Team Group T-Force Delta R RGB DDR4-3000 Review

Team Group Delta T Force Delta R RGB DDR4 3000 Review


Blitz RGB Software

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Michael Scott says:

Can i overclock these ram from 2666 to 3000 without messing the voltage?

Marc Levi Tumapang says:

Do these really work natively on other Mobo brand’s RGB softwares like you said?

JF Diaz says:

Acabo de comprarla

fo22est gump says:

Just a friendly suggestion . You said all the numbers and said they were interesting. I’m not sure if those read, write, and copy times are standard, good, or bad. I don’t expect you to go through all of them explain but maybe giving some times to compare it to. Thanks for the video.

icomefromb says:

your video was at 7070 views and 88 likes with 8 dislikes before i came here. nice video by the way

Kaihekoa says:

An review praising RAM for its color and RGB. Wtf? It’s not even B die, and the XMP timings are poor.

Sciant x says:

Nice video! btw my friend, if i use these rams on a 2666 Motherboard, does make have any trouble???

ayy Lmao says:

Can I set the ram led to solid white using RGB Fusion?

Giodud3 says:

Will this ram work with all B350 boards?

Eric Echols Sr. says:

I just bought 16GB (2×8) of the Black kind, 2666MHZ…. I must say, I OC’d it to 3007MHZ (I don’t remember the voltage because it was pretty plug and play) on a Asus Z270-a Motherboard. I did go higher (and it was stable) but felt that 3007 was the sweet spot. It’s a very good Ram

ECkS says:

i have an msi h310 pro vdh (low end motherboard i know and thats why im asking ) ive found this rams 2400mhz for a good price and im asking if i can control the rgb using blitz app on this motherboard ?

bigboymarket says:

hi i got the at 3000mhz kit..but on my bios it does not run the speed that susposed to..
how do i run the speed default @3000mhz?

Angelic says:

Would they work on the Asus Rog Strix B350-F Gaming Mobo ?

John Kernelle says:

does this work for the 2nd generation ryzen, and b450 mobo?

Quick says:

wait so are these compatible with all motherboards?

Achmad Rizky says:

How is the performance with ryzen??

Orestis KIRIAKIDIS says:

buffered or ubuffered?

chy bry says:

Is it good to reach 3200ghz?

Bielkun2k18 says:

This ram looks better than corsair rgb pro

Otaku Rem says:

is this RAM is only for MSI mainboard? or for every mainboard?

Voltix says:

can you use this ram on the AsRock z370 fatal1ty proffesional gaming i7

Juan Tobon says:

Hi there, I have a question, I own an asus prime b350 plus, and want to buy this ram kit, so, can I OC to 3200 mhz on this MoBo?

Simple Life says:

Thx for the test

John McPherson says:

Good work BD, keep it up 🙂 I am working on a new rig for my daughter and will be grabbing a 2×8 kit pretty soon. I’ll keep this on the short list with TridentZ. Can’t believe I am actually considering building my daughter a rig nicer than mine.

SJ Gamer says:

bought these 16GB 8×2 for $109 from newegg black friday sale

kaz says:

Got a kit of the black about 6 months ago, plugged it in and it came up with proper speed and timings outta the box (after a bios update) on asus rog strix b350 gaming f Been wondering if I should tighten timings (if it will take it) or bump up to 3400 or so, what do you think?
Thanx for the vid btw, this ram’s been 100% solid, got it when it was 130 bucks for an 8 gig kit of the 3000 mhz lol
*Edit runing a ryzen 5 2600x and an RX 580 if that matters.

Calo Gaming & Tech says:

Would it run on a ASRock B450M Pro 4?

Ragalthor says:

Will it run on a Gigabyte Ga-ab350m-ds3h?

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