The RGBvolution is here! RGB all the things! Now, thanks to G.SKill, your computer memory can be any colour you want! RAM has never been this colourful!

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Der Derik says:

Did the x370 Killer SLI support?

Tørt Sand says:


Senmeister says:

i just rgb’ed my bed lol

tsartomato says:

isn’t that cmyk?

timabosa1977 says:


Derpy_ Dolphin says:

maximux ix code??? are you a dumb ass maximux ix extreme is the beast

MahDoge says:

Whats next? RGB case?


RGB Screwdriver or RGB NVMe or RGB SSD when?

Hong Ming says:

+LinusTechTips Finally!! The G.SKILL TRIDENT Z RGB 3000Mhz re in da house !!

Pixel Breaker says:

I need a cyan PC.

Jon Ka says:

??? 0:49 ???

Simon Nitzsche says:

This video is currently buffering on a G.SKILL RGB RAM

Peter Ian Staker says:

theres no where near as many effects on the official software at the moment. I hope they update it and aura soon. And why does the RAM software use 5% of my CPU when it is synced. seems like a bug.

thesinaclwon says:

so do rgb’s improve performance any or just make your shit look like a gay pride parade? No offense to any homosexuals.

Faris Luqman says:

You forgot to put an RGB PSU!!!!!!


can i overclock G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 ram plzzzz help.

Ali Zafar says:

Where’s the RGB thermal paste?

Chris whitt says:

As you can see on my channel, I have these installed as well. But a couple weeks ago… they’ve become very dim, almost as the RGB was turned off. Tried every setting on G.Skill software and no change. Still never heard back from G.Skill Tech Support. Starting to hate these things.

Dr. Doom says:

No RGB PSU cables?

Mrguy42 Gaming says:

When I saw Linus pull the rgb fans out


Kevin Koch says:

this is the equivalent of that Fast and the Furious mindset. those movies made people think street racers did all that extra stuff with their cars. Some people spend all their budget for performance while others spend on performance balanced with style. It’s all personal preference.

Casey Tolbert says:

by 2020 all visible surfaces will be RBG.

B Kalmuratov says:

but will it blend?

Martig Sarian says:

This is like LSD tripping INSIDE a vapourwave video… So freaking 80’…

animemonkey555 says:

holding ram by the contacts *triggered*

Malcolm Smart says:

Soon, the whole RGB craze will be looked back upon as the equivalent of the leisure suit of the 1970’s.

SkitZ GaminG says:

need rgb monitor

RukiriPlays says:


Nathan Lester says:

Thermaltake Core P3 Snow Edition, These G-Skill RGBs, Thermaltake Smart Pro 750W RGB PSU, Thermaltake 3.0 Riing RGB Liquid Cooler, RGB ANTI-STATIC WRIST STRAP!!!!! Oh God, i caught the RGB Bug… Now only if my EVGA 1060 SSC was RGB XD

PinkasBrown44 says:

{Non-RGB 4133Mhz Ram} – $ + t2 + 🙁 = {RGB 2133Mhz Ram} + $ + t1 + 🙂

where t2>t1= 😛

Juancarlos Gomez says:

rgb everything woohoo

Kuntal ghosh says:

make the psu cable rgb!!

Deathwish026 says:

it looks like a clowns jizzed on it..

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