Ryzen 7 2700X Review – Part 3: Memory Scaling + 5 Kits Tested

Third part of the review, I tested the memory scaling with 5 Kits, in 24 configurations, Productivity and Gaming

Ryzen Dram Calculator by 1usmus:


Components used:

AMD Ryzen 2700X
Intel core i7 8700K
ASUS Maximus X Z370
Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 X470
Gigabyte AB350N

G.Skill Flare X 3200 C14 2x8GB
G.Skill Trident Z 4500 C19 2x8GB
Trident Z 3600 C16 2x8GB
HyperX Predator 3000 C15 2x4GB
Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 C16 2x8GB

Samsung 960 EVO 512GB

Seasonic Prime Gold 850W
Full EK Custom Loop


yottaXT says:

There is an extremely big work that you brought to us there bro, it’s very apreciated and of course this is what i was looking for, an i7 8700k with all its potential unleash, same as a r7 2700x with every posible tweak that it could have, i would be glad if you share with us the price of both maxed configurations, RAM, CPU and Cooling.

You got a new sub here my friend, keep up the amazing work.

PD: i would really like to see the 8700k max vs 2700x max, in more production benchmarks, because i saw that the 8700k seems pretty capable, while my thinking until now was that the 2700x would totally destroy a 8700k in productivity.

Here is a set of bench that i would appreciate you to do, sorry if it seems a bit too much, but i trust in your results :).


Gabriel Montrazi Manduchi says:

With a Ryzen 5 2400G, ASROCK Ab350m-Hdv, focusing on Wow, you would go with the corsair 3200mhz, gskill ripjaw V 3200mhz, gskill tridentZ rgb 3000mhz, all 2x 8gb kits, note that I don’t know how to OC and will learn from your videos

TST says:

Good review. Hope you manage ryzen with tight timings 3533mhz +PBO

Sacred Abdulla says:

вот это автор навернул. Ничего себе!!! Потрясающе…лайк, лайк, лайк.

Ostap Kurtash says:

Here we go! Very nice video. I think I’ll get that flare X. Almost 20% performance is worth. Thank you.

ZEED says:

Wassup mate great Video 🙂 Shared on my OC forums. And Nice Graph also.
Thats what I’w got after 2 days of fighting 3600cl15 :]

mrdookiepotpie says:

Thank You for this TEST!!!!

Epic Listening says:

Flare X is a beast! Unfortunately, the prices are still high…

Robert Stan says:

This is the turd part of the review.

Just kidding, awesome stuff, thank you.

GPUabuse says:

My 2700x can not work with 3600mhz galax hof

julian1276 says:

Great video and very informative. Been looking for information about suitable memory for a new AMD 2nd gen Ryzen build. Ha, this video was made just after my purchase but I am glad I went with the Flare X. Cheers mate.

coot33 says:

If you could review dual rank kits (most 2X16GB) it does improve performance.

cheddle says:

Amazing work! Thank you

LOLN1 says:

Great !!!

dr. whet farts says:

man if just flare x was not that ugly. why does amd memory have to be ugly.

Marek Nowakowski says:

Awesome video! finally, someone did more than the obvious tests.

easy414 says:

Stupid question but if I get a 3600 will my performance be that much better at 3200 as oppose to getting a 3000 and overclocking it to 3200?. Sorry thanks .

Kronosaurus says:

Another great and detailed video. The memory is normally so confusing when it comes to Ryzen. How are you liking the gigabyte motherboard by the way? I’ve wondered how good their bios and updates for it are.

Beehj 1 says:

Ridiculously killer effort mate. Brilliant methodology and commitment, and lovely to see a few more of these more hardcore oriented channels which doesn’t condescend to the audience but still explains thoroughly. A well deserved Sub from this video right here. Cheers!

Fir Works says:

I have that Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM and have had the same results at you. Just awful compatibility with the 2700X. I’m running an Asus Crosshair VII with the latest BIOS and I’ve spent hours restarting and crashing and restarting trying to get it tuned in. To make matter worse I have 4 DIMMs (32GB) so I have to clock even lower just to get it running. QVL list shows that Asus does not even certify ANY 4 DIMM configurations above 3000Mhz. This was a kit I bought for my previous 6700K which was as simple as, throw the 4 DIMMs in, enable XMP and away it went at full performance. I’m currently dropped all the way down to 2666C16 just because I was still getting sporadic crashes at 2666C14.

magicrip65 says:

Good job !!!

Robert Stan says:

Blizzard seriously needs to eat a dick and start optimizing their old engines for AMD CPUs and GPUs, it’s been a decade or more since AMD has been lagging behind Intel (and nVidia) almost purely because they can’t code for a wider array of hardware worth shit, SC2, WoW, D3 and such, all run much slower just because of that. Overwatch shows this perfectly, being on a new engine with proper coding, showing AMD do great or within the competition’s margins.

Marcelo Tezza says:

Very high quality review, with everything detailed, subbed!

Sikandar Khan says:

Great review and benchmark suite. Keep up the good work.

the Syldon says:

All this information is already out there, but you have to hunt to find it. This is a huge find for anyone looking to build a new system and have all that information in one place.
Great work and great information output display.

Simos Katsiaris says:

finally a video about this with proper audio lol

most you have to ram the volume to 11 to even be able to hear them, i personally i went with flare x

Tiberiu Lupescu says:

Amazing methodology! Amazing workload! Keep up the goodwork! You’ll be a huge channel in a couple of years!

Dante S550 10R80'S says:

just wanted to say i have 16gb of g.skill trident z rgb 3600mhz ram I got for $215 on sale. I looked up the faster ram models and changed the timings for the 4000 mhz set that costs almost $400 and it works 100% stable. XD Timings are pretty loose, idk much about ram obviously from my o.c. method lol, but my next goal is to maybe lower the clock speed a bit for tighter timings.

Tarık Y says:

Hey great informative video! now I have a question, is it true Dual rank memory is the fastest option for Ryzen?

Rafael Bach says:

Really good Video!

Stefano says:

Puoi fare un video di overcloak di ryzen 2700x e asus x470 ch7 mi aiuteresti molto

Ba Aditrex says:

Hey bro I appreciate your efforts but have question just bought flare X 3200 cl14 run docp (xmp) and for some reason my games keep crashing if I reduce to 3066 it seems stable I run 2700x stock on Asus prime b350+ do you think it has something to do with my motherboard? Also check ramtest86 seems fine after 1run

The Crazy Old Coot says:

Could you post you best timings for each set of RAM?

AV Fit says:

Great review! But if I want to max out my memory, what can you recommend for 4×16 setup? 3200 cl14 or something else? CH7+2700X.

tubeiio says:

A large amount of work has been done! Good video, thank you.

Bradley Armour says:

How do i set up the G.SKill Flare x on a asus rog crosshair hero vii to get the 3200 speed. Are there any profiles i have to change, timings? Im new to this!

Tiberiu Lupescu says:

Why not Windows 1803 version from a month ago?

1967 kID says:

Thank you for the information keep up the good work.

naif alasiri says:

nice vid man thx a lot, but i have a qustion, the ryzen calculator program say that i should increase the ram voltage to around 1.45v, is that ok ?

warcrab cyber says:

good work dude, Flare x seems like the best way to go for ryzen, you can achieve 3400mhz with a little extra voltage and manual configuration of the timings. the 4500mhz kit seems like a waste of money since ryzen is limited to 3400mhz and may go to 3600mhz with loose timings. The sweet spot for ryzen is 3400mhz with tight timings.

Luredreier says:

Give 1440p and 4k a try too for scaling, especially the productivity ones.
A 1080p video and a 4k video being edited are two different beasts.
And while the CPU load pr second is lowered in games due to having to wait on the GPU more at higher resolutions the CPU load pr frame is actually increased at higher settings and higher resolutions.
I doubt that the relative performance will change much, but in 1% lows the Ryzen chip might still do better then expected at higher resolutions, winning vs the Intel chip there even if the average FPS as always will be lower…

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