mhz 🙂

Anton Sokolov says:

Extremly low bandwidth for quad channel memory :/

hisgr8nessmadzak says:

thank you Brian for the intro,
im dancing! yeay

Larry White says:

Hi Bryan please drop Kev from you Tech Launge show. I cant stand that Nvidia Shill.

BlackTower says:

+12Mhz on 400Mhz Pentium II with pc case side panel open and a room fan blowing on it for extra cooling 🙂

Joshua Durham says:

I got my old GT 730 from 900MHz to 1200MHz. Now, my GTX 750ti runs at 1400MHz.

Darth Snyder says:

Hey Brian I realize that the heatsink on these modules extend a little making the memory a bit longer, would this interfere with my gpu if it has a backplate since it’s in the first slot under the memory, thanks.

kuhrd says:

I would be interested in seeing if this stuff lasts. I have used Team Group memory a few times in the past with DDR3 modules and had nothing but problems with stability and eventual stick failure without ever overclocking the stuff. If they used Micron chips it may be decent but I was never really sure what happened to the 8 sticks of DDR3 I had previously used on 2 separate builds.

Bruce Keegan says:

4.8 Ghz I7 4790K on Z97 Mark S

Retro Adventure says:

$75 for 16gb of DDR4?!? That is a crazy good deal!

Kostas Bezaitis says:

Instructions unclear RAM modules stuck on keyboard

Kane says:

Some of us have zero ram oc’ing experience. It would be very useful if you could do a short guide since I can put it up on my laptop and follow along.

Red Team Gamer says:

Most aggressive overclock would have to be my i5 6500 1.45v at 4.58GHz with ddr3

Randall Brown says:

an i5 3570k from 3.4Ghz to 4.9Ghz at 1.4 volts

Robert Davis says:

What’s up with that Brian guy………. guy

Hollen Holllen says:

my overclock.I overclocked my gpu to +1 memory clock….soo hard much perfmonace


Andres Henao says:

My Highest stable Overclock, Gaming Rig I built back in 2005 an Opteron 144 Socket 939 1.8Ghz stock, Overclocked to 2.7 Ghz at 1.66Volts FSB 300 Mhz on a Lanparty Nforce 4 Ultra with Geil DDR1-533Mhz, I Knew I can push a little bit more the CPU, but I Was afraid of overcooking it. It worked for over 1 year, no BSoD, fuly stabel on Air cooling.P.S: Love your channel

Johann Etchell says:

If been automatically unsubscribed from your channel WTF Youtube, this is the second channel now 🙁

Ethan Roy says:

I once cranked up Precision X to OC my 1070 FTW to +1000 MHz just to see what would happen. I immediately got a completely white screen and had to reboot.

Bogdan Alexandru says:

On my G3258 with a custom cooler I’m getting around 68 degrees on full load with 4.2 GHz and 1.346 voltage. I know the voltage is pretty high but can I tweak the frequency to get around 4.5 on my CPU? Or the processor is pretty bad and is good right where it is now.

AmuckPVP says:

I have purchased a few products from TeamGroup & I would steer clear from them. I bought RAM that was 8gb DDR3 2400 but the 1st pair was DOA & the replacement couldn’t run at 2133. I also bought 16gb DDR3 2133 that didn’t run at 2133 & I returned it back to NewEgg.

holodrio 17 says:

most agessive oc: amd: FX-6100: 5.1ghz intel: 4790k: 5ghz (atm its at 4.7 completly silent with 1.2v^^) nvidia: gtx 470 871 MHz core (in combination with the before mentioned fx 6100 this got me a nr1 place in 3mark^^

Mighty says:


Moses98 says:

I5-2500 no k at 1.5v, multiplier at 41 with the bclk at 110 mhz. It fried one of my sata ports.

The Elder Steak says:

my i5 4690k hits 5ghz it’s crazy !!! but it’s at 1.4v

Chizy Bacon says:

are those dimms compatible with the latest motherboards like b250m / h270m? thanks

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