Today we test out an RGB RAM kit that is compatible with ANY motherboard! But is the GEIL EVO X worth it?

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Ryoka Narusawa says:

Canadian Chris Pratt hows it going


Too bad 64GB RGB costs a kidney. That’s why I keep my G Skill 64 GB Kit untill prices go down a few hundret €.

Adiprima Sulakstono says:

people Comparing it with Gskill, TridentZ Yes I can relate, but that is like heaven and earth, Gskill has a dedicated 5(or 6) of LED RGB and Controller generated from their socket, Each LED can generate own colour, while Geil Evo is.. Chinese made,
Have you seen or tried to open GEIL EVO X? ITS JUST A RAM, AND HAS AN RGB LED STRIP TAPED INTO IT. I used evo before, sold it then get the gskill. Price doesn’t lie

Ricardo Verlouw says:

looks geil!

Mark Wright says:

OH NO RATTLE PLASTIC SWITCH… My hard drive is so old and loud its literally loosens the screws in my case! I have to use thread locker on them lmao. Imagine that plastic switch in my case rattling away.

DeviIzx says:

you should try the RGB color in a darker room.

eugkra33 says:

These are cheap though. Going to get some for my Ryzen build. $10 cheaper than the non-RGB corsair sticks

Exquisite says:

Too bad I’ve got RGB DDR5X, not to be confused with GDDR5X, it is actually DDR5X RAM, of course it is running at 7.5 GHZ.

ZerqTM says:

that is a shitty looking ram kit… personally i want trident Z but it has issue… like serious issues!!!

MooTaters says:

God I hope they don’t rgb psu’s or storage.

xXYannuschXx says:

2:20 Or simply a HR-02 Macho.

TekReviews says:

It’s obviously GERMAN, GEIL as in GUY-L.

SpurnOfHumanity says:

Not compatible with DDR3 sorry.

luketrembay says:

colours look washed out

Shadow_Warrior says:

all we need now is RGB CPU’s9

SidTheGeek says:

Super cool. Wish i can get this RGB on my smartphone.

Philip Cooper says:

RGB is a waste of money and you all know it. PC master race is about raw computing power, not party tricks.

Chris whitt says:

I have the G.Skill RGB, far better

Garrett Freer says:

I think RBG PSU are out and have been, but I would agree if you said not enough variety of top brands have caught on IE EVGA, at least you know they are giving you the highest quality of performance and design.

Jimmy Jong A Pin says:

This memory makes me GEIL hahahaha … #Dutch

Matheo Andrade rubio says:

linus called,he wants his ram back

jaydev chhagan says:

Don’t look good

James Gray says:

Seems to be more of a proof of concept, rather than a fully fledged design… too many flaws for a final product.

Jean Diniz de Oliveira says:

This ram is so cheap in quality, not even made with onboard leds, it uses a led strip glued to it!
The best ones in quality are Corsair and G Skill, and the best lighting color and effects goes to G Skill!

KingoftheOlives says:

Hey real question here, isn’t the software wire thing too short??? I bought one yesterday, but when I tried it, the wire can’t reach the led thing for my monitor 🙁

Retro Comandante says:

Nice vid but still staying with my corsair white led ram

Justus 2036 says:

What the hell? 😀
Why does my Yt say that this video has only 10 comments?

denzyl casuela says:

I would like to see rgb pin connectors

Hunter Chen says:

ayy i have that! 😀

I also have a RGB PSU.

Jon cheney says:

that’s nothing compared to my RGB Intel sticker on my laptop

Kapetsu says:

so i can put it in my ddr3 mb

MidnightBanshi says:

Meh….I’ll pass. G.Skill did this much better than Geil.

Christian Skjerning says:

my rgb lights needs AI and biometric sensors to registrer my mood

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