Should you upgrade to 4400MHz memory? – Patriot Viper Steel Series Review

Memory speeds… do they actually make a difference when overclocking? When Patriot asked me to review the Viper Steel Series 4400MHz 16GB memory kit, I figured that was the perfect question to answer.

But first… What am I drinking???

Today is a two-few, thanks to some video capture errors. First up is the Nøgne Ø Winter Ale (Grimstad, Norway). This is one of the beers I picked up from a cellar aged event last year, and it aged fantastically well. VERY malty upfront, with just a bit of roast on the back end, but flavors I’m not used to explaining. Certainly a unique beer. (8.5%)

And from Old Town Brewing (Portland, OR), it’s the Figaro Imperial Stout. (9.0%). It almost has a German-style banana scent to it, and tastes like fresh banana bread thanks to the figs and the roasty stout. Delicious.

In testing this build, I was able to achieve a 4.9GHz overclock @1.32V on my i7-8700k. The control set of memory was a set of 2x8GB Patriot Viper RGB 3200MHz at 16-18-18-36. The Patriot Viper Steel Series memory, while not hitting 4400MHz, was still impressive at 4000MHz with 20-20-20-40 timings, and all at 1.45V. There may be some more headroom here, but it would take some time to dial in.

Check out the Patriot Viper Steel Series 4,133MHz memory here (link for 4400MHz will be posted when available):
Patriot Viper RGB 3200MHz:
EVGA Z370 FTW Motherboard:
Swiftech Komodo VN-ECO 1080 Waterblock:
Swiftech Apogee SKF CPU Block:
Fractal Design Define R6 (Non-modded):

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GTArajgaming says:

I’m running some Team Group Vulcan T-Force 16GB rated for 3000mhz BUT I can’t use 3000MHZ on my B450-f Gaming….even though I’ve seen reviews with that board using RAM at 3000mhz

I’m a “newb” when it comes to overclocking so I really don’t know what settings to change

Nick Armitt says:

the fact your case is out of focus is really annoying…

Apache 404 says:

Interesting how this will improve Ryzen performance, I got a system R5 2600 at 2400.

fox 6 says:

uh DDR5 will be interesting if you can afford it.

gertjan van der meij says:

YOU should use this on a AMD RYZEN CPU ! i would love to see the difference ( on a Ryzen system ) between 3000Mhz and 4400Mhz !

amnottabs says:

can’t see the affiliate links for that second beverage

Bruce v says:

*_time to go download it!!!_*

Jouni Osmala says:

Hitman results can be interpreted quite reasonably. Firstly the title is clearly memory bandwidth limited by DMA transfers to GPU and CPU algorithms . Secondly the title probably does lot of AI and physics etc… calculations independent of graphics. Lets say that AI and physics would use about 2Ghz worth of memory bandwidth when there is enough available. At that point the amount available for graphics would be 1.2Ghz and 2Ghz. I have had 4FPS on another game on my first gen i7 simply because the non graphics portion of the game took all the CPU power I had, and there wasn’t anything left for the graphics.

Loading Please Wait says:

I’m running my 4000mhz t force nighthawk ddr4 ram at 1.35 and timing 17-18-18-38.

Preston Mathis says:

One thing to note is that it will hold its value better. The 2400mhz DDR3 is still way more expensive than 1600mhz.

PixelJanosz says:

Och, dangit Jeff. I JUST finished Hitman (2016) last night. Could you not have revealed this revelation a few days earlier? Could’ve used a bizarre but repeatable and statistically significant performance increase.
Also you can literally scare the last target of the game to death just by being Agent 47 and that is hilarious. Not at all STEALTHY, but so worth the game over.

Şant Pirol says:

190 dollars you kidding ? Or am i blind ? I just checked your link

MR Dot1 says:

i would test this ram with a 2700x overclocked… cuz AMD is more memory clock sensitive

Joe Bro says:

@1:28 had some video stutter there? I blame windows updates probably maxing your PC while encoding lol. Awesome video as always.

RojasTKD7 says:

Patriot doesn’t inspire confidence in me. I recently bought their Viper 3733 kit, but it would not run at anything over 3400 at stock voltage. With increased village it would run at 3600, but want very stable and I had many issues.

Other had similar issues with that kit. I’m scared to try their stuff.

DJSammy69 says:

i7-8086K @ 5Ghz with G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32gb kit 3600mhz 17CL

DrearierSpider1 says:

These tests really should’ve been run at 1080p IMO. I agree with what you said about high end use cases, but you should still test using scenarios that will create a CPU bottleneck, as that will show memory speed differences.

There’s a reason reviewers test Pentiums with high end GPUs even though it’s totally unrealistic.

Terje Presthus says:

Maybe motherboards have gotten better of the years, but my experience is that a lot of CPUs/Motherboards have stability issues with high speed RAM.

K o r b y says:

getting real close to that 100k I see. well done chief! finally some recognition for this beer loving geek friend of ours.

Chris sadf says:

Thing is, any gains in speed from the RAM are going to be somewhat dependent on a couple subtimings in particular–that is if you have a high memory speed and a super high latency in any subtiming, you’ll find you don’t really gain all that much performance.

Alex says:

You should do some low latency testing with this kit, getting it running at c14 3733Mhz would probably have incredible results. I just recently got a 4000Mhz Hyper X kit and I’m seeing nice results at c14 3200Mhz on a Ryzen 1700, going to see if I can tweak it further to go beyond 3400.

Kami Seffer says:

It would be nice if the XMP actually worked.

Meteor Media says:

I hoped you might be testing with Ryzen…

Seth Harvey says:

Any chance you could also start reviewing drinks and beers lol… love your channel and content. I hope you keep growing

unaclocker says:

I’m at 3000 C15. I would never give up latency for speed. I’d like to see what you can get this ram up to at C15.

Serj Star says:

I can overclock my 2133 generic ram to 3100mhz onz270 with i7700k 😉

theqrokz says:

I could actually see a 16gb kit of this being a great pair for the 2200G. That capacity means you’ll have plenty of RAM for both the CPU and GPU, and likely won’t need to upgrade when you get better parts, and the speed will increase performance, even if only slightly on the iGPU

Diapolo10 says:

Currently sporting an i9-9900k @ 4.9 GHz (clocks were mostly stable at 5 GHz, but not enough to my liking at 1.4V, so I shifted it down a bit) with 32 GB of 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM. Honestly, while 3200 MHz is by no means bad, I think I’d benefit from faster memory because I do things that utilise it a lot.

Mathieu Bombardier says:

See… your testing might work for most people but for me, I started with 2133 ddr4 in my x99 rig with a 4x4gb kit and later added a 2nd kit. fast forward a few years later and now with ram speeds as high as this I have been wanting to figure out if upgrading my ram speeds would help since my fps is lower then I feel it should be and 4400 is more than 2 times the ram speed but I’d need 32gb and I’d like to know how much it would be better. Thanks Again, Qapla’

frostybe3r says:

So let me get this straight, you didn’t run the memory at 4400Mhz and benchmarked in 3200Mhz? Yet you put a tilte like ‘Should you upgrade to 4400MHz memory?’ which is extremely clickbaity.

attack says:

I run 3200mhz 14141434 on 2x16gb together with 2700x @4.2ghz(waiting for zen 2) and 1080ti and hoping high end navi will replace it.

Comrade Yuri says:

This would make a difference in AMD possibly?

Nick Armitt says:

pointless test.

Front says:

When you want to bench mark CSGO use this “” everyone mostly uses it

Onion Pelvis says:

Did you adjust your system agent voltage? You will rarely get it to post at 4400 without upping it a bit.

Kartereo says:

Now what about amd?

ThatXoneXguy says:

Why do you remind me of edward snowden

Thewickedjon says:

i7 8700k running @ 4.7ghz on all cores
raijintek triton 240mm liquid cooler (radiator)
16gb 3000 mhz trident z rgb memory
dual gtx 1080 reference in sli
asus maximus code z390 motherboard
512 pci-e ssd (os)
a bunch of random 3tb 3.5 hdd’s for mass storage
evga supernova 850w gold psu

Mike Dawson says:

It’s too bad you had to run very bad timings, try a g.skill kit with good timings!

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